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Lesoth0 reviewed on 09 Apr 2014
"Adobe Trash" would be a better name for it.


Lesoth0 reviewed on 09 Apr 2014
crash, Crash, CRASH.

Nothing plays any more with F13. Geez, when is somebody going to fire Adobe's Flash programmers once and for all!? They haven't got a clue compared to the Illustrator and Photoshop boys.

The worst piece of shit release Adobe have *ever* done. I now have to dig around for the last v12 release which wasn't much better, but at least it didn't crash.

Finally, when is Adobe going to call it something simple like "FLASH 13a", "FLASH 13b" etc. instead of this flash_13-xxfxcx--sdsds-1223123-dsdfdf crap? These numb nuts don't live in the real world with the rest of us.

Extremely UNIMPRESSED Adobe!

Lesoth0 commented on 05 Feb 2014
Oh PLEASE be better than v26, which has crashed more times in the past month than any single piece of software I've used since OS9 days.

I've loved Firefox for years now since v5, but the last couple of updates have just killed it with stability (I hear the PC version hasn't been any more stable from my PC pals). I'm such a fan of Firefox, all my years of Bookmarks are in Firefox (wish they'd introduce a proper export function instead of the half-tailed version they have now), and it's my go-to.

But v26 has completely sullied the experience for me on multiple Macs, and I've even launched Chrome for the first time last month.

Am so hoping that v27 is back to stability again. Fingers crossed in a few days of usage. Downloading now...
[Version 27.0]

Lesoth0 commented on 15 Oct 2013
Unsanity have GONE BUST!

There's a new kid on the Block... RGB World with their brilliant, "actively developed" (works on Lion, ML, and Mavericks from Nov 2013) called "WINDOWMIZER" (v3.0 is latest Oct 2013 version), which now does the same thing, but much enhanced over what Unsanity did with 'Windowshade'.

They've learned from Unsanity's mistakes though and not hacked the system but it's run as an app... so no more Unsanity instability!

Go Google it... "WINDOWMIZER". It's awesome.
[Version 5.0.7]

Lesoth0 rated on 09 Oct 2013
[Version 3.0.1]


Lesoth0 reviewed on 15 Aug 2013
Die... DIE Flash DIE!!! Kill it with fire!!

And why oh why is Adobe still using the intolerable v11.8.23382938293823xxxxx

Why can't they just call it something us humans can remember like v11.8a or 11.8b etc., instead of all these numbers.
[Version 11.8.800.146]

Lesoth0 rated on 18 Jul 2013
[Version 2.0.7]

Lesoth0 rated on 18 Jul 2013
[Version 4.0]

Lesoth0 rated on 18 Jul 2013
[Version 2013-003]

Lesoth0 rated on 18 Jul 2013
[Version 4.35]

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