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Megas88 rated on 21 Mar 2012
[Version 2.0.1]

Megas88 rated on 18 Feb 2012
[Version 2.0.0]

Megas88 commented on 18 Aug 2011
To anyone really angry about extension compatibility. Mozilla knows this. They've known it for a while. Firefox 9 due in January next year will fix this.

Mozilla to my understanding will be defaulting the majority of extensions to compatible for every future version.

Depending on the way these extensions are developed (I'm not sure what code would count as needing to upgrade) you won't have to worry about this compatibility issue ever again.

And with that, yes everyone. You can finally abandon Chrome if you've switched.
[Version 7.0]

Megas88 commented on 18 Aug 2010
I was wondering, is this a more up to date or renamed version of RockNES?
[Version 1.4.1]

Megas88 commented on 08 Jan 2010
Is this the real rc or just a build before the rc? I thought they were releasing it later today.
[Version 3.6rc1]

Megas88 commented on 22 Dec 2009
Great app. Pretty useless to charge at all for something so simple. I really don't think it's worth it to charge even at a cheep price. When it all comes down to it people will start questioning why buy something that resizes your windows? Others will look at it like, oh but I just drag them next to each other or use dock expose. Please reconsider the charging for this app. I'd donate but not pay. It is a nice little app though. Stinks that every windows user would say "haha you don't get that? You have to look and then pay for it?" I'm sorry but that's just how I feel about it. Thank you for the demo ver though.
[Version 1.0.1]


megas88 reviewed on 27 Aug 2009
For those of you wondering, "Why the hell should I bother with this app? I have no damn need for something that's built into my browsers. Firefox even has the best managing for my passwords I'll ever use. Why Should I pay or get this from an offer I got?"

Well, ready for this? Those words were what I posted (not exact I believe but close) in a youtube review of this app. I then realized I had an offer from macheist for a free license so I thought I'd give it a shot since the replies in that comment were generally pointing to the fact that this is a great app.

Sure enough, after I installed it I simply couldn't believe how wrong I was. That's right! Every single thing you read from that youtube comment were completely wrong. I even offered an apology on said video stating how great this app is. I've since about 6-8 months have been using 1password for the single problem I keep facing in many situations in any browser. AUTOMATICALLY FILLING MY LOG INS!

This is reason 1 why you should buy 1password. If you visit sites that frequently drop your log in information (say fourms, banking sites etc.) then this app does for you what you wish built in password managers did. One click of the 1password extension and you are set. No typing (except for your master password 1 time) and all that time consuming work is over and done with.

Wow, and that was reason 1. Reason 2 is a doosy. Auto filling identities and wallet information.

But wait? Huh? There can't be an app for any OS let alone a seamless extension that works across browsers that can automatically fill out all that time consuming information about my address, my name, email, even my credit/debit/whatever payment method used cards. Yes, there can be and yes there is.

1password will allow you to store personal information such as your identity which includes but obviously not limited to full name, email, address, phone number etc. Also, the wallete feature keeps track of (when you type it in of course) your credit cards, and yes, receipts for licenses of apps. This feature is well known to anyone who purchased the Macheist bundle and it's included as a feature of 1password.

Reason 3 why 1password rocks? Well, can't have all that personal information just floating around your system and not worry about security right? 1password's got you covered. With 128 bit encryption you won't have to worry about hackers getting your data any time soon.

Reason 4 and this one's gotta be the best of the bunch for security loving guys and gals out there. IT HAS A BUILT IN PASSWORD GENERATOR! That's right folks, and this isn't your ordinary password generator. This one has a slider. What the heck? A slider. It basically means you can chose just how secure you want your password to be. Based on how far you make the slider go will actually change the level of how random the letters, numbers, symbols etc will be and how long it will be. This means that you won't need to use the same password for everything because 1password stores all those randomly generated passwords in it's secure database which you can access with, you guessed it. That 1 single master password.

Reason 5 and the final reason. Price, free trail, and money back guarantee. With a price point of $40 for a single license and $70 for a family pack of 5 licensees there's really no beating it. Plus, with their deals you can easily upgrade to 1password 3 for even cheaper. Oh, and if your a new user and get it now than the 3rd version license is free. Yup, free. No extra cash no strings. Plus, what have you got to lose. You can try it out free for 30 days and after that if you buy it you have 30 days to get a refund if you don't like it. What's there to lose? 2 months of this great app and trust me you won't be returning this awsome gift of an app.

One con and this is only ONE con of this app is that for security nuts, you will have to manually lock the keychain in 1password to prevent anyone from just clicking the extension and using your data. This means if left unlocked then clicking the extension in firefox safari etc will allow anyone to simply fill out all info with one click. Not a problem as long as you remember to lock it. I have no worries since no one but me uses this in my house. But I have been ensured that the next major release 1password 3 will make good on far more advanced security features that will keep this problem completely fixed. And with the early bird pricing special, why wouldn't you take advantage of this?

Let's recap,

1. Secure, encrypted passwords, identities, wallet, app licenses, other sensitive information.

2. Tech support that rivals if not tops even the best apple care calls. One email to these guys and they'll respond as quick as less than 24 hours. At least that's been my experience. I actually got a response to an upgrade question in less than 3 hours. If that's not good friendly support than please tell me what is.

3. It's just easy. The number one will be used ALOT. 1 password to manage thousands, 1 password to fill in all your information, 1 password to well, do everything you need to fast and easy.

Oh, did I mention there's a $4-8 iphone/ipod touch app that allows syncing between your mac and the mobile device? Because that's kinda the best thing anyone could ever ask for if they travel alot.

If there is anything I missed then I'll add it later but please give this app a shot and a download at this or the developer's site. I know I'll be pre-ordering my family pack of 1password for me, my mom and a couple friends. 5 licenses, I can do alot with that. Happy downloading everyone and don't forget to give your feedback to those nice guys who develop 1password. They're a real great bunch. They always appreciate it.
[Version 2.9.27]

Megas88 had trouble on 19 Dec 2009
Wow, that's all I can say. I beats vlc blow for blow. Please fix yourself up vlc. Been loyal all these years. But this player has so much going for it. It's like what vlc is supposed to be. Works perfectly with mkvs. One problem. How do I get rid of the annoying popup title every time I open a new vid?
[Version 0.6.7]

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