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Loosygoosy reviewed on 29 Aug 2009
Excellent app, it just works and I've never experienced any crashes.

Although there seems to be one small issue with clearing the clipboards, I can never clear all my clipboards one always remains till I add another clipboard in which case I can delete the previous clipboard but am left with another clipboard which won't go away till I add something else to another clipboard.

Even with that small problem this app is good enough for 5 stars.
[Version 3.0.11]

Loosygoosy commented on 28 Jul 2009
Just updated to version 1.10 and noticed that my copy is no longer registered. I remember reading somewhere when I purchased my license a couple of months back that all updates before version 1.9.x.x would be included for free so does that mean I have to purchase another license since it's no longer 1.9.x.x?

I can't find much information concerning licensing on the developer's website. If I need to buy a new license then I might as well go back to using version because it does the job and I'm not interested in spending more money on features I most likely won't use.
[Version 1.10]


Loosygoosy reviewed on 09 Jul 2009
Things I like:

- Easy way of having a dynamic desktop.
- Ability to import your own scenes.
- The Serenity Breaks feature (although I don't use it but a nice feature to have).
- Option of having sound for the scenes on or off.
- Can also be used as the screen saver.
- Reasonable system resource footprint although I would recommend at least a Intel Core 2 Duo.

The things I don't like:

- The videos don't look all that sharp.
- There should be a MUCH better way to download additional scenes as of now you can't preview nor can you choose which scenes you would like to download and there is no download progress indicator telling you how much of a specific scene you downloaded or how the file size of that scene so your left with either downloading them all or none without knowing how much time is left in the download and how much there is/was downloaded.
- The awkward location of the options menu inside the Desktop & Screen Saver preference pane, I would much rather it have its own preference pane under the “Other” category.
- It tends to be a buggy and a side note it doesn't seem to allow GeekTool to run properly.

One last thing I've used this software since it was called Serene Saver, I was disappointed that the developer never sent any e-mail to inform me the software had changed names I just thought that the software had stopped being updated. This may have been an isolated incident but nevertheless there should be better communication between developer and end-user.
[Version 4.0]


Loosygoosy reviewed on 05 Jun 2009
It's a great piece of software when it works, I got it quite some time ago and found it to be very buggy but the developers are quick to fix bugs.

With that said they still haven't fixed problems related to the program's stability. I find that it becomes slow and unusable when more items are "memorized" and it beach balls my old last generation 15" PowerBook with Mac OS 10.4 even with just 3 text items.

Speed and stability ruins what could be a great and very handy program.
[Version 1.40]


Loosygoosy reviewed on 28 May 2009
Disappointed is pretty much the word I can use to summarize this product.

To start off since this is a paid product you would expect it to be better than the competition notably Plex (which is free) but unfortunately it just isn't.

It lacks many of the features offered in Plex; this is intended to be used as a way of simply organizing movies forget about using it to organize TV shows, photos, etc. support for media other than movies is nonexistent which can make the name "Multiplex" seem misleading since it can't do anything but movies.

Speaking of movies, the way it handles movies makes me scratch my head as to why anyone would pay for this software since playing a movie from it simply launches iTunes (my entire movie library is encoded as M4V), why they couldn't find a way to integrate a video player into the software is puzzling. Note: I've only tested it with M4V files, I'm not sure what other video formats are supported.

But it's not all bad news, the interface is nice if on the simplistic side which unfortunately is about the only positive.

It's a nice start but they should not be charging for the software since it seems to be more like Beta software than an actual program which can compete with the likes of better freeware alternatives. For this software to suceed they will need to take a page out of Plex's book by adding more features along with something that could justify paying for it.

I will have to give it 1 star because it's a paid product that leaves a lot to be desired.
[Version 1.0.2]

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Loosygoosy replied on 28 May 2009
Thank you for your comments and I understand the arguments that you bring up.

But you understand that for the typical user who compares this product to a product like Plex they can find it difficult to justify paying for a product that offers less. With that said I am down with having a program which is more specialized with a particular aspect than a "Jack of All Trades" program. I just believe to justify the price the product has to perform that much better or offer that much more. By no means is this a terrible product far from it but for now it's just too lacking for me, judging from the developers quick response I can think that this product is consistently being worked on and will almost certainly improve. I will be happy to provide an updated review once this product matures.

As for the name of the product Multiplex, I was aware for what its original name stood for. It was merely a comment on how someone may think of something else, anyways keep up the work and thanks for the comment.
Loosygoosy had trouble on 22 Sep 2009
Can't even demo the software on my Mac Pro running iTunes 9 on Snow Leopard. After launching iTunes it just pops up with the registration box, the only working buttons are Check for Update, Buy Now, and (presumably) Register. Clicking on Demo or Cancel seems to do nothing and leaves me stuck on the window, go figure.

Although I was able to demo it on my old Mac running iTunes 9 on Tiger and the plug-in works pretty well.
[Version 3.1]

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Loosygoosy replied on 24 Sep 2009
Thanks for the reply; uninstalled and reinstalled same problem, oh well.
Loosygoosy had trouble on 29 Aug 2009
While I know the software is not officially Snow Leopard supported as of right now it still runs quite well with the exception of the TechTool Protection preference pane inside the System Preferences, once clicked it will cause the System Preferences to crash. Just thought I'd mention that.
[Version 5.0.5]

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Loosygoosy replied on 11 Sep 2009
Trashing the pref file stopped the crashing on Snow Leopard although it will ask for my system password each time I enter the TechTool Preference Pane but nonetheless it works, thanks a lot.
Loosygoosy had trouble on 09 Jul 2009
With the latest versions (5 and 5.0.1) I've noticed that sometimes the background will either turn black or white with the map partially loaded.
[Version 5.0.1]

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