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Lvwolfman reviewed on 15 Jun 2012
Like others, got it as part of the latest MacUpdate Bundle, mostly for YouTube videos.

More recent YouTube videos are in WebM format. Jaksta, when it works, just saves them to the converted folder.

Seems to forget that it is supposed to record. YouTube videos play, Jaksta ignores them.

It grabbed a video this morning, but gave it the name of one that it wouldn't record last night.

The MacUpdate version is 1.2.5 (77). Jaksta's "Check for updates" told me I had the latest version. But the interface didn't match the help pages on their website. Their website has version 1.2.7 (87) which matches but doesn't appear to improve anything.

All in all, not a very impressive program. Granted I'm used to these kinds of programs on Windows, like Replay Media Capture which "just work". This is the first Mac program I've tried for this.

Sorry guys, I could really only recommend this for someone who had no other option.
[Version 1.2.5]

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Lvwolfman replied on 15 Jun 2012
BTW, the above review as based on using Jaksta 1.2.5 and 1.2.7 on a MacBook Pro running OS X 10.7.4 and Safari 5.1.7.

I really WISH Jaksta worked as it should and was intended as it is pretty much exactly what I'd have been willing to pay for.

Lvwolfman reviewed on 27 May 2012
I'm fairly experience in using wine as well as Wineskin Winery, so I didn't come to WineBottler as a novice.

However, I was unable to get any programs to work with WineBottler even though they worked perfectly with Wineskin. The fact that they worked so easily with Wineskin tells me that it's not some obscure dependency that wasn't installed.

The author's idea is sound. Perhaps someday when I have lots of spare time to invest I'll get a program working with this. In the meantime I'll continue using what works, and works easily.
[Version 1.2.3]


Lvwolfman reviewed on 27 May 2012
I'm glad that I actually downloaded the demo version before I bought it on the MacUpdate deal.

Knowing that this wouldn't be something that I'd use a LOT, I thought that at the price it'd be a useful tool.

It works. The results weren't impressive. Maybe it's me. Maybe I didn't give it access to enough photos as I only have a few thousand in iPhoto. Either way, the results weren't anything that I'd want to share.

The best I can say is that it never crashed.
[Version 2.0.0]

Lvwolfman commented on 27 May 2012
Just found a major bug.

When in sidebar mode and you bring up the notifications window and click say, where so-and-so commented on someone's status update, instead of going to that thread, Friendly takes you to your own profile page.

When in "normal" mode, it works as it is meant to.
[Version 1.2]


Lvwolfman reviewed on 27 May 2012
I admit it, I spend far too much time on Facebook.

My favorite iPad Facebook app was Friendly. Was being that it has serious problems that haven't been fixed. It seems that the developer is more interested in the desktop version and a Pinterest app.

But I went ahead and gambled the US$4.99 and bought the mac desktop version.

In a nutshell, it is little more than a wrapper around an HTML browser, meaning that you get the same page you would if you'd used Safari.

The wrapper gives you a nice sidebar mode, the pictures zoom larger when you mouse over them, ads are slightly greyed out if you choose "Enhanced Browsing Mode" and you get drag and drop for photos and links. Basically $1 per feature. However these are mostly things that may be added to your web browser by free extensions.

Is it worth buying? That's up to you. The most useful feature is the side bar mode where it takes up maybe 20% of my screen on my 17" MBP.

Would I buy it again now that I've used it? Nope. That's probably why there's no "lite" version.
[Version 1.2]

Lvwolfman commented on 27 May 2012
MacUpdate has the price wrong. It is US$4.99 not FREE.
[Version 1.2]


Lvwolfman reviewed on 30 Jun 2011
When it worked... This and iPlayer Grabber both worked very well though I liked iPlayer Downloader a bit better. Grabber is now abandoned (though open source) and I get the same errors everyone else is reporting. :-(

However, the "Get iPlayer Automator" someone else mentioned worked perfectly!

If iPlayer Grabber gets updated and can again work with the BBC, I'll switch back as I like the interface better.
[Version 4.2]


Lvwolfman reviewed on 09 Oct 2010
I needed a way to get to my Ubuntu 10.4LTS box at work. So I enabled Ubuntu's screen sharing (VNC). Then realized I didn't have Chicken of the Sea installed any longer. Teamviewer works excellent but I forgot to start it before leaving the office.

So I'd heard how fast JollyFastVNC is. Downloaded it, copied to my apps folder and ran it.

It immediately filled in the server list with my work machine. (I use Logmein hamachi so it is on my "local" network via vpn over DSL.)

Clicked the "connect" button, entered the password and BAM! there was my Ubuntu desktop!

Only one problem so far. The remote screen will NOT refresh. I have to close the connection and then reconnect to see the changes. All I see movement-wise are the mouse pointers. Yes, two. My local pointer and the one on the remote screen moving as a pair, just slightly offset.

So I tried cotvnc (Chicken of the VNC) 2.0b4. Much slower to display and no screen refresh on it either. So it's an issue with Ubuntu's server. BTW, Cotvnc saw the server automatically as well.

Oh well... Both work well enough I think to get TeamViewer started.

Bottom line, JollyFastVNC is noticeably faster than cotvnc. The question we each have to face is: Is active support and speed worth US$40?
[Version 1.12]

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Lvwolfman commented on 10 Oct 2010
BTW, after some research, I found the problem with the screen refresh/repaint (or lack thereof).

I had to go into the desktop settings (Appearance and then Video Features I think) in Ubuntu and turn off all animations. Seems to be a conflict between Compiz and the VNC clients I've tried.

In any case, both JollyFastVNC and COTVNC now work flawlessly. Funny thing though, both are about the same speed now once the desktop comes up. JollyFastVNC is still superfast at getting the initial screen up and usable.
Lvwolfman tipped on 11 Jul 2009
Contrary to a comment below about Pandora using AAC+ and crappy sound... I just recorded a song using the trial version of PandoraJam.

The file it left in my iTunes folder is a 192kbps standard MP3 file encoded with Lame 3.96.

I didn't change anything in the program's preferences, nor even looked for them. I AM a Pandora subscriber though, which is why I get 192kbps.
[Version 1.3b256]

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Lvwolfman replied on 11 Jul 2009
Ok, dummy me didn't read the changes...

I'm getting the mp3's BECAUSE I'm a Pandora One subscriber. OTH, if you're going to rip their music you should be a subscriber. ;-)

This thing rocks!

Lvwolfman reviewed on 11 Jul 2009
I've tried several other Pandora apps including the official Pandora program and while they all worked well, I like PandoraJam the best. Basically they all do the same things... recording to iTunes is frosting. Well worth the $15.
[Version 1.3b256]

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