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Mark Lee rated on 11 Jan 2014
[Version 1.2.1]


Mark Lee reviewed on 15 May 2013
15 bucks without even being able to try first? No thanks.
[Version 1.2.2]


Mark Lee reviewed on 05 Mar 2013
Couple gripes I have with this overrated app:

1. It always opens "Sites" tab on the app launch
2. It creates an empty file on the app launch, whether you need it or not
3. No option to choose what tab should be active on the app launch
4. When you search within a file, it doesn't show how many results it found and on top of that, hitting Return key on your keyboard deletes whatever you are looking for from the code. Whoa, that must be the most genius (by which I mean stupid) design decision I ever seen.
5. The app keeps forgetting the window size and position everytime you quit it.

And many more less annoying "features" I won't bother wasting my time mentioning.

$75 down from $99 for all of that goodness? Wow, we a so lucky.
[Version 2.0.7]

Mark Lee commented on 07 Feb 2013
"Arrange Icons by" thingy needs to have Ascending/Descending option.
[Version 2.5.9]


Mark Lee reviewed on 25 Jan 2013
One of the latest updates broke the "Show in Finder" function. Just updated to 2.76 — still not working.
[Version 2.76]

Mark Lee rated on 02 Dec 2012
[Version 13.0.1]

Mark Lee rated on 02 Dec 2012
[Version 2.1.3]


Mark Lee reviewed on 08 Sep 2012
It's fine for downloading relatively small files. But big files this app can't handle. I have been struggling with big files and this app for years. It's still haven't been fixed.


Right now I'm downloading three files, 12-15 GB each. Transmission goes into the slow mode. As in UI is being updated slowly, as well as the time it takes for the app to react after I press a button -- 5 to 10 seconds. I decide to pause the download of one of the files, and that's when Transmission decides to go into the complete lockdown -- as in not responding to anything, not downloading anything, not seeding anything, not writing anything to the disk.

I know there's a problem with big sparse files or whatever, but come on, what does it have to do with the UI? If the app can't handle downloading a large amount of data and writing it to the disk as a part of a huge sparse file, it should not freeze itself. It should just cancel all tasks and say "sorry dude, I'm too weak for this, try one at a time".

uTorrent doesn't have this problem, so there's definitely a way to fix it.
[Version 2.61]

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Mark Lee replied on 25 Jan 2013
I'm downloading to an array of external FW drives. Yes, their write speed is not on par with an internal 7200, but that doesn't mean THE APP should freeze because of that.
Mark Lee commented on 01 Jul 2012
I have everything turned off in the app (move, resize, layouts), but whenever I move my mouse cursor, the app spikes to 3% of CPU usage. Whaaaa?
[Version 1.5.2]


Mark Lee reviewed on 28 Mar 2012
This app, being one of the leading ones in this niche, slowly falls behind the today's needs.

1. Bad screenshot sharing options.
Beside Flickr -- which is not the best place for it -- there's only an FTP. And by the way, if I only have Flickr (or FTP) set up for sharing, I still have to click twice because of that stupid pop-up menu.

2. No syncing.
Sure, you can put the library file into your dropbox folder. But, say you have a library, which is 1 GB in size. You place it in dropbox folder and after 2 days it finally completed syncing. But then you take a new screenshot and now dropbox has to re-sync the whole library package (which is 1 GB, remind you) all over again.
[Version 1.8.2]

Mark Lee had trouble on 05 Oct 2012
Everytime I drag&drop an image to Illustrator's dock icon from a browser, I get this error:

Who's mingy? I don't have any mingy user on my computer.
[Version 3.5]

Mark Lee had trouble on 09 Jun 2011
Projections doesn't seem to work.
[Version 1.1]

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Mark Lee replied on 09 Jun 2011
Hm, now it does.
Mark Lee had trouble on 21 Mar 2011
MacTubes won't switch to next video in a playlist and won't auto-play it when QuickTime/Perian is selected as player. Has been reported numerous times. Please, fix already.
[Version 3.0.5]

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Mark Lee replied on 21 Mar 2011
The same goes for the HTML5 player.
Mark Lee had trouble on 03 Jan 2011
Won't create autojoint .bat file for me even though I checked the option in the preferences.
[Version 4.0]

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