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Mcjf reviewed on 12 Nov 2013
I'd recommend Plex if you like an easy setup, a nice graph. interface (with matching theme music to your fav. TV shows) and don't mind limited configuration options.
What you get with the free version is quite enough for most people. Paying extra for some features is ok and probably helps them to release frequent updates.

BUT they really need to address these two issues:

- I've ripped many of my DVDs to my computer (every DVS gets you a VIDEO_TS folder that contains the movie, the DVD menu and the extras).
But Plex cannot / will not work with VIDEO_TS folders. The usual advice you'll get is to extract & convert the movie to an mkv movie which Plex can read & stream.
But if handling/streaming VIDEO_TS folders is so impossible, how come that a jailbroken ATV2 can access & stream VIDEO_TS folders and even ISO disk images?!? No conversion necessary!

Obviously, this is a major limitation of Plex and not one of some protocol. If Firecore can do it, why can't Plex?

- As I said, I totally understand that they want to charge you extra for some features. But why is there no local access control? I mean if I want to restrict people's access to my Plex Media Server it can only be done via PlexPass, meaning it needs an internet connection.
Why can't you just implement a local username/passwort database so not everyone on the same network can access my Plex media server. Basically, local offline access control. Thank you.

And just so people know, even though I am a paying PlexPass user, I think that the Mac versions are slighty neglected compared to others. I'm happy they brought back Bonjour support (which is needed to wake up your Plex server from sleep instead of waking it up yourself) but you took your sweet time. ;)

I really really hope you will reconsider supporting VIDEO_TS folders. Just take a look at what Firecore did for the Apple TV. Once you match that, you'll rule the market.

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Mcjf replied on 12 Nov 2013
P.S. bloody typos

Mcjf reviewed on 22 Oct 2013
I wouldn't recommend buying software from this company again - ever. Dockstar is a good example. It was quite useful but very poorly supported. Often it took many weeks, sometimes months, for them to release an update whose sole purpose was to restore compatibility with the latest OS update. By the time they got around to updating Dockstar, there was another OS update. Even a hlaf brain-dead monkey could probably have anticipated OS updates and released software compatibility updates, especially since most of the time it was a simple matter of adding 1 or 2 lines in a text file. And now, dropping support for 10.9 completely...
A sad story. And a good negative example. What to make of it?

DO NOT BUY -ANY- SOFTWARE FROM THIS COMPANY! Better look for an alternative.
[Version 2.1.17]


Mcjf reviewed on 10 Oct 2013
Just when you thought v4 would never come after what felt like 100 years, here it is.

Fortunately, I've never used Dropbox sync (unlike some friends who are suffering right now).

It updated my local v3 database ok.
But apart from syncing troubles (ans the half-hidden (disabled?) wifi sync option) v4 still has some things that I don't really appreciate too much:

- When you closed the browser using v3 the 1P database would be locked again. No, when you close the browser, it is still unlocked. No option anywhere to have the database locked on closing your browser.
I would really feel(!) better/more secure with such an option.

- Another option I strongly suggest implementing: if you unlock your "primary" keychain, all of your 1P keychains will get unlocked. Why? Because you want me to remember just one password? Comfortable, maybe. But I'd really like to be able to have my private keychain locked while I use my work keychain or another. A simple option in the preferences could do the job.

- The idea of several vaults is very nice and was long overdue. The only problem I have so far:

-- you can't copy more than one item between vaults at a time. Imagine what this looks like with 40 items.

-- You can only copy items, not move them. Why?

-- I exported 10 items from the v4 app into a 1p-exchange file (1pif). When I tried to re-import them into the original vault, it showed only the title of the imported items, the rest was empty and lost. I reproduced this behavior with other vaults and items. Probably a bug that will be fixed soon, I'm sure.

- Something I don't like for a change:
it's so nice to have colorful icons for my items. But was it really necessary to grab all of my items/website URLs and send them to one of your servers??!? Couldn't you have pulled those from the websites themselves instead? I mean, in post-Snowden times who likes to share their URL collection (even if it is a bit anonymized, allegedly)? I'm not insinuating anything here, it just would have been a bit more considerate I think. Anyway...

Let's hope development speeds up now and some bug fix releases and maybe some new options will find their way to us soon (i.e. < 1 year).
[Version 4.0.1]


Mcjf reviewed on 06 Jun 2013
Love it.

BUT whenever Apple decides to update the, Dockstar is more than likely to stop working, until they catch up and release an update to restore compatibility.

