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Makosuke commented on 13 Jul 2013
I shouldn't be surprised by this, given the target audience, but if you scan your old laserdiscs, it actually draws them correctly and to proportional size on the shelf. Which looks weird, because they're huge (would be nice to have a toggle to turn it off, honestly), but it's still sort of amusing.
[Version 3.1.1]


Makosuke reviewed on 10 Jun 2012
Wow, in-place updating! Nice going, Adobe--that only took until 2012.

We'll see if it actually functions when the next security patch comes out, but assuming it works as advertised this'll dramatically improve updating for those of us who provide support for people on unmanaged computes.

It also seems to have resolved severe hiccups that my MBP had been suffering from recently (which sure as heck wasn't due to hardware inadequacy). So while I dislike the software, at least this improves it significantly.

At this rate Flash might actually be nice to use by 2017 or so.
[Version 11.3.300.257]


Makosuke reviewed on 24 Oct 2011
I'm coming to Espresso from the TextWrangler + CSSEdit user perspective.

Plusses: The live HTML editor feels smooth and responsive, the code completion works relatively well, code collapsing is nice, and the editor overall feels quite a bit like TextWrangler (which is a huge complement).

On the CSS front, almost all the wonderful, intuitive smoothness of CSSEdit is there and working smoothly--live preview, code completion, and the property editor frame is beefed up and even easier to use than before. Lots of CSS3 goodness in there as well.

And, the app so far has been entirely stable for me.

Minuses: The HTML editor has no one-click validator. Seriously? How is that not a #1 priority feature? Having to copy and paste (or direct upload) my HTML to the W3C validator manually from an all-in-one web development app is kind of ridiculous.

The CSS editor also has no validator, which is even more ridiculous since CSSEdit had one before. Removing an incredible time saver (and frankly workflow necessity) from the replacement app is just unforgivable, and it's almost enough to drive me back to CSSEdit, and has kept me from paying for Espresso, as much as I want to.

Also, the CSS editor has ditched CSSEdit's full color picker for a silly, under featured pop-over dialogue. I can see how the color picker could get confusing switching from one color thing to another, but the lack of a color wheel is a total deal breaker--if you're using the editor to test-drive color schemes, the inability to eyeball complementary colors from a wheel is an absolute deal-breaker, and makes the color selection system borderline useless--I just end up going to another app to pick my color and paste it in, which is ridiculous.

I guess you could keep an image of a color wheel in another app open and use the magnifying glass to grab colors from it, but that's silly.

My only other complaint is that as a full-site workflow, the project system doesn't "feel" right to me--it works well for a hierarchy, but doesn't really seem to do anything for managing a large project or keeping track of complex site structure if you're using Espresso for anything other than template creation or a very simple site of a dozen pages or so. Basically, it doesn't scale well.

Bottom line: So close to being a great app, but removing the color picker and one-click validator that were already in CSSEdit is a total deal breaker, and the lack of a validator in the HTML editor in version 2.0 is ridiculous. Fix that, and I'm buying an upgrade immediately.
[Version 2.0]

Makosuke had trouble on 24 Sep 2012
I'm using Glims to switch Safari's search engine to DuckDuckGo, and have been having two odd back-button issues that seem to be Glims' fault.

The more annoying one is that if I open a new (empty) window, do a search via the Glims-modded search field, and click a link in the results list, some percentage of the time the back button does not work--the search results page is not in the history stack.

The other problem (probably related) is that if I right click a search-result link or two and open them in another tab in the background, then try to regular-click a search result link to open it in the main window (basically, I want to view three results pages, so I open two in new tabs then the third in the results tab), the regular-click doesn't register--I can only open links if I right-click and open them in new tabs.

It's tremendously annoying, and the behavior has been more or less the same, albeit somewhat erratic, on both 10.7 and 10.8, Safari 5 and Safari 6. I assume it's not DuckDuckGo's fault, since they don't seem to be doing anything exotic code-wise, although it's possible it is.
[Version 1.0.36]

Makosuke had trouble on 10 May 2012
After upgrading to TextWrangler 4.0 I'm no longer getting type-specific Finder icons--just generic blank ones (I have preview icons turned off for speed). This is on two separate systems, too.

This was never a problem with previous versions of TextWrangler, and files owned by anything else use the custom icon correctly (including the same files that TextWrangler fails on--switch an HTML doc to Expresso, for example, and it shows the Espresso icon.)

I've gone through the basics for the issue; re-did the "Open with" and applied to all, repaired permissions, rebooted, redownloaded and replaced the application with a fresh copy.

Nobody else is reporting this, but I'm seeing it on two different computers. Is there something obvious I'm missing?
[Version 4.0]

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Makosuke replied on 16 May 2012
Version 4.0.1 appears to fix this, though it's not mentioned in the list of changes.
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