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Megavolt17 reviewed on 14 Apr 2013
I've used Intego's Suite for some time, and jumped at the latest version. The new version is cleaner and better looking. A lot of nice features including a 2 way fire wall, setting the features based on location, etc.

Using X6 version my computer sometimes would run slow and hot. Using Activity Monitor I'd find a "virusvarriers" taking 100% CPU. Only 1 would be in this state, there would be several to many others running just fine. I'd kill the process with Activity Monitor and things would return to normal, although often another of the processes would then start taking 100% CPU.

The 2013 version did not do this. Instead of a slow, barely usable MacBook Pro I'd get a spinning beach ball of death. Often everything would stop working and more and more programs developed the SBBD sequentially. I could not start Activity Monitor, and usually I could not even restart my computer. I'd have to power off, sometimes resulting in damaged files on the Hard Drive (thank goodness for Disk Warrior).

I started looking in the Console logs after rebooting. Usually there would be application after application listed with a message that Virus Barrier had blocked it for 60 seconds for suspicious activity. I dealt with Customer Services for 3 months and finally asked for and received a refund.
[Version 10.7.1]


Megavolt17 reviewed on 16 Mar 2013
I've been using Virus Barrier for 3 or 4 years. Easy to use and fairly complete but after working with technical support we could not find a solution to my Mac sometimes freezing after waking from sleep, when Time Machine was backing up, or when surfing. Lots of "virusbarrier blocked application for 60 seconds" with app after app listed until my MacBook finally hung.

Tried ClamXav and no problems with it hanging. Scans take a long time, and it flags a lot of emails if they are sent to one email address I use, but not another. Everything from my Mileage Plus card is flagged as a virus (background scanner) or phishing (full scan) even though it's a statement with my account balance.

NIS is about 1/2 the size of Intego's internet suite. Scans quickly and with the default settings is unobtrusive. I did not give it 5 stars due to it's clunky interface. Most things are fairly straight forward but for others such as setting up a custom firewall based on location it is not. The help menu is basic and does not cover everything. Going to the online help section usually takes you to prior Mac versions or the PC version. Still trying to figure out if the virus database updates happen automatically, or if I have to manually do them. There seems to be no way to schedule when to do the update. You cannot specify when to do a full scan, but you can set it to do so when your Mac is inactive.
[Version 5.3]

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Megavolt17 replied on 16 Mar 2013
PS the latest version here is 5.3, the current version (which I reviewed) is 5.4.1.

Megavolt17 reviewed on 07 Oct 2012
I've found that this removes more hidden files than any of the other uninstallers I have tried.

It selects safe files to delete and if you stay with those files you will not have any problem. It also shows other files related to the program you are uninstalling and why it does not recommend removing those.

If you are sure about what you are doing you can manually select which files listed as unsafe you want to delete. No other program I tested allowed this, or even showed these files.
[Version 3.4.12]


Megavolt17 reviewed on 01 Mar 2012
For those posting questions I've used this on Snow Leopard and Lion with no problems. If you get a "glitch" where it's not responding as some listed click the logging icon, the click "delete database" and it will rescan your apps and all will work normally again.

This is the most configurable and thorough file deleter I've used. It will find preference files, etc. based on name and if logging is enabled then it will find files the program in question used for more completeness. This will also find some files (not selected for deletion by default) that you may not want to delete such as photos, songs, etc.

The most advanced option is to share what you delete along with a file and see what others deleted when they removed it. It's has no user identifiable information but allows you to see what files most other advanced users deleted. Sometimes it helps to know that 292 of 295 users deleted some obscure file you are not certain you should delete.

It shows the safety/danger of deleting files as a gauge, and if you stick to green you are safe, yellow usually safe, and red only if you really know what you are doing.
[Version 3.4.10]

Megavolt17 rated on 12 Feb 2012
[Version 5.1.3]

Megavolt17 rated on 12 Feb 2012
[Version 5.9.9]

Megavolt17 rated on 29 Jan 2012
[Version 1.3.3]


Megavolt17 reviewed on 29 Jan 2012
I like the premise and the function, but MAN is this thing a memory hog! Typically used 185 Meg or so and at times gets up over 500 Megs! Usually a quit and restart of it will bring it back down to 125 Megs where is slowly climbs over days to 500 Megs or so.
[Version 1.3.1]


Megavolt17 reviewed on 04 Sep 2011
Runs Windows 7 on 32 or 64 bit. Link to download Ubuntu and Fedora - real easy to install. Like to download Chrome OS, although I still don't understand exactly what all the hype is over Chrome.

Does not play all Windows games, but many play nearly as fast as when I boot into BootCamp. I find myself using BC less and less often because now I seldom have to.
[Version 7.0.14920.689535]

Megavolt17 rated on 29 Aug 2011
[Version 5.0]

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