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Mechamania commented on 15 Nov 2009
PeterDinh and CSPGQQT joined MU on the 13th and 14th, and Chrome is the only thing on which they've ever commented. Oddly enough, their comments sound very similar, too.

Google seems to be doing as well at training their PR reps as they are at making privacy-friendly programs.

mechamania commented on 19 Jul 2008
Great little app. Very quick, and does what it says.

The one thing I would like to see that doesn't seem to be there yet is window scrolling with the mouse wheel.
[Version 1.2.5]

mechamania commented on 13 Apr 2008
To where are the backups of the default maps saved?

Backing them up takes a lot of space...

[Version 0.3.2]

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mechamania replied on 13 Apr 2008
Sorry, I'm an idiot today. I looked through all sorts of directories before I closed all open windows and saw the "Star Wars Battlefront Default Levels" on the desktop.

Time for a drink and some relaxation with the new maps. Thanks!
mechamania commented on 09 Feb 2008
Wow! February 2008 and it still isn't a universal binary. For the $1500--yes, I said FIFTEEN HUNDRED DOLLAR--single-user license fee, one would think SAS could do a little more on the development end, especially since there's been two new versions (6 & 7) that have come out since version 5 (the one still mentioned in the description as of this writing) in 2002 -- again without a UB upgrade.

JMP is also very, very weak in comparison to SPSS -- which as a lot more sophisticated operations, comes in at $1700, and has been UB for a while now.

Perhaps most importantly, very few people use JMP, which makes porting files around almost impossible. SPSS, on the other hand, is almost ubiquitous.

If you're thinking about this software, I suggest you stop -- unless you really, really like expensive toys you can only play with by yourself. Don't get caught up with a bunch of proprietary files that very few others can read and which you won't be able to read unless you keep upgrading (which is also incredibly expensive).
[Version 7.0.2]

mechamania commented on 28 May 2007
I can't decide whether this or VLC is the: Best. Freeware. Ever.

"Reasons?" I dunno. It's either that I'm not sure which I use more or which I absolutely can't live without (or both).

Either way, I hope Apple is showering the developers with gifts.

(Macintosh, Macintosh Plus, Color Classic (2), Quadra 660 A/V, PowerBook 2400c, iMac AV (Grape), Dual-G4 500MHz Power Mac, G4 15" PowerBook (Titanium and Aluminum), MacBook (Black; 1.83 GHz), PowerBook Pro 2.16 GHz)
[Version 1.8b2]

mechamania commented on 06 Mar 2007
They still support it because they still sell it.
[Version 1.11b]

mechamania commented on 30 Jan 2007
Perhaps Bush should introduce a "no terminal left behind" tax break that will make 802.11n capability affordable for everyone.

Oh, right, that wouldn't make any sense, either.
[Version 1.0]

mechamania commented on 08 Jan 2007
The Intel update is worth half-an-update by itself (encoding times are far more than twice as fast as Rosetta, just eyeballing it), but...

"looks and works very slick"

You just head that? What, from a press release?

Thanks to the poster that tipped us off to the fact that we don't **have to** buy it/pay anything, but this is worth half-a-half-an-update at the price for loyal users.

Thanks (sincerely) also to those who posted the $60 links. Getting closer...
[Version 8.0]

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mechamania replied on 09 Jan 2007
Yup, I know 7 is universal. That, along with Fit-to-DVD compression, made 7 pretty well worth it.

The universal part of my post was in response to this:

"I'm still happily using Toast 6. The only incentive I have to upgrade is so that I can have an Intel version for my MacBook, but even that's not a big issue."

Just putting in my two cents that I think it can make a big difference.
mechamania commented on 08 Jan 2007
"TiVoToGo" and Blu-ray support. Yeah, that's worth a $70 upgrade...

Now I can look forward to continuous emails of the same special offer in my mailbox over the next five months.
[Version 8.0]

mechamania commented on 12 Aug 2006
After installing, some sites can't detect Flash on my computer (e.g.,, so I can't go there anymore. Great. Thanks.
[Version 9.0.20]

mechamania had trouble on 11 Jul 2007
It kills Toast 7, too.

I love this software, but I'll have to go back to .5 until this is sorted out. The new features aren't worth ditching Toast.

Luckily, I archived .5 (perhaps ironically, using Toast), but the developer might seriously consider posting .5 to the site, in the meantime, for those who didn't...
[Version 1.0]

mechamania had trouble on 21 Jun 2007
My Sandisk Cruzer 512MB USB 2 thumb drive now hard crashes the system when I plug it in, but I just found the drive lying on the street the other day. I hadn't really used it much or gotten used to having it; so I really don't care. I did 7-times overwrite it and repair it several times under 10.4.9 before I'd used it on that, and it had worked fine.

MBP 2.16, 1Gig RAM, Summer '06 model
[Version 10.4.10]

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