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Macmuser rated on 24 Feb 2014
[Version 1.6.2]

Macmuser rated on 17 Jan 2014
[Version 16.0.5]


Macmuser reviewed on 08 Nov 2013
iBooks v 1.01 (281)
I have two Apple IDs with books bought from both. When signed into one account in iBooks, clicking on any book results in an error message "An unknown error has occurred". When signed into the other account I only see books from that account and clicking on them or trying to download more books results in an authorisation loop with a dialogue asking for my ID and password repeatedly
[Version 1.0.1]

Macmuser rated on 02 Sep 2013
[Version 4.0.1]

Macmuser rated on 18 Jun 2013
[Version 1.0]


macmuser reviewed on 19 Dec 2008
Does exactly what it says it does.


Now where's a kitten to kick?
[Version 3.0]


macmuser reviewed on 13 Dec 2008
Probably the best release of QXP since version 5 running in Classic on OSX. The new interface shows how clunky Adobe's has become and the tools are in many respects better than inDesign's. But best of all, QXP8 is fast. Huge files open almost instantly, the annoying buglets of QXP 7 have been fixed (no autosave bloat). Quark's helplines are excellent.

Anyone using inDesign really must look at QXP to see what they are missing (I use both so have no axe to grind). The 60-day full version try-out is free.

Anyone using QXP6 needs their heads examining. Why on earth don't you upgrade to get superior typesetting and on-screen display, better tools, transparency, page and box baseline grids, faster working… you might as well be back using QXP 3 or 4 in comparison with version 8.

There are a few rough areas waiting for attention: the book pallet needs redesigning, grids are a little clunky to set up, in-line graphics can become unstable (but still far better than inDesign's) but given the choice between working in QXP8 or inDesign, it's QXP every time.
[Version 8.01]

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macmuser replied on 26 Dec 2008
I find it very strange that I am supporting QXP 8 after many years spent trying to convert hardened QXP users to inDesign. Up until CS2, inDesign deservedly held sway on OSX. Then QXP7 and CS3 came out and started to match each other feature for feature.

inDesign CS4 is… problematic… and expensive to upgrade to. Adobe seem to have developed Quark-of-old's style of customer support whereas Quark have seen the light and realise they actually need customers. QXP 8 is what version 7 should have been (and version 7 is what 6 should have been). Quark lost sight of the ball and needed to get back into the game in a hurry.

As far as the interface is concerned, it is always a matter of personal taste although Adobe have consistently used one box to achieve one end result throughout their product range whereas Quark prefer multi-tabbed boxes which will serve a multitude of settings. Adobe have vertical tabs down the side of the screen while Quark use horizontal. QXP 8 has a (IMHO) more developed and user-definable tool bar and contextual measurements pallet while inDesign has a far better help system.

For speed, try them both. I find QXP 8 quicker to set-up and lay-out a piece of work (especially books) and what I read on the web would agree with me. (Please don't ask for references, it is Xmas holiday after all).

For the future, I see Quark possibly being side-lined and undeservedly so because it is as good, if not better than inDesign. Just as Freehand did with Illustrator and @£$%^ (fill in blank) was usurped by Photoshop. Younger designers might know only the program they use rather than having a more open and experienced view about things. We started in Calamus before moving to Pagemaker. The former has been reborn while the latter is a page in Wikipedia. Nevertheless, Calamus is unlikely to challenge for the DTP crown.
macmuser commented on 26 Dec 2007
Needed a way to make segmented archives to upload large files. Gumby makes this easy by producing RAR archives which Stuffit Expander can decompress if you use Gumby's non-default (Old) setting.

The developer does seem to have stopped work on Gumby. Luckily it works in Leopard.
[Version 1.0b50]

macmuser commented on 09 Jan 2007
Had so many problems with 7.02 moved back to 7.0. Not interested in the weak animation tools anyway.

QuarkXPress is still the most problematic application we have and it has been so since 1989. Considering a lot of the legacy code is still inside it is no wonder.

For the most part, given the choice we use inDesign instead of XPress and luckily our clients are following suit as they too "see the light". I just cannot imagine why some XPress users are so happy. It is a buggy, old fashioned, limited piece of not-quite MacOSX software (no Services access). I shall be pleased when I do the last job ever in QuarkXPress.
[Version 7.1]

macmuser had trouble on 14 Nov 2008
Software Update installed Safari 3.2 on my MacBook. Now Safari won't run, just hangs then stays invisible in the background and has to be force-quit.

Checked drive and permissions, have no haxies installed so d/l a fresh version of Safari and installed that. Still hangs.
[Version 3.2]

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macmuser commented on 14 Nov 2008
Right! Got it running by opening Security Pref/Firewall and 'adding' Safari to it to allow all connections - even though it was already in the list.

Always thought that application signing is a piece of pooh.
macmuser had trouble on 26 Dec 2007
I couldn't get it to make segmented archives.

Selected the segment size, still only got one file.
[Version 1.6.7]

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