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Macmaria reviewed on 10 May 2012
Since I posted this review on today's promo of LB, I might as well share it here too:

I cannot emphasize enough how important this app is for me. LB is one of the first (if not the first) app to install on my macs. (Note: I also use Alfred, but much less; although I consider it top notch, I'm too used to LB and its workflow.)

Things that I love to do with LB (besides the obvious launch of apps):
- Several searches on the web, especially costumized ones.
- Launch websites from bookmarks or history.
- Launch applescripts (open several websites at the same time, restart finder, rebuilt services, etc.
- Merge clipboard (the best thing ever!)
- Move/copy files (and other operations like send x file to mail or to an app).
- Search and browse files and folder. (Mostly using Tembo or Spotlight templates.)

Things I’d like to see improved on LB:
- Improved calculator: like memorizing last operation.
- Converting tool: ex. 15 USD in EUR, 15 feet in cm, etc.

There is a learning curve, but check the tutorial videos the devs have made; they really help.
[Version 5.2]

Macmaria rated on 30 Nov 2011
[Version 1.0]

Macmaria commented on 01 Jun 2011
No trial. No buy.

No reviews so far. No buy.

Sometimes life is simple, eh? :)
[Version 1.0]

Macmaria commented on 10 Apr 2011
Upgrade info at:

MM2 → MM3 = 10$
MM2 → MMP3 = 12$
[Version 3.0.1]

Macmaria commented on 16 Feb 2011
On Feb. 9th Philip Dow, the developer of Journler, made the following statement on his blog:

"I’ve finally decide to open source Journler 100%. Some of Journler has already been open sourced but the aim over the next few months is to release all of the code into the public domain. If you’re interested in helping with this effort, see the Sprouted Developers page."


There's, finally, some hope that Journler will continue to be developed, although I wouldn't put all my hopes up since the last few cases of open sourcing nice apps (like QuickSilver or VisualHub) weren't that successful.
[Version 2.5.5]


Macmaria reviewed on 18 Dec 2010
I decided to test DaisyDisk against another very similar app called DiskRadar. To test them I used a MBP w/ 10.6.5 and a HD of 118,4GB (according to System Profile). Here are the results and my conclusions...

Scan Time
DaisyDisk: 4/5 → 03:07
DiskRadar: 5/5 → 02:15

Scan CPU usage
DaisyDisk: 5/5 → max. 53% (mean: 20-25%)
DiskRadar: 4/5 → max. 75% (mean: 40-45%)

Amount of disk scanned (my HD has 118,4GB)
DaisyDisk: 5/5 → 118,4GB
DiskRadar: 2/5 → 109,3GB (DR didn’t scan Private or System Folders)

DaisyDisk: 3/5
DiskRadar: 5/5

Behavior (sleekness, glitches)
DaisyDisk: 5/5
DiskRadar: 3/5

DiskRadar is less polished and its UI is clearly a copy of DaisyDisk. However it displays more information on the folders and files, allows scanning of folders alone and has some other interesting features (although some of them escape my understanding). Scans faster (maybe because it doesn’t scan all the HD, missing the Private and System folders), but involves a higher CPU usage. The files are not deleted, but put on the system’s trash folder.
DaisyDisk is more polished, has fewer features and scans the full HD. The scan takes more time (maybe because it scans all the HD), but uses less CPU. The files are permanently deleted after a warning is issued.

In the end, I’ll stick with DaisyDisk since it works better and is more accurate. I prefer that to the extra features that DiskRadar offers. Besides I dislike how DiskRadar copied DaisyDisk (basically stealing the UI). I also tend to trust developers that display all the contact info on their websites: DaisyDisk is very open on their data, DiskRadar is not (only a very basic contact form and a blog that doesn’t seem to be used). I don’t know about DiskRadar support, but the DaisyDisk one is very good.

Final note: I'm also placing this review in DiskRadar page.
[Version 2.0.2]


Macmaria reviewed on 10 Dec 2010
Stay out of this game. It's fun, variable and extra addictive. :P Well done, PopCap.

Macmaria commented on 06 Dec 2010
Very good update. Extra sleek (really!) and faster scan. The new feature allowing in-app deletion makes this app even better.
[Version 2.0 beta 1]

Macmaria had trouble on 06 Dec 2010
For some reason, it crashes on me all the time. I tried to find the email of the developer to send the crash reports, but there's none available on the official website. Also left a comment on the blog asking for a way to send the log and no response. I think I'll give up on Deskovery.
[Version 0.9]

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Macmaria replied on 07 Dec 2010
I'll send the log to you and details on my system. Thanks for replying.
Macmaria had trouble on 02 Apr 2010
Alas, after installing, I cannot open it, since it gives me the spinning wheel and then crashes. I'm using a MacBook Pro 1.83 (32 bit) w/ Mac OS 10.6.3.

Maybe it's a bug and the developer can fix it. Alas, I tried to mail (several times, different email accounts) the developer to, but the message could not be delivered due to spam issues.
[Version 1.0.1]

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Macmaria replied on 02 Apr 2010
@ Tomas

Just sent it. Hope you can fix the problem.
MacMaria had trouble on 29 Jun 2007
Doesn't open after installation. (MBP, 1.83)
[Version 1.0b1]

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