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Maruko Drinking Team reviewed on 18 Sep 2013
Evernote is the saddest piece of software I haven't thrown in the trash. Riddled with heinous bugs, update after update, crashes, occasional data loss... all wrapped in a weird non-standard UI where even simple things like popup menus don't work the same as normal Mac apps.

Nevertheless the underlying concept of a cloud-sync'd database available from Mac, phone, tablet, PC... there is nothing else that competes with it. I pay for it, I use it literally every day... and I hate it's crappy buggy guts.
[Version 5.3.0]

Maruko Drinking Team commented on 12 Aug 2013
Good software for years, but what is this 'r2' junk on the version number??
[Version 4.7.0r2]

Maruko Drinking Team commented on 23 Oct 2011
This app is now on the Mac App Store for $5. It fixes a bunch of bugs, in my experience.
[Version 0.6.8]


Maruko Drinking Team reviewed on 09 May 2011
I fail to understand how people can keep releasing so-called "text editors" that cannot edit text in the major languages of the world, despite robust Unicode support being built into the OS since Mac OS X 10.0 (and before). This is another one of those. Looked kind of interesting, but that's a fatal and show-stopping flaw.
[Version 1846]

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Maruko Drinking Team replied on 08 Jul 2011
Computer programmers don't speak and write only English. I work with some Japanese programmers, and they definitely tend to use their native language a lot.

However, I am happy to note that the new version of Vico no longer suffers from this flaw. It can now open and edit files containing Japanese text.

Maruko Drinking Team reviewed on 22 Mar 2011
This software works. However, there are a couple things worth noting: 1.) restoring a 60GB home directory backup after a hard disk crash can take *days*, and 2.) their online backup service recently went down for over a week for many of their users (you can find it on their support forums).

I wish something better existed, but for cheap price it doesn't, AFAIK. (Arq is better, but for 500GB+ backups the Amazon storage fess are expensive.)
[Version 1.0]


Maruko Drinking Team reviewed on 24 Feb 2011
MailMate is very exciting!

All this time, we've been lacking a true power user IMAP client, and a huge reason is that creating one is a huge project, and yet every OS includes a free IMAP client so it's not a lucrative market. So the only way it will happen is if a small developer does it. (Open source yields trash like Thunderbird.)

Benny at Freron is on the right track! It still has some ways to go, but he's steadily pushing it forward. And IMO he is making all the right tradeoffs--screw POP, and fancy rich editing. With IMAP, you can always use another client also for special cases without messing things up. Focus on a robust core that can handle huge mail volume and powerful core search and filter functionality! This is great!
[Version 1.0.1]

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Maruko Drinking Team replied on 28 Feb 2011
Well, I guess I understand where you are coming from, but I really do think Thunderbird is garbage. It's a horribly, horribly buggy mail client (a client has 100+ installations with which I have some significant experience). Even without those killer bugs, it has a horrible cross-platform UI, it is slow, and I think its existence harms humanity. Apple Mail is much better than TB, in my opinion, and so is MailMate (already).

Maruko Drinking Team replied on 06 Mar 2011
This discussion has kind of exploded beyond the scope of what MU is good at, but two points for web-searching posterity:

1) IMAP has no disadvantage whatsoever compared to POP. The only valid reason for POP's continued existence is "I, my mail software, or both do not know how to use IMAP." IMAP can do everything POP can do, and then a whole lot more also. You don't have to leave your mail on the server if you don't want. Although kind of weird, since a professionally managed mail server is far, far less likely to be compromised or lose data than your personal machine, you can use IMAP with the exact same workflow as POP. Download your mail to one PC and have it removed from the server. Or, you can choose to take advantage of its far more powerful design. POP is obsolete technology, but mainly 'good enough' to stick around, and impede human progress.

2) The new Lion is shiny and iPadtastic, but aims at the less technically competent user. MailMate is aimed much more squarely at more advanced users. You will not see powerful searching and filtering coming to Apple's mail client--more likely, you will see those kinds of features reduced over time, as they confuse people with low computer literacy (which is, after all, most people). I wouldn't even be surprised to see Apple remove the capability to have multiple viewer windows open at the same time. As Apple expands its reach into the less-capable user tiers, it is all the more important to have high-productivity third party alternative apps, like MailMate.

Maruko Drinking Team reviewed on 15 Feb 2011
Very good, full featured and has many time-saving touches.
[Version 1.1.7]


Maruko Drinking Team reviewed on 10 Sep 2010
If you don't have this installed, then your Mac is broken.
[Version 4.3.10]


Maruko Drinking Team reviewed on 08 Aug 2010
Crashy junk. Mozodojo also crashes every day but at least it did manage to successfully create 4 out of 25 mosaics. This software makes the world worse just by existing. Fail! (The only tool like this I have found which does not crash is Mazaika.)
[Version 2.1]


Maruko Drinking Team reviewed on 08 Aug 2010
This thing would be cool, very slow but free, except that it crashes all the time. I've tried to use it for 2 weeks and it has crashed every day. It did successfully generate some mosaics with only 1300 or so tiles, but never more than 2000... always crash. Since it takes all night to render one mosaic from 20,000 photos, it is disheartening. I bought Mazaika instead. None of these tools has a good UI, but Mazaika does not crash. Some may find Mazaika expensive at $50, but I definitely wasted much more than $50 worth of my time with Mozodojo and MacOSaiX crashing over and over...
[Version 2.4.1]

Maruko Drinking Team had trouble on 19 Dec 2006
NO LOGIN WINDOW / PHANTOM DISPLAY GLITCH: I had a weird glitch after installing this on my MacBook Pro. Upon reboot, there was no login window and at first it seemed the Mac had hung. I noticed that the cursor would move though, then disappear when moved to the left edge.

It seemed like it thought it was still hooked up to my Cinema display like it usually is when I am home, but I am in a hotel now with no external monitor. On a hunch, I typed my usename, enter, password, enter, and sure enough, it logged me in. So the login window had been open, just not onscreen.

Even logged in, I had no menu bar. Luckily I have LaunchBar star at login, so I could use that to launch System Preferences, then open the Displays pane, press Gather Windows and then move my menu bar to the correct screen. I noticed that the Mac thought it had a 640x480 "VGA Monitor" attached, which is a far cry from the 30" monitor I usually have attached, so I have no idea what made it think that...

Anyway that was a lame glitch, and actually the first glitch I have ever personally experienced with an Apple OS update.
[Version 2006-008]

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