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Mactraxx reviewed on 30 Nov 2012
Great scanning app. And wonderful support with frequent updates. Unfortunately there is no auto update support to easily keep up with those updates. Today, that's just unacceptable. Knocking down two stars for that major shortcoming.
[Version 9.1.20]


Mactraxx reviewed on 20 May 2012
This is a pretty powerful scanner software, and supports a huge number of scanners.

While I appreciate the constant updates, the fact that there is no built in software update mechanism in this day and age is unforgivable, especially for as often as it is updated.

I would also agree with some others that this should be put on the Apple App Store, price set at $20. $30 max. That would solve the above issue with updates, and be a more fair price as well.
[Version 9.0.95]


Mactraxx reviewed on 21 May 2011
Works great! I've been using Macs since 1984 and have never seen a virus on any Mac, but recently my mother in law was duped into downloading and installing a trojan that once installed, places a menu bar item on the machine that constantly nags you that your machine is infected and to pay them to buy the "anti virus" software to clean and remove it. Total scam. It also hijacks the machine's DNS settings and was automatically launching Safari and taking her to porn sites. Not nice. After installing Sophos and running it, if found 4 viruses that it successfully removed which was a whole lot easier than re formatting and restoring her software. Worked like a charm, is free, and now does it's thing in the background to keep her safe. I've also made her a regular user (Not Admin) to protect herself from herself and prevent her from accidentally installing future malware. Sophos saved us a lot of time to clean up her system. Highly recommend.
[Version 7.1.5]

Mactraxx commented on 13 Mar 2011
Unlike Fracture, which is very old and not been updated in ages but still works well, this can't be used as a screen saver, or set up to automatically rotate through new fractals. You also can't easily change color schemes. Fracture makes it very easy to cycle through endless color schemes with hot keys and save ones you like while running as a saver. This is also limited in they types of fractals it will generate (2). The 3D option is a nice twist, but this has a ways to go before I'd consider switching to it from Fracture which I use daily, as old as it is.
[Version 1.5.4]

Mactraxx commented on 30 Nov 2010
A fun little app. Reminds me of some similar utility I had back in the OS7 days ;) Unfortunately, it causes QuickBooks 2011 to crash, so I can't use it.
[Version 1.1.1]

Mactraxx commented on 12 Nov 2010
Like others here, I paid for this a couple of years back, but didn't renew. I think that's crazy for non commercial use to be asked to continue to pay year after year for a visual, eye candy, iTunes plug in. It's a cool piece of software, but I pay enough taxes already.
[Version 4.1]

Mactraxx commented on 23 Aug 2010
Very "Windowsish" GUI. Also, does not seem to be a way to select image folder/files from an externally mounted volume. Weird.
[Version 2.4]


Mactraxx reviewed on 28 Mar 2010
Every so often an app or utility comes along that really streamlines my workflow, or just makes using my Mac so much more enjoyable and useful. Hyperspaces is one of those utilities (for the latter). While I've always been a Spaces user since Apple implemented it, it wasn't nearly as easy or "fun" to use as it is with Hyperspaces. After using this for just one day, I knew I had to have it and am really loving it. I can now have a space with a neutral grey background for doing my photo work with PS or Aperture, a green space for when I'm doing books, etc. and it just makes using Spaces visually much more logical and useful. Makes you wonder why somebody (or Apple themselves) didn't come up with this slick capability.

I was pleased to find that MU is including this in their current Promo bundle, and while I already own a number of the apps in the bundle, I went ahead and bought it mostly for Hyperspaces and a couple other utilities I'm enjoying like WindowFlow.

I realize not everyone will like this, or even be a Spaces user, but for those who do, this really polishes and puts Spaces on steroids. Well worth a try. Personally, I absolutely love it and already have created more Spaces, above my previous 4, to use since it's so much more logical with the help of this little utility. Great work guys. Thanks!
[Version 1.0.5]


Mactraxx reviewed on 27 Feb 2010
Low res images, 32 bit? Pass.
[Version 1.12b]


Mactraxx reviewed on 15 Feb 2010
This works well enough, but it's a real PITA to upgrade. You must first uninstall the previous version before any update will run. This then also requires that you re enter your license code (so if you've lost it, you'll be talking with their CS). Another small complaint I have is that when entering your license code, the cursor does not automatically move to each new field as you complete each section. Really, 'cmon? This isn't the 90's.

Other than that, it's a nice program for keeping track of receipts and records, once you've gone through all the hoops.
[Version 2.1.9]

MacTraxx had trouble on 19 Aug 2008
I'm using Aperture 2.1.1 and OS X 10.5.4 (all updates) and the maperture plug in fails to load the Google maps at all. I've tried this on 2 different machines, a MBPro and a MacPro. Is it me, or is this thing completely broken? Doesn't work at all for me.
[Version 1.0.1]

MacTraxx had trouble on 13 Aug 2008
This update (5.1.5) killed the background graphics. Bummer.
[Version 5.1.5]

MacTraxx had trouble on 28 May 2008
Failure to reboot after installation on a MBPro and MacPro. After a forced shut down and reboot, things seem OK for now. I'd recommend running the separate download package.
[Version 10.5.3]

MacTraxx had trouble on 23 May 2008
I like the idea of this, but unfortunately it mutilates the Flurry screensaver on my system. It's all blocky and pixellated, and Flurry is my favorite :( The other savers I've tried seem to be OK, it's just Flurry that looks crummy.
[Version 1.0]

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