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Lounge Deluxe commented on 19 Mar 2014
As of version 2.6.18 Dropbox frequently crashes and makes Finder restart completely. Version 2.6.20 didn't solve it for me. That's probably the price I pay for testing these beta versions, still they've never raised any problems for me until recent. YMMV of course, but be careful as always.
[Version 2.6.20]

Lounge Deluxe commented on 27 Jan 2014
How can that be the fault of Mac Update? Blame Dropbox!
[Version 2.6.5]

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Lounge Deluxe replied on 27 Jan 2014
Sorry this should have been a response to TJLuoma below.
Lounge Deluxe commented on 11 Jan 2014
After buying the MU Promo for Cookie Stumbler I'm still waiting for the registration info. I emailed the dev and got 2 replies but that didn't result in receipt of the registration details... Odd.

I emailed MU Support and asked for help but so far no reply yet.

Things can go wrong, no problem but get it fixed guys. I'm forced to file a reclaim with Paypal in 2 days as this doesn't seem to resolve itself.
[Version 2.0.3]

Lounge Deluxe commented on 05 Jan 2014
Overall I'm satisfied with aTVFlash but now I'm at a point where I have to extend my 'subscription' for yet another 30 bucks. No discount or anything for existing customers, and I have to admit I'm annoyed by this business model. I would drop aTVFlash instantly because of this and run to a suitable competitor when it does show up on the market, surely this isn't the business objective of aTVFlash I presume.
[Version 2.3]

Lounge Deluxe commented on 18 Nov 2013
I 'bought' a license to version 1.0 some time ago, but decided to the licensing scheme of CS. Nowhere in the general description on MU is it mentioned that the license is based on a subscription, much like Symantec and McAfee. Now why would MU or the dev leave that out? To each his own, but this license type is not my cup of tea.

Version 1.0 worked kinda worked but not good (YMMV). I'm a happy Cookie user ever since.
[Version 2.0.1]

Lounge Deluxe commented on 05 Nov 2013
Excellent program but unfortunately it seems to have stopped working after an upgrade to Mavericks. It hangs at fetching tracks from iTunes. Could be my setup of course, YMMV.
[Version 3.2]

Lounge Deluxe commented on 20 Oct 2013
This app seems abandoned by the Dev. Thanks for not notifying your registered users.
[Version 4.2]

Lounge Deluxe commented on 25 Sep 2013
Still no Firewire support for Fusion. Annoying.
[Version 6.0.1]

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Lounge Deluxe replied on 25 Sep 2013
I meant direct support in the VM itself, not through sharing. Firewire has been present on Apple hardware for ages so it makes no sense not to support it IMO.
Lounge Deluxe commented on 10 Mar 2013
I've been using XLD over the years with much joy, but I decided to give iSonics ago to find out if it would bring any speed advantages to my flac->aiff converting. Well it certainly converts fast, possibly faster than XLD (hard to measure for me though) but iSonics did't convert any tags that the flac source files contained (or at least the demo version doesn't).

iSonics lacks the possibility to not create a new folder for the converted files and delete the source files upon successful conversion, but that functionality might be easily added to iSonics by the dev. All in all iSonics looks promising to me and I'll keep an eye to its development.
[Version 1.4.0]

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Lounge Deluxe replied on 18 Mar 2013
The dev of iSonics turns out to be very responsive and within 2 days he's released a new version of iSonics that deals with my unique issue and requests. And on top of that after the trial version had expired he provided me with a registration key so I could continue evaluating iSonics.

To me that's genuinely outstanding support, and both iSonics as well as Osxbytes are highly recommended!
Lounge Deluxe commented on 24 Jan 2013
The fact that the last update to TwistedWave was almost 2 years ago makes me hesitant to purchase a license. Has development of TwistedWave been abandoned? If so then $79.90 seems a very high price.
[Version 1.10.1]

Lounge Deluxe had trouble on 17 Jun 2008
An app that saves playlists was exactly what I was looking for, and indeed iTunes Song List does save playlists and you can even choose from several file formats.

But after a playlist has been saved, iTunes Song List makes iTunes quit and that is very annoying. I'm using the latest version of iTunes (7.6.2).
[Version 1.2]

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