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Levelbest reviewed on 27 Aug 2013
I have been a Pan Fan since version 3. Others, much longer. I am just a mid level database user. I was using FM v3 and then v4 before moving over to Panorama. I am not a programer and it has taken me quite a while to ask questions, read the manual, ask more questions and finally to tweak Panorama on my own.

I left FM because even though FM is prettier and easier for the very basics to understand than Panorama is, I soon discovered that most of the tweaks I wanted to do in FM involved working with little scripts which seemed tucked into FM in ways that I just had a hard time seeing. In Panorama since it is really all about learning a very simple scripting language there seems to be no limit to what It can do. Pan will interface with AppleScript, Ruby, Pearl and many if not most other languages.

For the record I do not find AppleScript or 4D easy in the least - but I find Panorama language easy to use.

local lvthearray
arraybuild lvthearray,¶,"",?(TagRecord contains "ON",Organization,"")
Select TagRecord contains "ON"

Variables can be defined for temp use in a procedure (local), permanent or steps in between. Here I define a variable called lvthearray, then I build an array set as lvthearray. Then I use a simple formula to see if another field used to hold marked records (marked with "on") contains the “on” value and if it does then that record is added to the array and if not, nothing is added ( “” ) for that particular record. And finally, I use select to look at only the records in my database that I have just selected. Of course all of this takes place in milliseconds, especially transparent to the user. You have to put in a couple other lines for the form to display if you want to pretty it up (and yes, you can pretty it up - it just takes more effort) Even so, it still works at ram (light) speed.
[Version 6.0.0]

Levelbest commented on 18 Dec 2012
I like this app very much. Unfortunately, I can't see that it works as it should on Lion. I tried it on a friends new MacBook Pro and it was having some real problems. Not all the same menu bar items were there as it is on my version (Snow Leo). I wrote the developer with some comments/suggestions. Hopefully I will hear back about this issue soon.
[Version 3.2.2]

Levelbest commented on 19 Nov 2012
I have to admit, I have a love-hate relationship with this software and Ironic. I thrilled when I discovered Leap, Deep and Fresh. I still use Fresh everyday. Deep will not update so I am still running 1.2.2. Now I see there is a 1.4.3 version out. As this area is about Deep all I can say is that I have felt it abandoned for a long time, which is sad because even my older version is a great idea and well done. Now, to support the negative comments about Ironic (no tantrums here, just truth). Leap used to have a well ordered tag list. Then the developers decided on their own (many users besides me gave negative feedback on the forums about the change they made) that the tags in Leap should be in a cloud. Very hard for me to make them out that way. Organizing is the point of buying Leap, isn't it? And if they change it so you get your brain around it, by making they tag list into a jumble of words (a cloud) whats the point there? Anyway, I finally left all ironic products save Fresh. And it really is a pity because they really do need to have better support with the regular users. Yes, I have said all this many times before on the Ironic forums, to no avail.
[Version 1.4.3]


Levelbest reviewed on 21 Jul 2011
I purchased Raskin about a month ago. The developers have been very nice to deal with and they are aware of most of my comments already. I want to like it, but it really isn't ready for what I think it could or should be yet. I had the endless spinning beach balls too, until they came out with an update and they also suggested I was letting Raskin index all my files which was creating the problem. I thought that was kind of the point at first but apparently, it is not. You have to use it just to look at a relatively few folders and files at a time. I haven't heard clearly how the Raskin team plans to run with This idea, if they plan to improve it working with many folders and files or if that really Isn't the point anyway?

If they had a helper app or a preference pane that allowed me to select the folders to work with on the fly, that would be a good idea.

The other drawback I find is that I am still old school, no trackpad, just keyboard and scrolling trackball. I can use modifier keys and the scroll wheel to get around but it is not really intuitive and doesn't flow very well.

I suggested they take a clue from ironic Software's Deep as that has a great interface where you can feel like you are flicking the whole screen into a horizontal scroll wheel. If Raskin had This and allowed better choices as to what files it works with on the fly, it would be a stellar app.

