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Llongley commented on 08 Jan 2014
Hello dev, I know this is not your support page but I tried that route and got no response. I submitted a support request on Jan 3 because I purchased this product on that day but have yet to be able to register the product. I will admit I have not tried with this one as I have grown tired of trying to make a product I paid for work. I did get my receipt and serial number but no matter how I try the registration button just stays grayed out. I want to be fair so I did not rate the product because I can only get 5min before it stops because I am not registered even though I paid!!

Yes I have been checking my junk mail daily but so far no response. I am sure you understand my frustration with this product and the service at this point and yes $19.00 isn't a hug he amount of money but I would love to have it back!! If there is a problem with you getting my email I did get a screen pop up on your website saying the message had been sent. Here is my order id order id: PAG131231-8686-45128. A refund via paypal would be much appreciated.

I have to tell you I'm feeling really ripped off right about now.
[Version 1.1.1]

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Llongley replied on 08 Jan 2014
I am sorry the purchase was made on December 31, 2012.

Llongley replied on 23 Jan 2014
A few days after posting here I got an email from the dev in response to my 2nd request. The response was timely and completely solved my problem. Although I had received the devs email I was traveling for work and had not had time to try the fix so I had not posted here re the turn in events. Yesterday I got a call from the dev and was a little shocked to hear from him but he was very courteous and wanted to be sure i had received his reply. A person who knows customer service.

I am not sure what happened to the first requests for assistance but feel sure it was not something the dev should be judged on. After all he went the extra step to be sure his product was operational and I thank him for his time and attention. I will post back after I have had a chance to actually use the product for a while. Again thank you developer!
Llongley commented on 26 Nov 2013
I love this app and after doing a clean install of 10.9 I came here to download a fresh copy just to find that development has stopped on the app??? If you click on the link to the devs site this was apparently done as a result of pressure from Pandora?

Anyway this software has been one of my favorites and I hate to see it go.
[Version 2.1]


Llongley reviewed on 03 Oct 2013
This is a wonderful little app that fills a need by stopping the annoyance that comes form every app wanting to put something in the menu bar. I just loved it. Then I noticed that the Launcher app in Mountain lion was not functioning. More specifically single apps would launch without problem but those in "folders" would flash and close. I contacted the dev and they responded about being aware of the problem.

After not hearing anything else from the dev I reinstalled as soon as the last update was posted to discover that the "folders" will now open but you are unable to select an app to launch; rather a random app will launch.

Because I do use Launcher app I had to uninstall again. I am not sure if the problem is with some combination of apps installed on my system or if this is just Bartender and OS 10.8.5. i am not the only person to encounter this as I found a number of threads about it on the forums at Apple and like i said the dev acknowledged being aware. I hope they get it fixed soon or at least are able to give some feedback on possible work arounds as I really miss this app. I for one do not think the price is over the top as this is a great app when it doesn't bug. It is a little expensive for an app that has a major bug that shows up after you've paid.
[Version 1.2.9]


Llongley reviewed on 06 Sep 2013
Ok I am really liking this program. Adding documents has been a breeze, syncing has worked well (only used twice) and the UI is nice. I have not had one crash and all is relatively easy to figure out…some documentation or a forum would be helpful. Just got it set up on my iPad as well and syncs went very well. I have a couple questions/concerns dev if you happen to be monitoring.

1. Is there a way to create a hierarical organization (folders) on the IOS version like the desktop version. Or at least link to each folder via tag? Here is what I mean. I connect my folders and bring files I have sorted on my drive indexed by doo. However, once I link the folders (3 or 4) I can open docs by folder so when I search within doo I am searching within a specific folder when on the desktop . On the IOS I just get a bunch of files regurgitated which requires me to sort through unrelated documents to find the file I need. I am aware of tags etc, but am not ready to review and verify tagging on each document prior to use.

2. Please create a forum on your site so users can share and learn without having to submit a formal request to support with each question.

I have dealt with the phone home issues using Little Snitch without any problems so far. I have been a long time Devonthink user and as good as Devonthink is doo is just easier to use and the interface is so much better. Not sure i will not use Devonthink going forward but doo has taken it's place for right now.
[Version 2.0.2]


Llongley reviewed on 20 Aug 2013
I'm also a little shocked to see the negative reviews. This is a great product that saved me from having to offer my first born to get Adobe Acrobat.

