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Londonskater reviewed on 26 Mar 2013
Well, I'll be damned, Quicksilver at 1.0

A great program, the most indispensible program in years. Thanks for all the hard work.
[Version 1.0.0]

Londonskater commented on 24 Mar 2013
So this is broken on OS X 10.8.3

Starts up, but no window. Console reports:

MacUpdate Desktop[1419]: -[NSIBObjectData initWithCoder:]: corrupt and unarchivable nib file

MacUpdate Desktop[1419]: -[MUDWindowController loadWindow]: failed to load window nib file '/Users/Shared/Applications/MacUpdate'.
[Version 5.2.1]

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Londonskater replied on 24 Mar 2013
Ignore. Turns out that Macupdate Desktop was the very first clue in a problem with Lion 10.8.3!

Londonskater reviewed on 14 Feb 2013
Pretty solid, was using this in parallel to Tower to evaluate, and it's turned out that SourceTree is by far the better client. Slightly harder to use because of all the extra features, but just having Git Flow embedded is a win all-round.


Londonskater reviewed on 14 Feb 2013
A good app, but average. I personally bought four licences for my staff and we use it frequently.

But, it lacks features. And parts of the UI are ambiguous and the repository management is non-existent. Once you have a lot of repos to manage, it's a mess.

And it's far from stable, there are lockup and crashes and stalls that plague it from time to time. The company are very responsive, to be fair, but in light of the FREE SourceTree which supports git-flow, and Mercurial, and really exposes the advanced features of Git, it's a no brainer. Use SourceTree. Tower is good, but they REALLY need to boost it past SourceTree to make it worth buying.
[Version 1.4.15]

Londonskater rated on 28 Apr 2012
[Version 2.6.9]


Londonskater reviewed on 14 Jul 2011
One of the best pieces of software in years. The startup time of (new) music is quicker than iTunes. To underline that point, Spotify can play uncached music faster from the Internet than iTunes can from files on your own machine.

The sharing features - drop tunes on your friends and they will appear in their inbox, and collaborative playlists - are a cracking way to find new music.

An absolute must.


Londonskater reviewed on 08 Jul 2011
I've been using this software a long, long time.


1. it allows me to track projects and invoice my clients.
2. Server syncing.
3. Templates for invoices.


1. the UI. It's Difficult to understand. Rubbish.
2. Overcomplicated. Too many features all on screen at the same time.
3. Expensive.
4. Hard to use. UI not withstanding, some things, like template design, are difficult to work with.
5. No copy-paste of items, such as work items. When you have a lot to create, right-clicking -> move mouse -> Duplicate is tedious.

In short, buy only if, after an EXHAUSTIVE search, nothing else suits your needs. This could have been brilliant, this program, but it does too much, and none of it really well.
[Version 8.2]


Londonskater reviewed on 04 Mar 2011
Tower is a well-designed product with excellent usability and a very attractive interface. It's easy to set up projects, clone them, do all the usual stuff, but it offers nothing over the command line, especially for the rather high price. I can't see a way for any developers to justify these prices unless they start adding features that actually improve and aid the workflow. A good start would be to, say, add git-flow support.

Money aside, this is a fine program and the developers were quite responsive during the beta. I am reverting, however, to SmartGit.
[Version 1.0.5]

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Londonskater replied on 10 Mar 2011
Further to that comment, I decided to buy the app while I could still get a discount, on the basis that their responsiveness means that I might be able to persuade them to support a git-flow workflow right in Tower.

Londonskater reviewed on 04 Mar 2011
Have been using it for quite some time and it's wonderful. I've tried GitX, Gity, Gitbox and an extended beta test of Tower (which was excellent, but bloody expensive) and SmartGit wins. The default layouts are sensible, the speed of working with it is excellent, and it's solid and stable.

Anyone who overlooks this because it's a non-cocoa client should give it another chance, you're only losing out yourself.
[Version 2.0.3]


Londonskater reviewed on 25 Feb 2011
MacGPG2 is superbly integrated with OS X, the developers have done a fine job.

There is a minor issue (which is not their fault) which is related to updating or overriding the local libiconv library. Using Homebrew, installing and linking a new libiconv library in order to satisfy a Nokogiri dependency breaks MacGPG2.

Beware if using Nokogiri.
[Version 2.0.17-9]

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