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Macambulance commented on 06 Aug 2013
I'll just wait until v92 is out, should only be in a couple of days
[Version 23.0]

Macambulance commented on 08 May 2013
$24 to replicate features of iTunes, Address Book & iCloud, all of which are free? Good luck with that.
[Version 3.1.01]


Macambulance reviewed on 16 Aug 2012

This program has quit twice now, losing my partner an entire chapter of her book each time.

She saves every five minutes and has auto-save turned on but it appears the program hasn't been saving all day, she even exports the text every day to a word file.

Twice now the program has crashed (today while exporting) and when logging back in, the entire chapter is in the StoryMill trash and is empty.

The program appears to just corrupt the sqlite database that contains the text, making it completely unrecoverable.

have emailed the developers about the issues and heard absolutely NOTHING back after three weeks. Do not trust the program with your data, that's all i can say!
[Version 4.0.5]


Macambulance reviewed on 24 May 2012
still same old crap, even version 2.2 slowed my Mac down to a crawl when I tested it. Lucky I was able to remove all the files it installed as like Bleech_Jef the uninstaller missed quite a few
[Version 2.2]

Macambulance commented on 08 May 2012
Terrible UI and unreasonable price. Perhaps if they rolled all their packages together into one multi-function program they might get some sales. I wouldn't spend $50 on a program that only did one job!

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Macambulance replied on 28 May 2012
So if DVDFab is the "all-in-one" software for copying BluRay and DVDs, why are they separate products? Why must the user pay 7 times to get the full functionality described in the suite. If the user buys the BluRay ripper, then buys a 3D BluRay disc, they must then spend another $50 for the same App but with a different feature unlocked?

Likewise, if the user wanted to buy the entire suite, they'd have to spend $550? I'm afraid you've missed one key point :

Anyone who is likely to rip/copy a BluRay or DVD disc is also equally likely to be pirating a movie they don't own. That may be a sweeping generalisation but with video piracy as rife as it is, I think it's a fairly safe one to make. If you're making it easier for the user to copy their friends'/rented discs then they will.

Do you think someone who has absolutely no hesitation in pirating BluRays/DVDs will have *any* problem pirating a $550 software suite to allow them to do the job?

At your current prices you're denying yourself sales, $50 for the entire suite is still expensive given the alternatives such as MakeMKV (currently free during beta), but you're far more likely to sell at that price. Maybe you'll sell 10 units of the full suite at $50, but that's better than 0 at $550.

As for the UI, you should know as developers that Mac users are particularly discerning when it comes to UI as such mind-numbing attention is paid to the detail in the OS and other high profile apps.

With UI design built into Xcode you really have no excuse for putting out a program that looks like it was built in Java circa 1993, all you will serve to do is put people off, especially when they see the price next to the screenshot

Macambulance rated on 13 Apr 2012
[Version 2.1.2]


Macambulance reviewed on 03 Apr 2012
This program is bilge-water of the foulest degree. Not only does it bring your Mac's performance to unusable levels, it convinces you that the performance drop is due to problems with your Mac preceding the installation of MacKeeper. I have worked with macs for 12 years and this is without doubt the worst collection of "utilities" since Norton didn't survive the transition to OS X.

I received this call from my client today "Hi, my Mac's been running slow for three weeks now, MacKeeper tells me that there are hundreds of junk files being created every minute, do you think i have a virus?"

My reply "Yes you have a virus, it's called MacKeeper, drag it to the trash and remove it. it's Eastern European scamware that convinces you your Mac's running slow and needs fixing when it doesn't."

Two hours later my client called again "Thanks for your suggestion, my Mac is once again back to normal speed".

To the developers, perhaps devote some of your marketing budget away from advert spamming and paying for fake reviews on MacUpdate by accounts that only ever make one review then disappear, why not hire ethical developers who can write decent software to actually help people instead of extorting money from the less well-informed.
[Version 2.1.2]


Macambulance reviewed on 30 Mar 2012
Teamviewer's a mixed bag. One one hand it's amazingly simple. My clients can download a small App and without configuring any firewalls I can remote access their machines and save thousands of miles a year.

On the other hand it can be very unstable, freezing the screen whenever there's a large change (such as closing a window) and randomly ignoring most Mac keyboard shortcuts. The file transfer interface has had very little thought put into it, it works but is centred mainly towards IT professionals who know what they're doing.

Recently I have been receiving emails warning me that I'm initiating too many sessions, when I only have it installed on two computers and never use them at the same time. Clearly their servers are struggling to keep up with the demand.

The £500 I spent on a commercial license is a bit steep, especially considering the pitiful customer support. I sent 3 beta feedback emails through the program & the teamviewer website, each was returned with an invalid mailbox error. I hope I've made back the money on petrol-saved but time will tell.
[Version 7.0.11023]

Macambulance commented on 24 Dec 2011
By Keiki you mean Yoshi of course, and by Carry On Farming, you of course mean Yoshi's Island, or are you ripping off the British Carry On series filmed between 1958 and 1978?

I think even you are confused as to where you got your ideas.
[Version 1.5.3]


Macambulance reviewed on 09 Dec 2011
I blummin' love Coda, been using it for years. The only features I would like to see are automatic completion of hex/rgb colours while editing CSS and the ability to register custom functions for autocompletion, would really hope with WordPress development
[Version 1.7.5]

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