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Lev reviewed on 06 Apr 2014
I'm typing this. That sort of says it all.
[Version 4.0]


Lev reviewed on 04 Feb 2014
Coming along nicely. One suggestion: use the de facto standard Markdown # for autoformatted headings rather than the (legitimate but not so widely-used) == underlining.

Odd not to have text select-drag-drop here. It's slightly compensated for by the almost-an-outliner type "move paragraphs" function, but still I miss it. Perhaps it's coming.

Overall, though: great. Elegant and fuss-free
[Version 0.18.4]

Lev commented on 10 Jan 2014
Damn fine start. Elegant, clean and simple. This one's worth keeping an eye on as it develops.
[Version 0.3]

Lev rated on 12 Dec 2013
[Version 1.5]


Lev reviewed on 12 Dec 2013
Excellent. Does precisely what it says, and does it beautifully. Great for getting the stuff down (though eventually it'll need -- probably -- to go through one of the prehistoric Cruft Machines like Final Draft or MMScreenwriter) and the intelligent formatting of plaintext means, surprisingly, an end to all that old stuff about "Why the hell are all these Action elements being formatted as Dialogue?" and tedious reformatting. And it does stage play format. AND lyrics. Hurrah.

The only thing is, there's not so much steampunky fun in formats and revisions and so on that you get with the oldsters. If you're doing this for a living, that's good. If you're doing this for a hobby or because you want to write screenplays/stage plays one day (this is emphatically NOT a sneer) you won't feel quite so... not sure what the word is... "validated", I suppose. You know; "I'm using Final Draft so at least I'm using the same software as [insert name of hero writer]". We've all been there, and it's comforting. But for actual work, with someone scowling outside the door, tapping their foot and drumming their fingers, this is a Good Thing.

(And the Melting PDFs feature is *really* cool.)
[Version 1.5]


Lev reviewed on 23 Oct 2013
The new Pages is seriously crippled. Great for doing kitten posters but as any sort of contender for serious commercial/professional/academic use, it's a major step back.

Things helpfully gone include style shortcuts, outlining, inter-document hyperlinks, image hyperlinks, typographical control, custom sections, bookmarks, ability to see *all* comments in the margin... and a lot more.

I'll roll back to iWork '09 and when that stops working, go over to Word for academic/collaborative work. (And Scrivener for everything else, thankfully.)

It looks as if the Maverick's (he was a dog; it's a possessive) rollout clarifies beyond reasonable doubt that Apple are heading for a market driven by the iPad paradigm: pretty simplicity, served with a smile (verging on a simper).
[Version 5.0]

Lev commented on 11 Feb 2013
A good example of where the Mac App Store falls over.

MultiMarkdown Composer 2.0 announced on MU on Sunday 10 February. Only notification users (i.e. people who've bought it on MAS) get that there's an upgrade is by checking on MacUpdate.

Well hooray. There's v2. So I head over to the MAS. "Composer Version 2 is on sale for a limited time . . . It returns to full price on February 11th. So don't wait -- buy it now!"

Well, it's now 17:40 UTC on 11 February and it's not on sale any more. Gives a new sort of urgency to "limited time".

You can get a non-sandboxed version from the MultiMarkdown Composer website which "respects" the MAS licensing for v1.n but beyond that you have to buy v2 from the MAS and then, thereafter, well, frizzle my scrattocks with a Paschal candle but i have NOT THE FAINTEST IDEA what happens after that. I *think* it means if you bought v1 you can use v2 but if you want to use v3 you'll have to buy v2. Sometime. Maybe now. Can't be after v3 comes out because then v2 will be withdrawn. And, oops, I don't mean "buy". I mean "rent".

So it also gives a new meaning to "simple" as in "the MAS makes things simple".

Damn good app. Fletcher Penney is a damn good developer. But this MAS channel lark is a real boojum up the wazoo, don't you think?
[Version 2.0]


Lev reviewed on 24 Nov 2012
Early days, but a very promising Markdown editor which displays in preview mode while hiding the markup, (so you get bold, headings, lists etc) but saves in Markdown text. Elegant UI, seems very stable and a welcome addition to the range of MD/minimalist editors by virtue of the clever trick of showing you RTF but saving in TXT. Neat. (My ratings are based on what it does *now*. If it carries on this way, it'll be 5-star, I imagine.)
[Version 0.10]


Lev reviewed on 26 Aug 2012
Agree in principle with Amadeuswolf (below) but in practice you run out of space fairly soon (>7 "projects" on a 13" MacBook) and have to scroll around, which gets a bit clumsy given the simplicity of the interface.

A good idea, but not yet powerful enough for anything more than the simplest set-up. Lord knows I loathe the Cult of GTD, which surely by now should be *so* over, but there's an in-between territory which hasn't yet been staked out. DayMap might be in with a claim.

BUT... due to the current constraints, anyone with an even slightly complex life to juggle will have to use DayMap *and* something else (TaskPaper, OmniFocus, a notebook) which is a recipe, perhaps, for things falling through the cracks.

Definitely one to watch with interest and the $5 intro price is a steal.

Oh, and, for pity's sake, the skeumorphism. Please, developers, unskin the thing. We're grown-ups. We don't need to pretend our computers aren't really computers. The Inbox, with its little torn-off slips of paper, is cute. But many of us *hate* cute.
[Version 1.5.1]

Lev commented on 07 Aug 2012
MU Admin -- looks like this app is called "Free", actually.
[Version 1.0.2]

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