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Michael-Wayne reviewed on 15 Feb 2014
I usd this enabler because it was recommended by Intel support as I bought a new 530 240g SSD for my Mini. Only ever used Intel because its so part of Mac and it just "works". Rather than go through the terminal command which I did up until now and also reading about the fued between Trim enabler (O.Groth) and the other chap G.Panell I thought if it's good enough for Intel, then it's good enough for me.
Installed it on my new drive which was cloned by CCC and upgraded to Mavericks OS. Hit the button and rebooted when it aske me. There is a minute or two whilst it goes through the automated Terminal commands but thats just tea making time. Then do a system profile and ther it is ...Trim enabled. Job done.
From what I have read, is that whenever there is a OS update/upgrade the trim will revert to "NO". So you just run Chameleon again.

Am sending a donation as I am "Happy"
[Version 0.9.4]


Michael-Wayne reviewed on 15 Feb 2014
I use this app on my phone as well "paid for" version. As I am living in North east Spain escaping the krappy english weather I get quite a few things sent here. This app has not failed me once and is clear and uncluttered. I have tried others but this does it for me.
One word of warning though, if in the UK and you have bought something for courier delivery, alsways ask if they use "Yodel".
If they do, ask and insist for alternative and if the won't, go elsewhere. Their delivery update system and service is worse than anything in North Korea.
[Version 1.1.3]


Michael-Wayne reviewed on 03 Feb 2014
I am very interested in this but just need to establish why many do think Dropbox is not secure.(I am a user) I can see the advantage of Norton Z in terms of security as they are now providing a commercial service taking advantage of their known security background.
Strugling to get the pros and cons and When I do I'll make the right choice. That is what I like about MU.


Michael-Wayne reviewed on 01 Dec 2013
Tried all the others and they did not do what I wanted, as easily as I wanted.
"Use my Acer laptop to access MacMini in Lounge to control SkyGo, BTSport, BBCiPlayer without having to change screens or interupt wife from watching a terestrial channel."
Then being able to just change source and being in the viewing location I need. Could of course do this from a iPad but am waiting for next generation to come out.
The paid personal version I use allows super fast connection from Win7 and gives great visuals and keyboard response. I use it with my WiFi connection as well.

I had occasion to contact the support desk and had my connection problem sorted in seconds.

This software was developed in Cambridge here in England, by a couple of boffins and from what I have read is constantly under development.
Highly recomended.
[Version 5.0.6]


Michael-Wayne reviewed on 25 Jun 2013
Well I saw this and wondered how they are making money. In the fullness of time I am sure someone will review it here and compare it to 1Password, which I have used from the begining.
This looks good but will wait and see.
My rating thus far is based on what I have read in Press and on their web site.
[Version 1.0]

Michael-Wayne commented on 02 Aug 2012
Just want to know if this version still includes the 'Enable Trim"
[Version 1.0.2]


Michael-Wayne reviewed on 16 Jul 2012
I have read all I can about Virus checkers etc,etc but really want to know which Virus checker is the defacto standard for the Mac.
On the face, MacKeeper seems great (with other functions included) but drill down below the surface and its a no-no. The aggressive marketing, the upset users ...phew!!
So have all us Mac users be left wanting? You cant even get a committed answer from Apple as they say its down to the individual.
So what is the best that I can spend my money on as this software is not a runner by any stretch of the imagination.
[Version 2.3.1]

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Michael-Wayne replied on 26 Jul 2012
Thanks, I have checked all of them out and also read all the comments. Not one of them gets a good high percentage review and for nearly every one who says its great and has no detrimental effect on system speed, CPU, Java use, the next says it does. Given that each persons system is a modification to the original OS install, most people do do not really fiddle with this so what is it that they are doing wrong that results in these programmes failing and causing problems.
I am afraid I also have a Windows Acer laptop which my wife uses for work and installed on it is Norton and Malwarebytes.
Both do a great job and don't impact on the daily use.
It seems that no one will really develop a top notch, stable, non interfering Virus checker that doesn't cause problems, until there are enough malwares created to attack Macs.

I am trying each one out to see if the issues other are having replicate on my Mac before update to Mountain Lion.

Michael-Wayne replied on 09 Aug 2012
No..not paranoid or concerned, just exploring the way MacKeeper seems to be marketing its wares through fear and getting a handle on views.
I am happy just sitting at my Mac with a piece of foil on my head doubling up as a Martian Ray deflector.

Michael-Wayne replied on 11 Aug 2012
Thank you for the enlightening information. I'm never afraid to learn something from someone who knows what they are talking about.

Michael-Wayne reviewed on 26 May 2012
Great App.....but I need to understand what you have implemented in order to enable Trim.

Groth (Trim Enabler) and Grant Parnell have gone head to head on this and Grant is the winner .....

I use Grants method on my Mac 10.7.4 with an Intel SSD 320. Its flawless and does the job. I would like to use your simple click 'Enable' 'Disable' Trim as I wouldn't need to pfaff about in Terminal but need to know who's method you use as this determines the use and trust in this oft debated question.
I have rated you highly irrespective of Trim issue. Get this Trim thing right and you are on a winner.
[Version 1.4.3]

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Michael-Wayne replied on 26 May 2012
Thanks for response...Do I still have to Reboot after making selection to make changes?

Michael-Wayne replied on 27 May 2012
Ok...keep us all up to date if you find any gremlins.


Michael-Wayne reviewed on 12 Aug 2011
Well I have read all the reviews and I have come to the conclusion that I must be on gods right hand. I have had not one issue on updating or installing this software. Very fast load times, no crashes just nice and stable and it does what it says it does.
I am on Lion with NO haxies, no extraneous little programmes that titivate my desktop or mess with the OS especially on my Mini that is the work horse. I used to when I was on OS9 and it cost me dearly in crashes etc. Lesson learnt.
[Version 14.1.2]


Michael-Wayne reviewed on 12 Aug 2011
I have used 1Password for some time now and can't find fault. The only thing I thing I would change is the size of the "safe or vault" picture that appears. When opening "POOF" It fills my screen.
I think something a little smaller may make it a little more sophisticated and perhaps look more professional.
But thats just my view.

Anyway it's still "5 stars all the way"
[Version 3.7.5]

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