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Macenthusiast commented on 11 Jun 2006
Oh, stop it with all the politically correct mumbo jumbo. I suppose you've also got issues with the 'Soup Nazi' from Seinfeld fame. Get a grip -- the word's obviously used in *that* vein, and by all means shouldn't be censored.

Censoring something like that is way over the top.
[Version 1.6]

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Macenthusiast replied on 11 Jun 2006
And, after the name and Hitler icon, do you find any other logical links to WWII in the subject matter? I couldn't find any.

As for a reference to Seinfeld, I didn't say he specifically made reference to some of the content in the show -- it was simply in similar vein.

It seems as if the author is making a veiled reference to Apple in this particular instance.

Macenthusiast replied on 11 Jun 2006
You've got to be kidding. You've never heard of sarcasm or irony?

Are you sure you don't belong to the NCAA committee trying to force Florida State to remove Seminoles as their team name? ; )

(That was a joke, in case you didn't catch my sarcasm.)
Macenthusiast commented on 01 Jun 2006
This has got to be a tech demo. Otherwise, this thing can't even remotely touch a retro game in similar vein.

At least we can look forward to some decent-looking, better-performing games based upon the Unity engine in the future.
[Version 1.0.2]

Macenthusiast commented on 07 May 2006
Gotta' love the way Aspyr ever-so-un-subtly slips in the 'free' before update -- as if to say, "We're giving you users quite the extra value by not charging you more than the $50 you've already forked over. Aren't we cool?!"

Somebody's gotta' talk to the person in marketing who thought *that* was a good idea.
[Version 1.2]

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Macenthusiast replied on 23 May 2006
Aha! I shoulda' gone the same route!
Macenthusiast commented on 04 May 2006
I should add that I would like to use this app (I like the simple, and easy-to-use interface) if the options for encryption strength were broadened.
[Version 1.7.2]

Macenthusiast commented on 04 May 2006
Why RC4-based encryption? That was broken quite a long while ago, and it doesn't make sense now that AES 128/256 are built into OS X.
[Version 1.7.2]

Macenthusiast commented on 01 Mar 2006
Not working for me: G4/dig audio/router/dsl -- app not successfully launching.
[Version 0.2]

Macenthusiast commented on 01 Mar 2006
Just to qualify my review of just a few moments ago...

I had just been forced to do *yet another* complete uninstall (this, to the uninitiated, involves multiple restarts) and reinstall of the software when, suddenly and as if a bolt of lightning struck me violently (I'm lying for effect, of course -- this frustration had been building up), an epiphany forced itself upon me: this has been going on for literal *years* now, and the user base has not seen a single, major FIX for the critical, and most nagging issues plaguing this software, save for a feature-reducing band-aid, and rather pleasant icon (don't get me wrong, I like the icon -- take it away and I pull yet another star! -- just kidding).

So, upon retrospect, I have to reduce the 2.5 star rating I previously gave this product to a simple two-star salute (luckily I gave up the other, much more crude, salutes long ago).

That's all.
[Version 1.4.1]


Macenthusiast reviewed on 01 Mar 2006
Hi everyone,

If you can get through my rant, there's a bit of a review in there somewhere.

Longtime M-Audio user here.

I have to say I had high hopes when this particular piece of hardware came out, thinking M-Audio would have already observed and learned from the catastrophe which was the Creative SoundBlaster Live! fiasco (which I, along with many others, lost our investments on). The Creative card itself was wonderful, but the lackluster drivers (and the problem was NOT with the Creative software engineers coding the drivers -- they were --and hopefully still are -- big Mac fans), along with the company's steadfast refusal to come up with an OS X version, destroyed any hope we had of 3D, positional audio (a la EAX) in future Mac games.

Unfortunately, and after the culling of one of two audio engines (an obvious cost-cutting shortcut, to OUR detriment), the Revolution software remains buggy. It looks as if MacUpdate staff either removed the past comments/reviews as a result of this culling, or as a result of new ownership (Avid), or a little of both. Please feel free to correct me here, Admins ; ). Certainly, the removal of the additional engine reduced the mathematical chances of an app or system crash as a result of the drivers, but the quality of these drivers remains an issue. I don't think the ownership change (Avid purchased M-Audio in the not-too-distant past) did much for these drivers, except put a nice finish on the driver/installer icons (which should've been there from the beginning -- the lack thereof was, in this case, an indicator of the amount of attention paid to the project, imho. -- this IS the Mac, obviously.)

So, here I am a couple of years later, with the Revolution 7.1 and 5.1 being the only Mac prosumer/consumer audio game in town (perhaps that might change with the current hardware revolution at Apple -- a la Intel), and the only thing which seems to have changed is the frequency with which this nagging audio stuttering/skipping occurs (you'll recall I mentioned the reduction in mathematical frequency theory I threw out there earlier). This is the same skipping/stuttering which had the annoying tendency to crash the application/game it occurred in 85% of the time: except for now it only occurs perhaps 40% of the time. The 'crashless' stuttering occurs much more frequently (still annoying, mind you; and it sounds the same).

Never mind the fact M-Audio never bothered adding Sensaura nor EAX support to the drivers. Sorry guys, but the gloves are off. This is rotten software, and you haven't done much to fix it -- always behind the curve when it came to OS updates. I mean, c'mon -- let's get real here: your company does a lot of hardware and driver support for the Mac (excluding the Revolution, of course!): you mean to tell me you weren't seeded a copy of the updated OS in advance? While you're at it, tell me another one...

Sorry people, the gloves are off: this is lousy software. At this point, I'm so disgruntled that, not only will my next prosumer purchase (if, luckily enough, we happen to have another alternative within the coming months) definitely be from another vendor, any pro purchases I make in the foreseeable future will not have the M-Audio label on them... unless you do a 360 on your QA, and soon...
[Version 1.4.1]

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