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Maconnect rated on 06 Mar 2011
[Version 1.2.1]

maconnect commented on 09 Mar 2009
The official website says it's a LGPL product, but the licence that shows up at installation says it's also partially GPL... But linking against GPLed libs is not allowed from proprietary code. What's with that ?

[Version 2.14b]

maconnect tipped on 06 Jan 2009
This app is awesome ! It even has QuickLook support now !
The French localization is messed tho (wrong encoding). I've fixed it, you can download it here:

Un-zip the file and put it in:
[Version 2009]

maconnect commented on 07 Dec 2008
This application is fantastic ! You can even limit the download speed, which is exactly what I need at the moment.
But you can't add several links at once, so if you have 10 links you'll have to manually add them
[Version 0.8b]

maconnect commented on 02 Dec 2008
I quickly needed to convert an IV50 video, and I didn't want to learn how to use mencoder. Worked perfectly

(I'd give it 4 stars, but I couldn't figure out how the rating-thing works here)
[Version 0.97b5 (Shrink)]

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maconnect replied on 14 Dec 2008
Yes Sir, exactly
maconnect tipped on 05 Jul 2008
Well the point here isn't that your product isn't working. The problem is that you are overcharging your product. And just to prove my point, I re-wrote your software with just 100 lines:

And it does more. Like opening rtf or .doc. It it freely available, sources (under BSD) also included.

See ? Now it's a 100kB software. I know that you have to justify the RB and MBS licence to your accountant. But $40 ? According to that, I should charge my 100-lines product $200.
[Version 1.0]

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maconnect replied on 05 Jul 2008
I forgot to say that is has been built for Leopard, but the sources can easily be modified to be compiled under panther and tiger.

maconnect replied on 05 Jul 2008
Why are you being rude now ? Feel free to insult me by email. Also, my products are free, so I don't see why I'd do what you say. I don't need advertising, I don't want advertising.

The size of the app does not matter. That wasn't my point.

I'd be more than happy to explain my point again, without offending anyone. Just contact me by email if this is what you want.

maconnect replied on 05 Jul 2008
I really think that maybe we should have this conversation by email.

First of all, excuse me for my poor English, it's not my mother tongue. Also, I'll try to ignore your impolite and immature behavior. Such as that bad comment about my software. How else can I tell you : I don't care about good advertising. I care about good, constructive criticism. Not how many stars you gave me.

To come back to the center of our debate, I'll answer to your last comment. That's the least I can do after my first comment here.

> 1.
You are absolutely right about this. (I also understand that unchecking the "Mac" checkbox and checking the "Linux" one at compilation time is a painful task that justifies on its own an exaggerated price.)

> 2.
Again, you are right. Though that's exactly what I said on my 3rd comment.

> The reason it is 7 mb is because the code is compiled and can be used on 3 OS. Did you think of that?
Now don't forget that I also am a developer. I know how compilation works. There are 3 separate binaries, one for each OS. But again, I don't care since the size is not important. Since we both agree about this point, let's don't talk about it anymore.

> 3.
I complained about it because I thought it was set too high. You are receiving feedback, that's something developers usually WANT. I tried to be objective, I even wrote a small app to prove my point. Macupdate is about giving opinions, so that's what I did. I'm ready to apologize if my behavior was not appropriate, but really that's not what I'm seeing right now. (Also, you will notice by checking my profile that this is not how I usually react.)

> 4.
I'm sorry. I've been a user of RB for years. I mean, really YEARS. I think I started with version 2.0, but I cannot really remember. I know everything about its constant beta stage, non user-friendly interface and the slow binaries it produces. My opinion about RB is that you constantly have to look for plugins, and constantly hit limitations.
I agree that MBS is the best plugin for RB and that you can do almost anything with it.

I really hope this clarifies the situation, and that you can now see what my point was. Now I'd really love to hear what other people think about your software. Really. I mean, maybe I am completely wrong. But isn't that the purpose of comments here at macupdate ?

maconnect replied on 05 Jul 2008
Well that's a good question, but I cannot answer it : developing software is not my primary job, I don't need money from that (you can tell by how awful my website looks). Therefor, it would be hard for me to give the proper price.
If customers are ready to pay $40, then good for you. I'm just saying that I won't. I mean, I can get really advanced and rich programs for that money (like, for example, ExpanDrive, which I will probably purchase in a short while. Or like GraphicConverter, LittleSnitch, QuickTime Pro,...).

I'm glad you can see my point of view now, I hope you will consider it.
maconnect commented on 01 Sep 2007
oooooh, yeah. Now I remember why I hate RB :(
[Version 2.0.1]


maconnect reviewed on 09 Apr 2007
This software is great. Thanks a lot to his autor. Works fine on a MBP and iMacG5.
[Version 2.0.8]

maconnect commented on 04 Jan 2007
great app. And the newest version is universal binary.
Thanks a lot SW corp
[Version 1.0]


maconnect reviewed on 19 Sep 2006
I've just spent 30min on phone to explain someone how to completely remove this crap.
The mac was very slow and there was like 10 deamons running and eating the CPU time.
He was completely unable to connect to MSN, in spite on the fact that the filtering WAS TURNED OFF.

Do not install this. Wasn't worth the 14 days trial.
[Version 11.0]

maconnect had trouble on 11 Oct 2006
The cookies are never removed: there are back in the list when I re-launch CocoaCookies.

doesn't work at all here.
[Version 0.9]

maconnect had trouble on 23 Jul 2006
doesn't work at all. I always get a "Connection error"
[Version 1.1]

maconnect had trouble on 07 May 2006
doesn't work with my account. It keeps asking my password again and again.
[Version 1.6]

maconnect had trouble on 08 Jan 2006
I think that was localized to French using babelfish...
[Version 2.1]

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