I upgraded from version 5 with no problems what so ever and have not encountered any of the problems some have noted. Works great with the IOS version…Adobe who?? The only issue I have encountered was really an apple store issue that the dev jumped in and fixed for me. They are great and extremely responsive. Sorry everyone's experience has not been as good.
[Version 6.0.5]

Llongley commented on 14 Aug 2013
I'm currently looking for a good RSS reader after losing Reeder. I have tried Cream and Caffeinated and was almost ready to buy but when I went to the App store it says Caffeinated is "Not Available at this time" ? Makes me a little concerned about the app especially since the developers site consists of a download link for the demo and a link for the App Store where you get the above message. Anyone know what's up? Like the program after taking the time to review. Any thoughts on Cream vs Caffeinated?
[Version 2.0.1]


Llongley reviewed on 31 Jul 2013
Bartender is one of those apps that you don't really know how much it contributes to a great work flow until it stops working. I understand the comments on price but I have never regretted paying for this app. It gives you total control of your menu bar while still keeping access to the hidden icons a click away. example: I am a big fan of iStat Menus but having all that info spread out along the top of my screen with everything else is distracting. With Bartender I keep only the temperature info in the menu bar and stow the rest in bartender and when I need it just click on bartender and the info is there.

All that said Bartender has stopped working. It seems to have occurred with the last system release, although I did not notice until about 10 days ago. Tried to launch an app from the OS X Launcher and it would not open. Most of the apps would open with Launcher but those in folders would not. Drove me crazy and after doing all the usual process of elimination steps it turned out to be Bartender. At first I just disabled it and all seemed well but then the problem returned until I completely uninstalled Bartender and now all is back to normal.

I hope the developers can find a fix soon because I really miss the program. I did contact them, the response was very timely (within 24 hrs) and they are aware of the problem and working on it. The $15.00 dollars doses become a problem if it does not get fixed. However assuming the problem is linked to a system update I still gave the program 5 stars because when it is working it is outstanding.
[Version 1.0.9]


Llongley reviewed on 20 May 2013
This is a great app. Effective and does exactly what it says it will with no problems that I have experienced. Some have mentioned a problem with Mountain Lion that I have not experienced. AND IT IS FREE!

Thank you developer for a great program that works, is reliable and a pleasure to use. The overall rating should be 5 stars but once marked (even in error) it can't be changed even before submission…Mac Update can that be changed?
[Version 2.2.0]


Llongley reviewed on 23 Apr 2013
This is a qualified review as the iOS version is not available yet. But if this continues to improve it will replace programs like Devonthink for me because of it's ease of use and quick setup. I am not saying that Devonthink is not a great program although a little long in the tooth with a UI that is in desperate need of update but this program is up and running in a flash.

My observations may not apply to all but I usually keep a very neat file system (part of my compulsive personality i'm sure) but once things are in the correct folders that is as far as it gets. I am aware of spotlight but I find it a bit cumbersome when I want something now. And since I am pretty good at getting things to the folder level Doo just takes it from there. It is so easy to just link my database to a folder and have visual copies of all the docs in the folder synced and updated without any work on my part.

I am currently the administrator of an estate for someone who died recently and keeping track of all the court docs, deposits, checks etc is a pain. But now they all go into a folder that is backed up daily via my regular backup routine and is accessible via Doo whenever I have to produce a copy for one of the many attorneys, banks or family members.

With Devonthink I had to add the doc to the data base/inbox sorter and then file in the folder and because I am busy one or the other just doesn't always happen. No longer a problem. I tried to do this in Devonthink but it was to much work and why bother when Doo will do the trick. I admit I am not the best when it comes to scripting so this works well for me. Not so sure I will ever move to the on line part of things, personal data on someone else's server makes me very nervous but keep up the good work developers and lets get on with the iOS version. I wonder if the iOS version will sync with the desktop version without going through their servers??
[Version 1.1]

Llongley commented on 06 Mar 2013
Mac Update: The price according to the developers website is $79.00 not $49.00. This is not easy to spot intact I could not find the price until I clicked on the purchase button. However the $49.00 price is no where on the site only the $79.00 price.
[Version 1.1.1]

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