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Ljmac commented on 04 Sep 2012
This is fantastic! 5.0.6 was the best ever version of Safari, and 10.5 is my favourite version of the Mac OS. Now I can keep running both of them until my current Macs die. Awesome!
[Version 127368]

Ljmac commented on 22 Mar 2011
A heads up for those seeking the last PPC version (10.1 r102) - it is included in the last two 10.5 security updates from Apple. So you don't need to contend with Adobe's installer at all - just install the latest security update and it will be there (unless you already have a more recent version installed).


Ljmac reviewed on 01 Feb 2011
Although I reviewed this ap earlier, I just had to post another one now that the developer has added the permission change features I requested. Having tried everything out there and finding all of them wanting in one way or another, Yummy came the closest to having everything I needed, and now with 1.8.3, it actually does have everything I need - of all the many ftp/sftp clients on the Mac, this is the only one I can say that about. The interface could still use a little work (that's promised for version 2), but the current one is still perfectly functional, and I would rate this is the only truly feature complete ftp/sftp client on the Mac. It's also very fast and reliable.
[Version 1.8.3]


Ljmac reviewed on 30 Oct 2010
This thing is just brilliant. I've been frustrated by the limitations of other Flash to HTML5 solutions, but not this one. It works on all sites where YouTube videos are hosted (not just YouTube itself), it's fast, it's seamless, it's stable and it has all the features you want - and none of the ones you don't (ADS). 5 starts all round!
[Version 2.0]

Ljmac commented on 02 Oct 2010
Perhaps I'm just being sentimental, but I'm really not sure about this new interface. It's certainly prettier and more modern, but I'm not convinced it's as functional, especially given that I've become so accustomed to using GC as it was. I agree the interface needed a tidy up, but I think I would have preferred refinements along the lines of what Adobe has done with Photoshop, rather than making it look like iPhoto. This is a very powerful program, so I think a more pro style rather than consumer style interface is appropriate. And I've been using GC for so many years now that making it look so different kind of feels like losing an old friend.
[Version 7.0]

Ljmac commented on 31 Aug 2010
Am I the only person who is annoyed by Chrome's ridiculous version number creep? It's barely out of beta and we're already up to version 6! If it were from anyone other than Google, this would be version 1.5 at most. We'll be up to version 20 or more by next year at this rate!

Those who think Chrome uses less memory than Safari should be aware that it creates multiple separate processes (to allow the separate tab processes). You can't just look at the core process to judge Chrome's memory use - you have to add up all of them. If you do this, you'll suddenly find that it actually uses more memory than Safari.

Apart from the separate tab processes, I can't see any significant advantage of Chrome over Safari 5 - and there's plenty of disadvantages. And even as a single process, Safari hardly ever crashes anyway (when installed correctly), and you can immediately re-launch it without any problems when it does. And all the tests show that Safari 5 is the fastest overall (albeit not by much relative to Chrome, as they both use the same browser engine).

So given Google's data mining, it's hard for me to see why a Mac user would choose Chrome over Safari.
[Version 6.0.472.51]


Ljmac reviewed on 11 Jun 2010
This is a killer update to Safari. It fixes the little things I found annoying about it, such as its previously non-standard back button behaviour. And the "automatic" tab opening mode is very clever: it will still open a new window if it is specially formatted to be that way, but all standard windows are opened in tabs. Plus it has all the advantages Safari has always had: total Mac OS X integration, a very clean, simple and elegant interface, rock solid stability, and blazing speed (only more so). And the blue progress bar is back in this version too (why they killed it in version 4 I'll never understand). The best overall web browser keeps getting better!
[Version 5.0]

Ljmac commented on 11 Jun 2010
Good news: unlike the release candidates, this version no longer sends my fans into overdrive. However, given Kawaii's comment below, this may be related to the fact that I upgraded to Safari 5 just before installing Flash 10.1. The plug-in appears to have the correct permissions now too.

Bad news: this version was clearly released as a fix for the recent critical security hole in 10.0 - Adobe still hasn't go the hardware acceleration working stably on a Mac. And the uninstaller still installs with the wrong permissions.

Ljmac commented on 01 Jun 2010
Does this thing allow me to disable multitouch gestures in carbon aps? I am desperate for a way to disable multitouch in InDesign CS4 on 10.5. If this software can do it, then I beg you: please make it available for 10.5!
[Version 0.577]


Ljmac reviewed on 24 May 2010
I see many people have corroborated my experience that 10.1 makes the fans go ballistic on their machines. This is just totally outrageous - nothing else on my machine has ever done this, and it's just a browser plug-in that's a mere video container on most sites. And it doesn't install with the right permissions either - a simple problem that has been reported to Adobe but hasn't been fixed.

Also outrageously, Adobe calls it "lightweight", and claims that 10.1 is the leanest version ever. But even 10.0 doesn't send my fans into overdrive. It seems the more Adobe promises, the less they deliver - perhaps the problem is that Flash is now overloaded with hot air.

Listen Adobe: actions speak louder than words. Instead of coming up with all this "we believe in open markets" cry-baby stuff to get Flash on the iPhone (when Adobe has actually done the most to close competition in software this side of Microsoft), just deliver a Flash plug-in that works. So far, with every word and more importantly every Flash release, you're just proving Steve Jobs right. Surely it can't be that hard to make such a simple plug-in work without having to use every processor cycle available on even the very latest machines?

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