The 10.8.4 update broke Dockstar, and 2 days in and still no update for Dockstar...
[Version 2.1.16]

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Mcjf replied on 07 Jun 2013
Here's a quick guide on how to restore compatibility with Mail:

Copy the PluginCompatibilityUUID from these two files:
- /System/Library/Frameworks/Message.framework/Resources/Info.plist
- /Applications/

Now go to Info.plist file inside the DockStar bundle and add these UUIDs to the key "SupportedPluginCompatibilityUUIDs" by pasting them into two new strings.
In short, get the UUIDs and past them in the appropriate place in the DockStar bundle info.plist file.

This should work, provided the UUID check is the only reason why the DockStar bundle stopped working.

Mcjf reviewed on 24 Apr 2013
Why is this app trying to phone home every hour or so when the free version has no online/cloud features????

And when I don't let it phone home it keeps dumping its garbage failure messages into my logs every hour.

There are other menu bar note apps out there without these crappy side effects.
[Version 3.3]


Mcjf reviewed on 24 Apr 2013
Everybody was talking about TrimEnabler so I gave it a try on my Mac mini (10.8.3) with a Samsung 830 (128GB). But it didn't work.

Chameleon SSD Optimizer has less buzz going for it but at least it worked (or so it appears).
[Version 2.2]

Mcjf commented on 07 Apr 2013
Ok, what just happened here? I can now log into web sites without having to enable javascript (in Firefox's noscript add-on)?!?!

I don't know if the 1P people eventually tweaked the FF extension back to former glory or if it was Giorgio Maone (developer of the noscript add-on). Or maybe Mozilla did something in their latest FF release (which I'm using).

Supposing this is not just a temporary blessing or due to some weird bug or mistake on my part, whoever did this deserves a big Thank You!
[Version 3.8.20]

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Mcjf replied on 08 Apr 2013

@Agile/1Password acolytes:

if you can confirm that 1P (autofill) is working with javascript disabled/noscript, I suggest you 'broadcast' this everywhere (not just your forum). I think you might make quite a number of people happy.

Mcjf reviewed on 07 Feb 2013
Arstechnica (02/01/2013):
'Microsoft's Security Intelligence Report shows that HTML and JavaScript (..) are the most common avenues to infect computers.'

requires active JavaScript to fill in username/pw on web sites

you're more exposed than you should be.

Why the 1P people think this is no big deal, why it can't allegedly be done any other way and why they can't be bothered to do anything about it: you can read all about that on this web site and elsewhere.

If you find their excuses convincing, decide for yourselves.

If you need an expert's opinion on their forcing you to allow JavaScript (on sites where you want to use 1P), don't take my word for it. Go read what the guy thinks who wrote the indispensable NoScript add-on for Firefox.

And maybe keep an eye on KeePass/KeePassX. Quite promising.
[Version 3.8.20]


Mcjf reviewed on 01 Dec 2012
Oh great! iTunes 11 comes in well below my already low expectations of this piece of... software. It is so unresponsive (spinning spinning...) and overstrained with even the tiniest shit. And the interface, some nice touches but less customizing options for the advanced user.
I might be going back to 10.7 too.
[Version 11.0]


Mcjf reviewed on 26 Nov 2012
I think I can remember iTunes as far back as version 2 or 3, something like anyway. iTunes has seen so many new features of the years, become a bit easier to use, doesn't crash as often as it used to... so why does it bother me so much?

It's where I manage everyting, movies, music, books, everything I watch, read or listen to on my devices. After many years your library gets bigger and bigger and iTunes gets more sluggish.
All that on a fast quad-core mac with 12GB RAM and the media on a fast HDD connected via Firewire 800.
It's the software, it's iTunes that kills me: sometimes I even see that darn spinning wheel when I'm only selecting a few songs. Batch edit some tags and you'll have to wait some seconds before iTunes is responding again. This is slowly turning into a nightmare (and I'm not even mentioning all the trouble AirPlay has given me).
I have little hope that Apple will change something about this. They tailor fit iTunes to the size of library that the average user has. And that's it.
I wish they'd separate the movie, iTunes U, Podcasts and books from the music. Maybe then iTunes would be faster and not make managing my media such a PITA.
[Version 10.7]

Mcjf had trouble on 28 Jul 2012
After upgrading my internal partitions/volumes always keep showing up/reappearing under favourites in the Finder sidebar. They are present under devices where they should be. But also under favourites. When I remove them from the favourites section of the sidebar, it takes a little while and they will reappear. Very annoying. Have already tried deleting the sidebar plist file in my preferences but after a restart the next day the problem is there again.
Please fix this. Thank you.
[Version 1.3.11]

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