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Macinman commented on 01 Apr 2014
I used to use adium exclusively years ago and I've also used the cross platform Pidgin from which Adium was created. Now i wanted to find out if there was any reason to continue using Adium at this point. messages/ichat seem to do the most popular services adium was pushed for, there is FaceTime for video/audio there is Skype for cross platform AV for mac to other operating systems to communicate. I also noticed adium isn't updated as much as it used to be so I was wondering if the project is dying off or has died off.
[Version 1.5.9]

Macinman commented on 20 Mar 2014
I wanted to ask, is GarageBand a suitable starter app for someone who wants to do music professionally but doesn't have the funds or have the experience with pro audio tools, so i can start small and work up? I have a background in production but mostly audio I am a seasoned guitar player but never really invested in any software to enhance that much.
[Version 10.0.2]

Macinman commented on 18 Mar 2014
hi i was wondering if someone could help me here. I own a copy of Final cut express 4 and need to update however my old macbook quit and i have a new retina macbook which shipped with mavericks and the software update doesn't pick up the update. I'm not ready to invest in fcpx as i prefer the old style interface and that's what I learned on.

Could someone provide me links to download my updates at this point? thanks.
[Version 4.0.1]

Macinman commented on 11 Mar 2014
I just wanted to leave a comment and say I enjoy messing around with Secondlife at times i really don't use it on a regular basis, but it's fun to explore. I wanted to also say how impressed i am to say my retina macbook pro late 2013 13" does really well on the graphics with the iris graphics. So far no slow downs and great detail. it only starts to really show a noticeable slow down on ultra but it's not huge so i put it back down on high. it also depends on the environment it seems as to how graphics are effected. I'm not much of a gamer though, i work with video and other forms of media for the most part.

I've tried second life on my 2005 eMac back in 2005
the radeon 9600 card wasn't too bad but it was certainly slower.
my white macbook wasn't the best when i tried it as the intel graphics back then weren't a gaming card, now i have it on this retina MBP and i think this has been the best i've seen it. I also noticed the fan is well controlled too it runs when it has to then slows down to silent again.

Macinman commented on 24 Feb 2014
I was wondering if anyone else was having this issue?

I recently bought a new 13" retina MBP, which works great, when I install MMumenu 2.1.4 (latest) it does not start at login even though it's checked in preferences. On my old Macbook 2,1 running lion 10.7.5, it worked fine and it had a login item. there is no login item on the new macbook u;under mavericks 10.9.1. I'm thinking it's MUmenu specific as all my other apps that have a start at login option work fine. Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks!
[Version 2.1.4]

Macinman rated on 12 Nov 2013
[Version 1.12.5329.1887]

Macinman rated on 12 Nov 2013
[Version 2.4.6]

Macinman commented on 17 Oct 2013
Hi all,

Was wondering if anyone else was experiencing an issue with youtube, where unless you use flash directly, the highest resolution is 720p. It had been working all along until today, and now when i use one of my downloader extensions either in safari or firefox, the highest res for mp4 download has maxed at 720p even if there is larger.
[Version 2.8.8]

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Macinman replied on 17 Oct 2013
Thanks Marc for confirming there wasn't something wrong with my computer, more then there already is. I can still download up to 720p in mp4. I have an older macbook and it's dying, and unable to buy a new one currently so i use clicktoflash to download videos from youtube to play on a flash drive connected to a blu-ray player, or stream using dlna from the mac to the players which puts the cpu load on the player so it's easier on the mac. My TVs are 1080p so i like to download the native res if possible. Again Thanks.
Macinman commented on 12 Sep 2013
I was curious as to why flash remains in beta so much longer now these days. Is Adobe completely changing things that need more testing time? I was just curious as I remember that flash betas were only a month or two before then the next final came out. Now it seems like every new release posted is a beta version.

Some beta software i'm ok running. I just wondered how flash stability of beta stocks up with stable versions? Contrary to a lot of reviews here, flash hasn't given me a lot of issues in the last few years, when I've needed it.
[Version 11.9.900.93]

Macinman commented on 07 Jun 2013
Very Nicely done, like the browser layout.
[Version 3.5]

Macinman had trouble on 03 Nov 2012
Hey guys, I've been able to update xcode on lion regularly until 4.5.2. I only have one apple ID which is itunes icloud and mac app store. I have xcode 4.5.1 installed on lion 10.7.5 and the app store doesn't show xcode 4.5.2 as an available update. When I go to the purchases section xcode shows that it needs to be updated, however when I click, the app store thinks xcode was purchased on a different account, and refuses to update. Is there a fix for this, so i don't have to do the whole download again from scratch? thanks.
[Version 4.5.2]

Macinman had trouble on 19 Apr 2012
I like some of the new features lion offers, and for the most part I find the os, to be problem free for me, however, there is one nasty bug I have encountered in the last couple months, that I can't seem to resolve.

I switched from cable to 4G for internet and now have a MiFi hotspot from verizon, everything is fine when i'm connected to the internet. The problem is, when I turn off the hotspot over night, the system will totally crash at random times while there is no internet connection, the only real way i have solved this is to actually put the macbook to sleep.

I tried the airport fix, of downgrading the airport driver to 3.2 from snow leopard, and it still crashes, so i'm getting the impression it's another part of the os, or an application/service running that crashes when there is no internet. I'm not sure if it's a full kernel panic because i let the display sleep but let the mac run, and the display is still off, but the rest of the mac is locked up. I have looked at console after such an event and i don't get much help there as in any really distinct information regarding the crash.

My Macbook is a macbook 2,1 core 2 duo 2 GB Ram graphics intel GMA 950 For now I have gone back to snow leopard, the only thing Lion truly offers me over snow leopard at this point is the integration with icloud right in address book for contacts and safari for bookmarks, etc, however these are simply handy tools and not deal breakers. I have as an alternative to icloud imported my contacts from icloud into google and sync snow leopard with that.

Any help would be appreciated. As far as i know from all the reports i've seen, Lion is the latest os my hardware can handle, unless apple changes the requirements in mountain lion's final release.

If someone can help me resolve this please let me know.


P.S. This mac has Atheros wifi hardware.
[Version 10.7.3]

Macinman had trouble on 08 Mar 2012
I could use some help here. This is the first iOs update I haven't been able to install. from the iPhone itself when i do a software check, it gives the message Unable to check for update. An error occurred while checking for a software update. I have verizon wireless as my cell carrier, and the iPhone 4. I also have verizon for my internet access well, via 4G LTE. I have a mobile hotspot that i use for wifi, everything else works including apple software update from my macbook. I was able to get the iTunes 10.6 update without problems. When I tried the update process via iTunes, it just says contacting iPhone software update server, and then just sits there until I click stop.

Thinking it might be an iso issue i took the phone to the library here on the apartment complex where they have public wifi from a del connection, from a different iso with the same error. What's going on? i've never had this much trouble with apple updates before. Can someone help? thanks
[Version 5.1]

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Macinman replied on 08 Mar 2012
iso=ISP del=DSL
Macinman had trouble on 29 Aug 2011
how am i supposed to use this app, if both the download link, and link to the developer's site both yield a server that safari, and firefox can't find? I reported this problem once, and it's not resolved. Please look into this and let me know what's going on.

[Version 2.0.4]

Macinman had trouble on 09 Aug 2011
Ok, does anyone with Lion, and the latest google chrome, get a sudden crash, when doing the following:

closing all open windows and tabs in chrome.

then choosing either new tab, or new window from the file menu.

Doing this for me on lion, causes chrome to beach ball and instantly crash.
[Version 13.0.782.112]

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