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Macnerd1984 reviewed on 12 Oct 2012
Oh yes - This works a treat! No problems, just connect, run and finally get rid of that intrusive icon that Apple insists I must have on one of my home screens despite it being completely empty with no prospect of ever being used. Huge props to the dev for coming out with something so simple and effective without needing a jailbreak etc. For reference: iPhone 5, iOS6 - Worked first time.
[Version 1.0.3]

Macnerd1984 commented on 22 Aug 2012
Update: So, I have defragged the internal 1TB drive on my ageing iMac, along with a couple of external 1TB drives too. So far all has been good. I have noticed a difference in launch times for a number of apps - Not coincidentally, these were ones that had shown up in the initial assessment as being heavily fragmented. Word and Excel were apparently in bits all over my drive, and since being sorted out they certainly launch faster. In fact, generally launching larger apps seems a bit quicker. I've tried to be realistic, rather than just accepting blithely that degrading immediately means faster, and I'm confident that I've seen some benefit. Parallels is the app which has seen the fastest increase in terms of launch time, and iTunes is up and running much quicker too. Defraggin my internal drive was naturally faster than the external drives, and it managed to do that in about 14 hours or so. It had around 600GB used out of its 1TB capacity.

All in all, very happy with iDefrag. Would like to see a few interface tweaks, but it's functional and the lack of clutter and bog standard terminal commands dressed up under fancy buttons as "features" is refreshing. Between this and Onyx, my Mac is running better than it has for quite a while.
[Version 2.2.3]

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Macnerd1984 replied on 22 Aug 2012
Defragging, not degrading, obviously. Damn spell check.

Macnerd1984 reviewed on 16 Aug 2012
Not sure what to expect from iDefrag, but based on previous experience with these kinds of disk utility apps, I do like the focus. TTP has become way too bloated (and pricey) and is pretty sluggish for me. I'm defragging a 1TB Drive which has around 570GB of used space, and what appears to be around 20% fragmentation of files. It's on an external FW800 G-Tech drive. So far after about 8 hours it's around 70% done - I assume it'll do it's optimising thing after that.

At this rate I suspect that my 1TB Internal drive in my 5 yr old iMac (around 600GB of data) will likely take a weekend to fully defrag and optimise. So it's no speed demon, but I guess the first defrag after so long without it is bound to taker longer. I also have some of the "safer" options selected in the prefs which add to the time but are less likely to cause issues in the even of a crash etc.

Interface wise it's not too bad; nothing fancy - Pretty simple and functional. Icons could do with some polish, but that's hardly a big deal. Having a pause button is a very good idea, since for external drives without temperature sensors it means you can give the drive a bit of a rest and allow it to cool down. I'd like to be able to shrink the overall disk view so that the entire disk structure would fit into the main window - As it is the smallest that a block of data can be shown as is 1 pixel.

Ultimately I won't know how well this really works until I start using the drives, but early impressions of the app itself are positive. Price wise, it's more than reasonable for something which appears to do exactly what it says on the tin.
[Version 2.2.3]

Macnerd1984 commented on 07 Jul 2012
A virtual gun disassembly app from a company called "Noble Empire"....
[Version 1.1]

Macnerd1984 commented on 04 May 2012
Just who is it that appears to have gone down the list of negative reports/reviews of Flash on MU and marked each person down for it? (Yeah, I know, this post is asking for a trolling, but...). Flash is a complete POS - It's buggy, slow, a complete resource hog and often a cause of browser crashes. It could be, SHOULD BE better, but for some reason it's not. Adobe have no excuse for the dire performance and overall bugginess - It's about time they pulled their thumb out and sorted it. They can't even be arsed to make a proper control panel for it - Instead we get something that wouldn't look out of place in Winblows 98.


Macnerd1984 reviewed on 04 May 2012
The very first app I install on a new Mac. Stable, full of useful features, but no un-necessary fluff - does exactly what it says on the tin. You'll be surprised how many apps are 'phoning home....Been using it for years now and it has been worth every last penny paid for it.
[Version 2.5.2]

Macnerd1984 commented on 26 Apr 2012
No update for Excel, apparently. Nothing to improve the glacial speed at which it launches, no improvement to the ridiculous time taken to open even the smallest workbook.
[Version 14.2.1]

Macnerd1984 commented on 20 Apr 2012
Anyone with experience of Path Finder and Total Finder have opinions on which might be the better app?
[Version 6.0.0]

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Macnerd1984 replied on 26 Apr 2012
Thanks Robotank, for the detailed info; much appreciated. I checked out PF and pretty much found as you said. It's loaded with features, but many of them aren't going to be useful for me. There's a lot to like about it though, and for some users I can see that having the Terminal etc. all in one place like that will be a boon. Neat.

The other issue was that I just can't get around the idea of a file browser etc. being "separate" from the actual Finder. Looks like I'll be sticking with Total Finder.

Finally, I found the help on PF to be lacking a bit - Sent to the website where there were a few questions from the knowledge base, rather than a full off-line manual, which for the price I would expect. There are demo videos, but if you're searching for info on a specific feature that is a cumbersome option.
Macnerd1984 commented on 10 Apr 2012
Been using it since V4 and does the job when I have to suffer the misery of Windows. Works well, and seems the complete solution.

The constant nagging for me to buy Kaspersky and other SW when I start the app (and it's apparent habit of "forgetting" that I checked the "don't show me again" box) is really the only thing I don't like. Having already paid for the SW, I don't want to be hassled to buy more.
[Version 7.0.15094]

Macnerd1984 commented on 05 Apr 2012
Looked at this, thought "Nice; excellent idea". Then I looked at the price and found myself flat on my arse, having fallen off my chair. Perfectly willing to pay a reasonable price for something like this, but a hair short of $90.00 is just excessive, IMHO.
[Version 1.0]

macnerd1984 had trouble on 03 Mar 2008
Yep - Crashes on start up on 10.5.2, same as reported elsewhere, so it's a big fat zero for this app.
[Version 1.7]

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