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Marsviolet commented on 19 Dec 2009
Got a bright red error screen complaining about an inability to initialize OpenCL. I guess my barely 1-year-old iMac is already hopelessly obsolete.
[Version 1.0.1]


Marsviolet reviewed on 07 Dec 2009
I've been looking for something like this for a long time. Great work.
[Version 1.0]


Marsviolet reviewed on 18 Oct 2009
Abstract Motion is my favorite screensaver of all time, so I'm really happy to see this revival carry on the tradition. Maybe a future update could offer color and speed controls.
[Version 1.0.1]


MarsViolet reviewed on 22 Apr 2009
Shameful piece of "Mac" software. Bears no resemblance in behavior or appearance to proper OS X applications and is a laughable puzzle to use. If this is the direction Adobe's Creative Suite is headed, sell your stock now.

Adobe Media Player illustrates perfectly why Flash/Adobe AIR is the worst possible software development platform known to man, woman or child.
[Version 1.7]

MarsViolet commented on 23 Nov 2008
Yep. Idiotic. Adobe's installers are garbage. Imagine the money and resources they could save by not even having installers. Just drag a folder from a disk image. Done. Instead we get bad comedy that never ends.
[Version 1.5]

MarsViolet commented on 05 Apr 2008
A powerful but unforgiving 3D program crippled by instability and longstanding bugs, with a customizable but unwieldy modal interface that hinders more than helps, lacks support for standard Mac key bindings such as the Apple key, and in general shows contempt for the Apple Human Interface Guidelines. A wealth of training materials is available online, but the included documentation is simultaneously incomplete and redundant, and the user community is defensive, arrogant and hostile.
[Version 302]

MarsViolet commented on 30 Nov 2007
Could be great and useful, but it's as buggy as hell on my system. Some corners activate the wrong things, others won't accept the 2-second delay, etc. Frustrating.
[Version 0.8.1]


MarsViolet reviewed on 11 Jun 2007
While it may lack the scruffy, dishevelled geek charm of Nisus from the System 7 era, this new all-Cocoa "Pro" version is slick, polished and fully featured. I'm impressed with the progress made in this second public beta to squash the few bugs I ran into. Very cool.
[Version 1.0b2]

MarsViolet commented on 13 Apr 2007
This is looking really nice. I have only one gripe so far, and it's silly, but hey - I don't like how the "close" Xs in the formatting drawer are on the right rather than the left.
[Version 1.0b1]

MarsViolet commented on 19 Mar 2007
Well at least Adobe's application icons now accurately reflect the quality of its products and the aesthetic taste of its upper management.
[Version 1.0a1]

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MarsViolet replied on 19 Mar 2007
If all they care about is people being able to spot Photoshop in a crowded Dock, a large Inuit phallus fetish would have worked just as well, and would have required some actual graphic design skill to execute successfully.

MarsViolet replied on 20 Mar 2007
If all you have is Photoshop's blue [Ps], sure - it'll stand out and be easily identifiable - but get four or five of these things in your Dock - god forbid ten or more - things are gonna get ugly.

Plus, relying on letter combinations is a really poor idea. Let me illustrate. Tell me what these apps from my Dock are:

[Tr] [Qt] [Ma] [Ap] [Gb] [Fl] [Pr] [Tx] [Mo]

Even if I color-coded them it would be a needlessly abstract puzzle. I believe in minimalism in graphic design - consider the original simple System 1 icons - but even Egyptian hieroglyphics would have been better than this utter silliness.

MarsViolet replied on 20 Mar 2007
Well, I hope so. Then again, the only Adobe app I still use is Photoshop, so really I'm sort of barking just for the sake of barking. I never used the CS or CS2 icons either. I held onto the older, prettier ones.
Marsviolet had trouble on 31 May 2010
I've used VueScan for many years but on my current Snow Leopard system, a Mac Book Pro, the interface acts crazy. Mouse clicks alternately don't register and/or stick, and previews don't match the finished scan. The Hamrick website has no actual email links for support, and even a message addressed to - which was the return address for my purchase receipt - only bounced. I'm basically stuck here. Anybody have any ideas? I don't run haxies or nonstandard device drivers, and the problems persist regardless if I have many attached USB devices, or only the scanner itself. I've tried deleting prefs, running the software from a new user account, and so on.

This is the only app I have these kinds of problems with.
[Version 8.6.34]

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Marsviolet replied on 01 Jun 2010
Thanks. I must be completely blind or half brain dead. I read and re-read that page at least five times and somehow never spotted the email address. Now I see it.
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