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MacPete reviewed on 07 Aug 2007
I love this thing; still working great. My only thing: I wish it could check several accounts for me. I have several Yahoo mail accounts, so that would be an amazing timesaver - logging in and out, oi...
[Version 0.4.3]

MacPete commented on 10 Mar 2006
The game specifically condones "spiritual violence" on the spiritual plane, while denying it on a physical plane. The whole concept shows a very weak understanding of Christian history and the nonviolence tradition, which calls all violence into question for its broad ramifications across the planes of reality.

Graphics are "heavily pixellated" (not unlike conservative Christianity itself) and flicker in and out as you go around corners. There are no adjustable display settings, the "saint" creator (hubris, pride, arrogance in the extreme) is apparently broken (won't allow for multiple changes in skin tone), and the character who actually weilds the "double-edged sword" (a relic from a more primitive age, when metaphors dealt with violence, the marketplace, and homelife - think instead in terms of a scale, for instance) is a blonde, white male in a business suit...

I could go on and on. Please don't expose yourself or your children to this violent-apocalypse brainwashing - the true gospel and the true kerpotheosis is a message of peace with inner demons and recognition of the inner messiah and anti-messiah.
[Version 1.0]


MacPete reviewed on 10 Mar 2006
Awesome. Fun graphics, ramping challenge, cool specials, wacky missions. Overall, very light-hearted and engaging. I can't wait to try the full version. Even more original than Kid Mystic, the other Zelda-style game Red Marble put out using this engine.

5 stars for sure. I hope there'll be expansion packs!
[Version 2.0]


MacPete reviewed on 07 Mar 2006
Possibly the best game in this genre since Zelda! Engaging, exciting, challenging, fun and varied. I can't wait to buy the full version.
[Version 2.0]


MacPete reviewed on 03 Mar 2006
Eeef. where to start.

1) Scale back everything about the characters by a lot - too much detail, terrible performance.

2) How racist can ya get. A blonde white guy in a suit trying to convert a bunch of brown people to your one good book. Could you include an option to explain Buddhism to Christians instead? Or how Hinduism had a "human hand of god" concept (that's more sophisticated) for a few thousand years BC? Probably not. Christians are couch-potato religious.

3) Nothing like encouraging violence and victory in the pursuit of love. If the means and the ends aren't loving, your Christianity is still "on the archipelago" - aka "we already know about it, your laws "win" for 50 years, you supporter of narrow, short-sighted prohibitionists" *cough cough*

Anyway, could be cool if it wasn't so "monochrome" religious - why not read huston smith's history of world religions or "the perennial philosophy" by aldous huxley and get an idea about the world's mysticism before you write your next game?

in general, unplayably slow and choppy, slow to load, and too "violence oriented" for the content - aka D- or F
[Version 1.0]


MacPete reviewed on 02 Feb 2006
I agree, awesome, even more fun than Ragdoll Masters, which I play constantly. Extremely challenging, beautiful, simple concept that takes the physics of RD Masters and makes it into a scroller.

I did notice, however, that the fifth level starts to show significant speed lag. I am hesitant to pay for the game as I am currently playing on a 700mhz g4 with a gig of RAM, and the more complex levels beyond the fifth are surely going to have the problem even worse. A quality slider in the prefs might help.
[Version 2.0]


MacPete reviewed on 30 Jan 2006
Fairly cool breakout game. Breakthrough! is more customizable.

Things I did like: Very innovative use of tile motion and sizing. Unique, visually appealing interface and levels. Relaxing tunes, lots of levels for a demo. Great fireball. Cool mission, treasure hunt.

Things I didn't: Small number of kinds of powerups :-( Large number of tiny tiles. In general the pace feels slow.

Worth a download, though, if you enjoy breakout.
[Version 1.01]

MacPete commented on 02 Dec 2005
On the other hand, it does run with only a 3-hour time limit, and is rad :) I'd rather give you some money, though...
[Version 1.2.1]


MacPete reviewed on 02 Dec 2005
hey, great product! I gotta say, though, and i'm sorry if this seems out of line, but it seems to me this is a little out of the shareware price range. I'd pay $10-15 for sure, though. Hope you decide to change it!
[Version 1.2.1]

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