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Macupdate-User reviewed on 24 Jan 2014
This is app is DEAD. I bought it, and now it's dead.
[Version 1.0.1]


Macupdate-User reviewed on 02 Jun 2012
I love the idea, but it crashes all the time, every day on me. I have Lion 10.7.4, 8GB RAM, 2.4 GHZ... so it shouldn't crash... but it does - constantly.
[Version 1.3]

Macupdate-User tipped on 06 Jun 2010
FYI - The price listed is $19.95 on both MacUpdate (as of June 2010) and on the software itself (upgrade from trial to licensed for $19.95.)

HOWEVER ON THE DEVELOPER WEBSITE - they have raised the price to $49.95!

Quite a price jump! Also it's still version 1! So there's hardly a reason for this more than double price jump.

FYI - I own the $99.95 full version of their other product LightZone, which does similar effects as Aurora but much more - and I found I only used it on 1 photo so far after owning it for 2 years! I have Jade and PhotoShop as well which I use everyday.
[Version 1.1]


MacUpdate-User reviewed on 17 Dec 2008
PANGEA DEVs: I only have 1 gripe... it is on Warheads. It is very frustrating to run out of missiles so quickly! Warheads is my fave game - but it seems hopeless! If you can make refilling the defensive guided missiles easier or more frequent, that would increase the fun! It's a great, great game, but I hate running out of missiles within minutes, and just sitting there to die, or being killed by my own refills! It's quite a pessimistic, lonely game when I'm trying to save the world, and no one on my side is helping me refill the defenses! Maybe you can have an option where you get unlimited defensive missiles, or the refills don't explode, or the missiles refills automatically but slowly. Something - anything! I just hate waiting to die!!!!! It makes me sad watching my poor little cities blow up... I want a fighting chance!

It comes with 3 simple games. Generally, they are excellent in themselves. For the most part, they don't try to be more than they are, except for the fact they are excellent remakes of Asteroids, Missile Command, and Centipede. SO expect near identical game play as the originals, but about 100 times for fun with terrific sight and sound. Depending on price, this is recommended if you love the originals! Everything about them is top-notch, yet simple. The Asteroids game may be based on asteroids or another later asteroids-copy, because not only do you fight an asteroid field, but you must also collect electrons to build atoms. So it gives this version more of a plot and makes it really cool, and kinda helps you in chemistry class as you build the molecular table in outer space!

These games are just the best remakes on planet earth. Don't expect hours of straight game play - because they are just simple games in the end - but expect a fantastic 5 to 15 minute break between work (maybe even 30 minutes if you love games like this). Just what you need when you want to blow things up for a few minutes while reliving the 1970s and 1980s!!! You'll have nothing but joyful nostalgia if you lived in the early 1980s!

Again, if the price is right - buy this!

It would be 5 stars, except for the Warheads outlook of imminent hopeless destruction when you run out of missiles.
[Version 1.0.7]


MacUpdate-User reviewed on 11 Oct 2007
Here's a quick review/comment... I am a writer and find all of SCRIVENER'S features indispensible. It has everything you need... places for notes, pics, files, etc. Love the full-screen modes. It just works! It's tru WYSIWYG GUI and makes sense.. no need to read a manual. It's looks just like what it's supposed to do, and it's so uncluttered. I want to write, not look at a million adjustment icons.

So it's great for all-in-one research, and for writing from it. There are small quirks and improvements that are needed, but none to detract. It does need to be more Word and Final Draft compatible and have more export features, but that's okay. I have tried many programs, and this one has it all. And for $35 it's a deal! It's a sure win. I will write my next book with it for sure! I loved Word 5.1 because it was SIMPLE. Now Word is a BLOATED MESS!!!

Scrivener goes back to simplicity.

I just wish the name and the website was easier to spell!
[Version 1.09b]

MacUpdate-User commented on 11 Oct 2007
DevonThink is too complicated and cluttered. It is good for what it does... but for instant ease of use, simplicity, yet jam-packed with features... SCRIVENER IS THE WAY TO GO. There is just no questions about it. I have used many word programs, and I LOVE SCRIVENER THE BEST!!!
[Version 1.09b]

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