Without all This though I really am not using it at present So I could not recommend it. Reliability has improved but ease of use as user interaction is still a bit lacking, and it does seem like visual ease of use was kind of the point in the first place?
[Version 1.5.2]


Levelbest reviewed on 02 Jul 2011
This is a good app made by nice people. I am not a web expert but I have enough design knowledge to be dangerous (mostly to myself - I once setup an e-commerce site for a client but for the most part, RapidWeaver is my current choice.) ;-). I have also used Freeway, Sandvox PageSpinner and BBEdit. I demoed Flux when it was just coming out of beta and I had a good experience with it then. The trouble with many of these WSIWYG programs is you are constrained in many places in your design until you learn their way of implementing code. Freeway was that way, RapidWeaver is better, but I still have to buy a lot of little plug-ins for it to remain useful. Granted there is a very nice developer community for RW but you have to keep pulling out the plastic instead of solving your own problems.

I cannot speak to the perfection of Flux as I have not completed a full design with it and I have not used DW at all, although I was disappointed when my Flux demo ran out long while back. I can say that it was very useful for me to learn "how" the code works in a web page by learning to use Flux, rather than being a code wonk and only using BBEdit (I can't but I impress myself that I have it). ;-)

There were a few bugs in Flux in the beginning although I would hope the developers have largely worked through them by now? There were far more bugs in my knowledge of how to code than I ever found in the program.
[Version 3.1.31]


Levelbest reviewed on 28 Jun 2011
Really a nice app, but it needs watermarking IMHO. I just started using it (bundle deal) and I see it has more going for it than I first thought. But I will still need another app for watermarking as This is all about my on-line presence, my blog, etc. Watermarking is a must and I am So weary of using several apps to do one thing. These guys are So close...
[Version 2.2.0]


Levelbest reviewed on 28 Jun 2011
Looking for a batch image processor for my on-line (blog) pics. Downloaded and tried This. Good: 1) Options to re-size to box and others suggest flexibility. 2) Can add a simple border. 3) Can rotate as much as you tell it to, not fixed rotation as many similar apps will offer. Not there yet (OK bad): No option to add copy-write notice, text or image. 2) No obvious way to have output be jpeg or png.
[Version 1.4.5]


Levelbest reviewed on 28 Jun 2011
Looked interesting. If watermarking and drop shadows were added This could be a killer app. I am looking for a batch image processor for my on-line photos. No watermarking is a non-starter for me. Did not download the app once I found watermarking missing So I can't comment on it's stability.
[Version 1.0.3]


Levelbest reviewed on 12 Jun 2011
CAUTION - Buyer beware. Developers are non-responsive. First, this is a very nice little app. I have used it for a few years now. My registration went south from a computer issue and it said "to many licenses" and stopped working. I wrote cust svcs asked for help. Month later I wrote again. Reply: sorry but you don't have a current license. I replied with the current license that they supplied me with and which was still working on my laptop. No response. Wrote everyone in the company with an email address, CEO to tech. No responses at all from anyone, weeks went by. Stonewalled. I finally dug though my backed up files and found a way around the problem myself. Very bad, non-existent customer support, and worse, they knew there was a problem and chose to deal with it by ignoring the customer. Buyer beware.
[Version 3.9]


Levelbest reviewed on 25 Apr 2011
CAUTION - This update (2.0.1) removed the ability to sync with iTunes. I have a Blackberry Bold 9000. After this update it tells me I have no media card installed so it cannot sync music. Media Card? It has a Sim card and the option is checked for any media files. This worked fine before the upgrade. Whatever improvements there may be (I did not notice any), loosing music was not OK with me. I am looking for a download of the last version, anyone know where I can find it?

2 Replies


Levelbest replied on 02 Jul 2011
OK, it's a MicroSD card. No, it did not come loose, I have popped it in and out many times trouble-shooting This. Before I updated, it worked. After I updated, it wont recognize the card. Yes it shows a media card with space on it in Tools. Yes Media Card Support is set to ON and Mass Storage support is on (tried it both ways). That is why I commented here, if I had known I would loose music sync I would not have allowed the update. It is also true that I can't use photos as I don't have a recent version of iTunes installed, that is unfortunate but that has not changed - at least I USED TO get music installed and updated. Try getting through to RIM to ask for assistance - fuggitaboutit, lots of red tape there. I was hoping someone could point to to a link to download the last version?

Levelbest replied on 02 Jul 2011
Sorry, I meant iPhoto, not iTunes (I was referencing not being able to use pictures so at least I got part of it right). Yes I have the current version if iTunes.
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