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MestengoH9698 reviewed on 16 Feb 2014
I used to be a big fan of Chrome. Now I just hate it. Why? It will not run Youtube 95% of the time. And after way too many hours searching through google, ironic, for an answer I am about to start on a very aggressive posting, blogging, and whatever else I can think of campaign to bash Google for their complete unresponsiveness to my pleas for help. They are probably too busy buying someone else's creation to pay attention or care.

If you have found an answer I would appreciate hearing it!

System Facts: 2012 Macbook Pro OS 10.7.5
Chrome: 32.0.1700.107 (reinstalled, waste of time)
[Version 32.0.1700.107]

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MestengoH9698 replied on 22 Feb 2014
Upgrade my OS? That is a silly answer. Do you work for Apple? Because that is their answer for everything; "spend more money and invest more time" and all will be well. Am I the only guy left that is sensitive to the ever shortening life span of products offered by Apple and Google?

My current OS and Chrome version were working fine 6 months ago and something was changed without my authorization or knowledge. That pisses me off. What about the rest of you?

MestengoH9698 replied on 22 Feb 2014
I know it is free and perhaps your time is worth close to free. Mine is not. You have completely missed my point. I think you should get off this thread. Your attitude is passive-aggressive insulting whereas I will be openly aggressive. Your too stupid to understand my point.

I will offer a bit of insight that will most likely go right over your pointy little head. I make my living trading and I do pretty well. An OS system upgrade has an unknown trickle down effect on the rest of my software that could cost me a lot of money.

I can afford to kiss off Chrome if there is not a simple reset fix to be implemented. I do not want to risk the lost trading opportunities.

Now please drop off the thread. You have nothing useful to contribute.

MestengoH9698 replied on 23 Feb 2014
Umaromc is just a another simpleminded technology clotheshorse. Umaromc thinks that if there is something new that everything before is a throwaway. That is a consumer moron mentality. I am surprised the fool has not attacked everyone that operates hardware that did not arrive last week. Umaromc resorts to insults when nothing intelligent is present in the walnut sized brain. Apple and Google, along with the cellphone and flatscreen industry love Umaromc; a fool with an open wallet. Umaromc is the consumer sitting in the corner of Steve Jobs' smiling smirk. Instead of donating to causes Umaromc worships landfills.

The newest Mac OS is still buggy and for someone such as I, that makes a living trading, that can be very expensive if not catastrophic. I never update to a new OS until it has at least six months of use and fixes; and I usually skip a generation. Maverick will be my new OS in probably another 3 or 4 months. Those policies have spared me all of the software disasters I have read about and successfully paid for a house and two college degrees. Not bad for an individual that Umaromc "thinks" is stupid!

Now since no one has offered anything useful about the Google-YouTube-Mac OS conundrum I am going to uncheck the notification box so that Umaromc can spout all the stupidity left in the walnut to an electronic room where no one is listening.
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