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Macfevre rated on 14 Dec 2012
[Version 1.5.1]


Macfevre reviewed on 16 May 2010
For some odd reason, I have a bit of trouble with my NZBVortex. Something on my system keeps crashing it. Here's the thing, though. The developer has took my issues to heart and has bent over backwards trying to make it right for me. Incredible to have such personal attention these days. I'm sure that it will eventually I will get it to work correctly, but even still, I will support NZBVortex and it's developer. It really is a fantastic program.
I also own Unison, and though that one is great for the Usenet in general, it stalls on large downloads quite often. NZBVortex has never stalled once. Well worth the small amount of money for an often-updated, quick, easy NZB downloader.
[Version 0.7.2]


MacFevre reviewed on 22 Aug 2009
I've had it with iWow. I've paid for the original, then all the major updates. I originally thought it was pretty cool. It could make my system sound a lot "better" with the speakers I had. But now, it won't even let me use iTunes!
Every single time I try and put in my license number, it gives back the message "Maximum number of activations exceeded." Not unlike others on here. Then it will not cancel out of the window! Hit cancel, ... Nothing. Try to switch to iTunes. Nope, it won't even let you do anything with iTunes. That window just will not go away.
ALL messages to tech support go into this big file at the company, and every week they have someone delete that file. It's the only thing that I can think of that they are doing because I've written many times, and I've been ignored many times.
Save your money. If something goes wrong, they'll sit back and laugh while ignoring all communications.
[Version 3.1]


MacFevre reviewed on 18 Feb 2009
This is actually a pretty cool app. Now if we could get a little fat guy to pop up on the screen and wave his finger and say "uh, uh, uh." (Reference first Jurassic Park movie.) It says in the description that you can start a "simulated self destruct." I couldn't find that. You can do a real self destruct, but simulated? I think it would be pretty cool to see a simulated one. Maybe one that shows a lot of stuff melting down or what-have-you like on TV, then blacken the screen and lock it out. Scare the heck out of your kids/spouse!

Some things I would change is ability to keep taking pictures every x seconds until you disable the monitor. Also, once you turn off a monitor - say you type in a correct password in the destruct sequence, you have an option of disabling the monitor until you turn it on again. So if you have the monitor looking for a mouse movement, you don't have it going off while you are trying to turn the monitor off.

A great 1.0 app!
[Version 1.0.2]

MacFevre commented on 28 Jan 2009
:-( What happened to the really cool icon? Now it just looks like all the others. As far as the app goes, I'm still in 5, but it works great for me!
[Version 6.0014]


MacFevre reviewed on 28 Nov 2008
Absolutely brilliant application. Deceptively simple at the outset, it's actually a lot more powerful then it lets on to be. If you use FCP a lot, then you know that sometimes different media management can be a nightmare. If you happen to accidently move or erase a file from what you think could be a very innocent place, and FCP happens to be pointing there for something, a lot of bad stuff can happen! Loader completely erases that eventuality. Yes, eventuality, because it will happen.

On the minus side, it does copy files. If your trying to save space and save every byte, then it might not be the best solution. Personally, it's worth the extra space. Backing up the project is perhaps the greatest asset to this app. One directory to backup all media for a particular project without any extra work pulling together stuff from all over creation. Like I said before, brilliant.

A little expensive for a utility, perhaps, but well worth it in saving yourself a lot of extra work.
[Version 1.0.3]


MacFevre reviewed on 16 Apr 2008
There is not one thing that this application does that you can't do yourself, albeit taking up all your time. That being said, it's brilliant in what it does do, easily and quickly. As such, I have quickly bought the thing.

It's been integrated in my workflow, and has changed the way I store my media, since it simply creates the reference files and tags them by batches. Can't wait to find out what's in store for the future.
[Version 1.3]


MacFevre reviewed on 06 Mar 2008
The ability to take a text file, (or any file for that matter,) Compress it, Encrypt it, and hide it into a photo jpg, or xls, or any other kind of file is brilliant. Companies should be looking at this as standard practice for traveling. Look at people being stopped at airports and are forced to unlock their private company files for the authorities.

Any file that's encrypted can be forced open, by coercion to the owner or by brute force to the file. But what if all that is sitting there is a bunch of photos of your family? That actually opens to the picture when launched? Only you know what's hidden and encrypted on top of that. I don't see Disk Utility doing that.

Not that I have anything that's worth encrypting like that, but it's really nice to know it's there if I ever did. A must if you have something you would just rather keep to yourself, even if someone stole your computer, it would still be yours.
[Version 1.5]

MacFevre commented on 30 Jan 2008
Agree with previous, link a must. Without it, it really has no use.
[Version 3.0]


MacFevre reviewed on 04 Apr 2007
At first look, this app looks a little confusing. Once you use it and get used to it, it's a great program. Once you go through the screencasts and tutorials on the website, it becomes an incredible product that is truly innovative. And, unlike GB, it automatically saves, and doesn't do an entire mixdown and take a half-hour every time you save it. The Release portion is absolute genius. Everything is automatic.
[Version 1.0]

Macfevre had trouble on 05 Feb 2010
I love Unison. I purchased 2.0 the minute it was announced, as I purchased 1.x when I tried and liked it. About a year ago, I started having major problems with one of their releases, and even after 2 was released, the problem follows it. It's simply that downloads stall. All the time. I used to be able to clear all the caches, and that would seem to help a lot, but you no longer have that option with 2.x. You can clear the caches and wipe out everything including the headers in a group that you have in your sidebar, but if you happen to get a nzb from another source, how are you suppose to clear that groups cache??

I actually wrote several times with the developer, all to no avail and pretty much a "We've never seen that problem, so it doesn't exist" attitude. Now with the 2.04 release, it actually says they "fixed" the stalling issue. Not for me, unfortunately. Also, it runs the pars, but doesn't seem to fix the files and re-run the extract. But then it deletes the par files! So I have to re-download the par files, run the par myself to fix the files and extract the download. It works 90% of the time, however, and I think that is a really cool feature that is worth keeping even if it's a little buggy.

Fix the stalling #1. Let me clear the caches myself across all the groups #2. Lastly take a look again at the extraction portion of the app, and it will be a really classy A1 program. I know it's not a big money-maker, but there are those that still like using Usenet. As far as the rest of 2.0 upgrade, it's FANTASTIC. It makes reading groups so much nicer. (Yes, people still use the Usenet for reading!)
[Version 2.0.4]

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