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Machub reviewed on 17 Apr 2012
I was using CrushFTP5 successfully for a while and had now an issue while updating to version 6.
Ben Spink reacted within 1 hour (one...!) and fixed my problem.
....highly recommended product and support.
[Version 6.01]


Machub reviewed on 06 Jan 2012
IMHO this product is useless, as without internet you are not able to watch Bluray movies.....

according :
"First thank you for using our program.
When you playback Blu-ray films, about 4-5 seconds are needed to remove the Blu-ray protection with network.
So I'm afraid you can't play your blu-ray disc offline.
Sorry for inconvenience."


Machub reviewed on 04 Jan 2012
This product requires ONLINE Internet connection to play:
- officially bought and licensed Blu-ray movies
- with officially bought and licensed Blu-ray Player SW
- on officially bought and licensed Blu-ray drive

Again: without Internet connection you cannot watch your Blu-ray just get something like " Key server not available"

My recommendation: stay away from this product if you (like me) are after watching movies in times with no Internet out in the trenches........

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Machub replied on 05 Jan 2012
No reaction whatsoever from SW-vendor Macgo to my email ( in 24 hours.....

Bad :-(

Machub rated on 12 Aug 2011
[Version 1.0.0]


Machub reviewed on 11 Aug 2011
Demo SW indicated, that my XP drive could be optimized after purchase.
Well, in a misguided moment I went to purchase this product, did 'optimize' my well functioning XP/VM drive...

OK, now its dead... RIP...

Did a restore from my last Snapshot, lost about 2-3 days of work and another 5 minutes to kill off the VMOptimizer from my system....

Oh, forgot to mention, that the backup copy of my original drive (which VMOptimizer left in my Wastebasket as backup) is also not recognized by VMware as valid file anymore.....

As I said, a misguided moment, I should have known better, the blame is mainly on me.....
[Version 1.0.0]

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Machub replied on 11 Aug 2011
Hi Mitch,

The XP volume was perfectly functioning before the optimization, as a matter of fact the only reason to optimize was the hope to gain a little but performance .... :-)
But well, it was a usable file without any troubles so far.

The 'optimized' image did instantly run into a fsck and after that tried to startup, but had quite instantly a bad checksum on some file and ran into a loop restarting. I couldn't see the error message long enough to identify the corrupted file, as it just shortly was displayed and immediate thereafter the startup screen was back... infinite.... :-)

The 'backup'-file in the wastebasket was moved by the application VMOptimize (it states somewhere '...moved just to make sure in case something happened which is most unlikely', something like that) so I strongly believe this file had nothing to do anymore with my original image, as this was functioning properly before.....

Machub replied on 12 Aug 2011
Hi Chris,

thanks for the prompt answer, and no problem refund isn't necessary.

And yes, things can go wrong, but if responsive actions like yours are taken in short term its cool....

And as I said earlier, I myself was quite careless not to make a clean backup myself before such an action.... :-))

I think I still got the file from the wastebasket, so I will get in touch with your support offline, but I have already kind of recovered by using an older Snapshot...
Best regards

Machub reviewed on 29 Mar 2011
Before: a brandnew iPhone 4, working perfect
After the Update: after a long while of downloading, extracting, checking blablabla at the end: "Error 1013" and the iPhone hat turned into a brick.
Apple, this is unacceptable and SHAME ON YOU !!!
[Version 4.3.1]

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Machub replied on 30 Mar 2011
Many thanx to "joe_exp" !!!
His perfect hint: joe_exp reviewed on 25 Mar 2011
Just wasted 3 hours of my life > kept getting error 1013 > sudo vi /private/etc/hosts > delete line: > works a charm;

saved my life ! Works!

Machub rated on 29 Mar 2011
[Version 5.0.7]

Machub commented on 26 Nov 2010
I appreciate the product very much, but also the support is tremendous.
I had an issue these days to get access to the 'black friday' action (I bought at a distributor and my email was not known at the vendor..)
In few hours Agile adapted a webpage on request of the distributor an my problem was gone!!

Great product, great people (both at vendor and distributor)

(I am in no way related to them :-) but really happy!)
[Version 3.5.1]

Machub commented on 27 Oct 2009
Trying to update my valid VMware Fusion since a few hours now - NIL success (Initially it didn't even recognize my valid serial number. Now I hit an error page after logging in and entering the serial number to be upgraded. Senseless !!! :-(((
[Version 3.0]

machub commented on 30 Jun 2008
- the USA (NASA) contributes that widget
- the USA (all) contribute substantial to global pollution
- the USA (almost all) contribute nothing substantial to to solve the problem

- so what.....
[Version 1.0.1]

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