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Macd commented on 06 Dec 2013
I went to "Check for Updates" in the menu in my BBEdit, and there were NONE! Then I remembered I'm still using BBEdit 9 (once a month vs everyday just a few years ago?) without any issues and then a few reasons I didn't switch to v.10…

I could say "come on, release a really improved, modern version of the app and I'll upgrade right away", but I think this company is out of juice and/or willpower for innovation, so I'll just keep using my v.9 and, well, won't really care if the company is still around or not with their non-products.
[Version 10.5.6]


Macd reviewed on 24 Aug 2013
That's bullshit… I was on 2.8 until recently, but there were issues with video chats (text chats were just fine) between 6.x and 2.8 so I though oh well I'll upgrade. The interface of 6.x is horrible, but oh well, I thought, I'll do my best to get used to it.
And so I am one month later. I got used to the new horrible UI/UX (not that it became less horrible), but there's one thing I totally, absolutely can't get used to..
This thing is buggy as hell. The buggies POS software on my Mac. I leave my Mac on when going to sleep, wake up and Skype is gone. just crashed and quit - no error messages, no nothing. Then I see my CPU gets hot, I check out Activity Monitor, and Skype is taking 140% of CPU time, in IDLE mode, doing nothing. Moreover, after these freezes sometimes it gets back to interactive mode, but sometimes it just keeps frozen until I force quit this POS.
I have no idea what kind of cheap 3rd world outsourcers are working on this thing, but the quality and lack of QA is just stunning. I mean I have the above issues AT LEAST 2 times a day, not including random freezes for 10-20 seconds, or 2-3 second hiccups when trying to send a message in chat. Awful.
Skype might be trying to get things work, but they just don't have the right Mac dev team (or more likely, project managers, or both. squared)
So I'm going back to 2.8 and staying there as long as I can. Which I'm afraid won't be that long as it seems that 2.8 doesn't work under upcoming OS X 10.9 :( Oh well..

Macd commented on 19 Aug 2013
Great to see Exchange support coming back. So far so good and mine, and all of our company's shared calendars (over 10) came up without an issue.
No rating yet, since I haven't been using it ever since the unfortunate 2.0-series downgrade, but hope for the best :)
[Version 2.5]

Macd commented on 08 Apr 2013
Ever since they switched to App Store distribution, the updates (even to non App Store version) are extremely slow… This is getting rather annoying, especially when they can't fix an extremely easy-to-fix bug - I know, I'm a programmer as well - which was reported several months ago. Their reason for the delay? App Store review delays. Well and why should I care? I didn't buy the App Store version (was a customer from well before it became available there), and moreover, I WOULD NOT buy at all if it was only available on App Store. JUST for the reason stated above (I don't want to support slow response/update cycles always resulting in App Store distribution switches..)
Oh well. Still the best SVN app for Mac, but now not as much loved.
[Version 2.7.9]


Macd reviewed on 10 Nov 2012
Well.. it's been a year since my previous review.

Unfortunately nothing at all changed. A few 0.0.1 updates not fixing any real usability issues and not making Espresso any step closer to being the self-proclaimed CSSEdit replacement. But that's about it.

Luckily, CSSEdit still works and does the job for me. But I paid for Espresso as well - not because it was better, but because I wanted to support developers, believing they would update the functionality and usability to be up to par with CSSEdit.

Well what do you think? A year have passed, no real updates, and developers won't give out any information AT ALL regarding their roadmap.
WELL.. it's been one bloody year, and CSS-related functionality of the software haven't improved one bit.

