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Macnews reviewed on 23 Dec 2012
Love the features and responsiveness of the app. My only issue is with the percentage of cpu (11% on '09 iMac running 10.6.8) it uses while seemingly idle.
[Version 2.0.3]

Macnews commented on 16 Apr 2012
I can't believe this is being sold, even if for $1.00. You should look at the alternatives before doing putting the product on the market. Bwanadik ( has been free for years, is noninvasive and more feature-complete. I haven't tried it in Lion or Mountain Lion, but don't really see any hurdles to it working in either.
[Version 1.1]

Macnews rated on 30 Mar 2012
[Version 1.3.2]


Macnews reviewed on 28 Mar 2012
Here we go -- hang on for the ride. There are some other PC antivirus vendors who have yet to publicly proclaim for their products, so there are more to follow. I don't see much difference between this and their Windows gratis version, aside from GUI.

This one is fairly much in line with their PC offering. On the Windows side, there is pretty much only one outfit which gives the user so much for so little. That hasn't changed, although the PC version of Avast! has much more functionality than its current Mac counterpart.

I'm really waiting to see if ESET releases a viable alternative to Avast's powerful free alternative; especially now that it's apparent Avast! isn't offering nearly as much protection for free on the Mac side as its PC sibling.

NOD32 for Mac, anyone?

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Macnews replied on 28 Mar 2012
It's actually gratifying to see PC vendors flock to the Mac again. Ever since late 1996/early 1997, we Mac users have had to fight for respect. The pendulum is now beginning to swing the other way now. : )

Macnews reviewed on 27 Mar 2012
This release seems basic, yet polished. I do love the Growl integration. Other PC vendors, take note.

No doubt, as Apple's Mac marketshare increases, we'll see more advanced, commercial versions released. On the other hand, there are at least several other PC vendors that I know of which are busy developing their own Mac antivirus/anti-malware solutions; not the least of which is Avast!, the protection I personally use whenever I'm in BootCamp, Parallels or Fusion.

Here's the link to the current Mac version of Avast!:
[Version 2.16]

Macnews commented on 14 Feb 2012
I used to be able to nest videos in subdirectories by category, sequels, etc., and VLC would not only list them, but play them. This was an extremely useful feature for me. Unless someone here can direct me to a way to enable this feature once more, it now no longer works.

In addition the Mac version GUI has long been superior to the Windows version, but this all-or-nothing playlist or movie interface is troubling, and reminiscent of the Windows VLC GUI.
[Version 2.0.0-rc1]

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Macnews replied on 14 Feb 2012
Update: Nested videos are now working in some of the newer nightlies. I would be nice if they would provide the choice to separate the playlist/media library from the main video. I like that they've provided the choice of theme. It would be even nicer if it were extensible.

Still, the quality of this program is second to none. I don't know of a commercial equivalent and, if there happened to be one, it would sport a nice price tag.
Macnews commented on 24 Oct 2011
This program is now at 1.0.4.
[Version 1.0.3]


Macnews reviewed on 07 Jun 2011
This is a great idea. I saw the 'cloud' concept coming years ago. It's nothing but an attempt by industry to control something they recently lost control of, and, which Apple took advantage of, even though Apple is now a cloud proponent.

To quickly summarize: I want control of my own files. I would like to access them from my *own* equipment securely. I don't want anyone else having any more control than is necessary over my property. I don't have anything to hide, per se, but it is MY choice as to what I would reveal or entrust to the world or any third party. It's not necessary that anyone else have control over my property, even as the tech industry gears up for what they call 'cloud computing'. It's just another term for not only regaining, but taking even more control over our own personal privacy.

Those who disagree may, perhaps, want to take another look at the story involving the frog in boiling water...
[Version 4.5.5]

Macnews commented on 08 May 2011
Excellent step-up-to-the-plate utility to interface with the ZioTek (and other private label names) Disc Carousel. This, by far, outpaces the original Mac drivers, which seem to no longer be available, and the PC drivers, which are completely unintuitive.

Absolutely worth the purchase price.
[Version 1.0.3]

Macnews commented on 26 Mar 2011
This would appear to be, at the very least, blatant, outright theft. The screenshot is the exact same as BosWars, the only changes being the image is zoomed out and reversed. The filesize is approximately 8mb in difference. How is this possible without at least some sort of recrimination while MacUpdate looks at this?
[Version 1.5.7]

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