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Micg commented on 14 Mar 2010
Is there a justifiable reason for people to be installing this modifier
other than those desiring to hack a Mac to be an Xbox or gaming PC? Macs are neither, and besides that, the fans will wear down quicker using this hack!

Do us a favor and tell potential buyers on eBay that you've used this hack on your Mac and how long you've used it on your listing when you put it up for auction so we can avoid your auctions!

Modern Macs are cooler, aluminum mostly, and have built in fan controllers. If you bought the extended warranty on a new Mac, you shouldn't need to worry about fan control. And your Mac shouldn't be in a hot environment anyway. (you already knew that)

If many people get along without this hack, why do others need this if it isn't necessary?
[Version 2.2.2]

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Micg commented on 25 Mar 2010
Thank you for your reply.

Installing this hack(smcFanControl) could very well void your Apple One (1) Year Limited Warranty under the "EXCLUSIONS AND LIMITATIONS" section of the Warranty, see parts (a), (b), and (c).
When you buy a Mac you should read the Warranty and consider what you are about to do and if you should even do such a thing as install a hardware modification hack.
I have to recommend: "Don't install this smcFanControl" If you can buy a Mac you buy Apple Care and be done with it. Save up for both and don't compromise your Warranty.

BTW, you don't need to be an engineer to understand over-stressing the fans isn't going to help the fan, power supply, and the whole computer in general as the Mac isn't engineered to run from this hack.


Micg reviewed on 10 Jan 2010
It's a lot faster and less buggy than version 1.1.18, but the auto fill forms function has vanished!!! There's some "work around" out there, but it looks like you need a degree to get it to work right. I sure hope this 'all-in-one' lives up to the term better with new releases. I'm a little disappointed with it. Though it sure comes in handy with all it's tools. The modern theme is much faster, though I must admit, both could be better. I still liked the Netscape look.
PW manager is pretty freakin' awesome! Mozilla is very cool.
[Version 2.0.1]

Micg commented on 10 Jan 2010
Where do you install this?
I tried my ~/Library/screen savers
and HD/system/library/screen savers and can't get it to work.

Seems like a nifty app. I'm puzzled.
[Version 1.0]


Micg reviewed on 04 Jan 2010
Pastor has made my life so much easier with it's simple UI and solid performance. It doesn't have the fancy, shmancy stuff like other PW utilities, but it's S-O-L-I-D, works well, and it's the best PW utility I could ever recommend to all Mac users. Get it, it just works!

The Pastor Doc you create is portable, and I think that's incredibly useful if you use multiple Macs. Pastor gets my vote! :)
[Version 1.8.1]


Micg reviewed on 27 Dec 2009
Works fine and does what it's supposed to do.
Updating is simple and the process is un-intrusive to workflow, even on a PPC G4 eMac. It mainly catches tracking cookies from what I've noticed. We're happy with it. I sleep better now. Of course, using a system maintenance app. like Socks or similar to clean out cookies, etc. will help, MacScan helps with making sure you're sure about anything else you might have on your HDD that might be a problem.

Anything beyond this is between the user and what they are actually doing or not doing that could put their security at risk. Just be more than careful of odd e-mails(links, banks, even gov related), crooked sites, (avoid) passwords, and remember updates are a good thing.

[Version 2.7]

Micg commented on 27 Dec 2009
Still works great! I love the new Help Menu included that we've been waiting for, Morgan! Awesome job and I love the pictures included as it makes it more fun and stimulating user experience to use help menu like Mac OS 9's awesome helper menu of old.
I really hope we see more options in the future from Socks.App in the 'Interface' section. Oh, the options!!!!! I love them! More, please?
Thank you!
[Version 1.3.4]


Micg reviewed on 27 Dec 2009
Works like a charm! I've been wanting this for so long!!!! =]
Faster than 10.5's Hollywood dock on my old G4 DA! I love it!

This is the type of freeware that keeps users like me thrilled and happy! Thank you so much!!!!
[Version 1.0]


Micg reviewed on 02 Dec 2009
Poor documentation, the Server's been down for an age.
No support for CPU upgrades that is cleared out in any documentation and it did not work after many attempts.
Luckily I had a Leopard compatible eMac and installed it on a FW 400 PATA drive and booted up on my G4 DA 800MHz and it runs super fast too even on the FW 400 Drive that I still use.

I'm disappointed that Mac utilities for Mac OS X like LeopardAssist can be so cheesy. o_O
[Version 2.3.3]

Micg commented on 01 Nov 2009
I've used the MacScan demo and it worked surprisingly well. It found tracking cookies, no trojans or anything else (fortunately).
I just ordered the full version and will write a review of my use of MacScan soon.

I was really impressed by one or more times reading forums and a MacScan Dev or Rep would chime in and give their e-mail and more than kindly offer full support to the poster with some sort of malware on their Mac. I've ordered it because there is a lot of identity theft out there and most of the time cookies need to be enabled. Who doesn't download all sorts of files?
[Version 2.7]


Micg reviewed on 12 Oct 2009
Great utility! I love the features, ease of use, and speed of this utility! My second registration for a second Mac.

I've been using Socks since 1.2.3, and I can say it's been the most stable utility for Mac OS X I've ever used. It does everything I need + more. I recently had some issues with some corrupted files, I ran the Preferences utility and it locked up, unfortunately. After I restarted Socks it corrected the issue =]. Thank goodness! I've had other utilities that I've used in the past and I've trashed most of them. I had lost almost all faith in Mac OS X maintenance utilities, until one day I found Socks by googling accidentally. My maintenance routine and stability of it has never been the same! - It's more stable than it's ever been! To the Dev: Thank you and keep up the great job!
Also, thank you for supporting PPC Macs, even down to 10.3.9 (Which I still use and totally enjoy)!!

No, there still is no documentataion, but remember, google is your friend!
[Version 1.3]

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