Regret trusting these guys and giving them my money. Should've waited until Espresso has all features I need (and that ALL present in CSSEdit). Won't happen again.
[Version 2.0.4]

Macd commented on 22 Oct 2012
The new version (2.0) won't sync with Exchange servers (which was possible in 1.6, but they dropped it due Apple dropping some APIs - and sure enough BusyMac couldn't be bothered to implement that sync option themselves. So please keep that in mind if you need Exchange calendars sync like myself.
Time to get used to Apple's Calendar. Which is getting quite usable lately, and doesn't support silly pictures in calendar cells, which I consider a plus ;)
[Version 2.000]


Macd reviewed on 19 Sep 2012
Awful release. Menu item is gone. Evernote is pushed EVERYWHERE, the UI changed for worse. Back to 1.0. BEWARE! I somehow knew that would happen after the Evernote money grabbers bought this out. But I didn't think it things would turn that bad :(
Their iOS app in turn, is pretty nice though. But on Mac, I'm back to 1.x for as long as I am able to use it, I'm afraid.
[Version 2.0]

Macd commented on 08 Nov 2011
Pretty much unusable as a replacement for CSSEdit, as it claims to be.
- no search/filter by CSS rules (come on! how am I supposed to navigate anything but less than a few lines of CSS code?)
- CSS tool panel's usability is much worse than CSSEdit 2 (tools layout/selection and the way it resizes itself

I paid for the software, and it just sits there gathering dust. No idea what devs' priorities are, but so far, as a CSSEdit replacement, it is just a money well wasted.
[Version 2.0.1]


Macd reviewed on 19 Jul 2011
I've been using this editor for a long long long time. Upgraded 3 times, and overall it was a nice editor in its time. But as of late, it starts showing its age, and I mostly use it only when I need to do some leavy lifting with Regex text processing.

I did a quick run of a demo version of version 10, and it looks the same to me. Nothing much have changed.

- the project window is still nothing close in usability to Textmate

- it still takes AGES opening big files (100+ MB server log files), eventhough Mac OS X's TextEdit opens them immediately. That's on a quad-core i7 iMac with 16GB of RAM

- it still is extremely anal about text encoding of text files. Well, sometimes text files just don't have one encoding. Some things might get broken, encodings get mixed. In that case, good luck trying to make BBEdit to open that file. It will complain about some character somewhere in text is in how it should be. Annoying. I like how it is possible to set several encodings for BBEdit to try before giving up. Unfortunately, that won't help for mixed/broken encodings.

- new preferences panel is a UI from hell. WHY would it resize itself? I have no problems with auto-resizing panels, but only if toolbar is on top, not on the left. And overall, new preferences panel just looks like the old one with icons and annoying auto-resizing added

- visual hinting in editor is a joke. They position themselves as a good HTML editor, but there's still NO WAY to visually find out which DIV I'm closing! Come one, every single editor I know of, has this feature. Pathetic.

- the pricing scheme is, to put it simple, big welcome to new customers and one big salty middle finger to old customers who supported the company over the years.

All the above said, I really don't see why should I give the company "only 40 bucks" for UPGRADE, or erm.. is it re-purchase? With basic stuff not working right, with company's arrogance over the YEARS, and with nothing radically new in latest version, I think we're seeing BBEdit doing it's last (cheap) performance on its way to the retirement land of once-good software.

And lastly, if you need a really powerful HTML, or PHP editor, just put the money into WebStorm or PHPStorm. These are extremely fine products that work fast, extremely full-featured and are created by folks who (mostly) care about their customer base. (I'm not associated with these guys of course - just a happy user).
[Version 10.0]


Macd reviewed on 20 Feb 2011
Comparing to earlier 8.x versions, support is absolutely TOP-NOTCH. I mean it is incredible how fast they take care of everything!
The application itself work pretty good. It is not perfect, but I think it is the best offer on the market currently if you need integration between Mac and iPhone.
Speaking of integration/sync - there are still huge amounts of stability problems. Many times sync won't complete, hang in the middle of operation, complete prematurely, leaving everything in unsynchronized state.
The company seems to be working on more stabile sync, but so far, I'm yet to see any progress AT ALL in that area. Only promises, and for a long time now.
They also promised cloud-based sync, but at this point, they seem to not even started working in the implementation.

But overall, I'm happy with the software. I wish there were competitors, but so far there aren't. Yojimbo could be the closest one, but the laziness of BareBones folks is beyond any common sense (still no iPhone client?? Come on!). And I'm not even talking about Evernote, which STILL doesn't have note-level encryption.
[Version 9.0.3]

Macd had trouble on 12 Feb 2010
3.2 fixes broken Safari tabs at last!
[Version 3.2]

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