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Leppe commented on 10 Apr 2010
@ the developers:
Thanks for the extra and fast feedback on this issue:
"Please note: If you are upgrading from a version prior to version 2.9, unfortunately, the in-application upgrade ("Check for Updates...") will not be able to install the new version. You will instead need to download the new version manually (use the Download link on this page) and then simply install the new version "on top" of your current copy to replace it."

I've installed it this way and all the great software works like before.

Still, the Safari plugin had also some install problems on my hardware.
Eventually the plugin installed after many attempts from within VideoBox app...

I'll hope the next update is like before and that everythings works as it should be.

With kind regards.
[Version 3.0]

Leppe commented on 10 Sep 2009
This is weird??? I've updated iTunes and all other updates but when I attach my iPod Touch the update is NOT 3.1 but 3.1.1?

Anyone else with this?
Any news about a new update (already?)

[Version 3.1]

Leppe commented on 20 May 2009
Why is it so hard to build a PPC 64 bit Client for Mac OS X Leopard?
Can anyone give me a reasonable answer to that question?
[Version 6.6.29]

Leppe commented on 02 May 2009
This update is not only for iMacs with the Radeon card.
It also shows up in the Software Update Panel from iMacs with NVIDIA cards.

That's for the freezing issue in Boot Camp.

So the requirements are a bit misleading...
If you read the requirements on Apples website they say 10.5.6 or later.
Not 10.5.6 or later with the Radeon card.

[Version 1.4]

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Leppe replied on 03 May 2009
When it does not show up in the Software Update Panel your iMac should not need it.
But if you want to be sure you can download the firmware manual.
The EFI Firmware updates are 'smart' and will not run if not needed on your hardware!

So there is nothing to be afraid of. The update will only run on those iMacs that realy need the update!
It's even possible that some NVIDIA iMacs see the update in their Software Update Panel and others not, based on the serialnumber of the hardware and when they are exactly build (lotnumbers).

Leppe commented on 26 Apr 2009
Great program!
But... When they updated to version 1.8.x I lost support for my Elgato Turbo.264!!!
The Turbo.264 works fine in all other programs so there is nothing wrong with the stick.
It seems that the new Elgato Turbo.264 HD works fine with the latest RoadMovie Releases.

It just to bad this issue is not solved yet. This software is so much better then the one from Elgato but now I'm forced to use older RoadMovie releases :(.

I hope this issue will be solved soon. And my Turbo.264 is recogniced again like in Quicktime, Toast, EyeTV,etc.

Never the less my issue, this is a 5 star program!

With regards.
[Version 1.8.1]

Leppe commented on 24 Apr 2009
Is it possible to get version 8.15 back?
The 64 bit mode worked great on my PM G5!

Version 8.16 crashed and only runs in 32 bit modus.

Now I've updated to version 8.17 and it seems the program has lost it's 64 bit support :(...
Which is to bad because it was fast!

The What's New is a bit confusing, but true:
"Version 8.17: fixes a launch problem on PowerPC G5 Macs."
Yes it did, since version 8.16, but we lost 64 bit support :(. This update (8.17) is like a huge step back...

Please give us back 64 bit support... I've tasted the speedbump in 8.15 and I was very impressed.

[Version 8.17]

Leppe commented on 23 Apr 2009
Works great in 64 bit mode on my PM G5!
Thank you for moving to 64 bit architecture.
The speedbump is great if you dealing with a lot of files.

One of the few, but better, 64 bit apps I ever used on a G5 PowerMac!

Greetz & thanks again for the effort!
[Version 8.16]

Leppe commented on 15 Apr 2009
@INDIEKIDUK: "Nup I think it's just Leppe and Strop on Tiger LOL ;-)"

I'm on Leopard with all my hardware :-).
We have 1 Intel iMac. The rest is PPC hardware which will serve us for another year or 2...

Personal, I know many Intel early adaptors and also PPC users who are still running Tiger with pleasure.
Check for instance the MacRumors Forum! Many Intel users are still on Tiger. Some of them are switchers and are quite happy with 10.4.11.

I also know a architect who is a also friend of the family and he only own PowerMacs Quad G5's and dual procs 2,7Ghz. He also refuses an update to Leopard.
I confinced him once when Leopard came out to try it at least on one machine. He tried it under a condition ;). He wanted the Tiger Dock in Leopard! I even made a small installer which replaced the Leopard Dock in 10.5 into the latest Tiger Dock... (and vice versa)
After a few days/weeks he had a lot of issues with Leopard! For instance Spaces, he did not see the use or positive side of it...
The perception he have/had from Leopard is/was: "Leopard is Tiger with way to many eye candy and to much useless stuff...

And yes, he runs again Tiger on all his hardware! Convinced it is the best OS X release untill now...

[Version 1.0.2]

Leppe commented on 14 Apr 2009
I agree with your comment.
This app. should be at least Tiger & Leopard compatible!
It's not a big difference to add Intel Tiger support in the project and to compile this when you use Xcode.

- This should be a priority step in a future update for a paid app.!
Intel, Tiger & Leopard.
If you can build this with Xcode, then it's very easy to add Intel Tiger support!

-Second, make it Universal!
Intel/PPC, Tiger & Leopard.
Again, if you can build this. A Universal update should be the next logical step.
It's also easy to do and you can find everywhere developer support for this on the net or at Apple. You will see that a lot of people will help you at developer fora.

"Two smart updates" and "your market share could double".
STROB is totally right on this and it's good and "free" advise you know ;).
Maybe you are one of the many new developers on the Mac with great ideas & dito apps and all this sounds a bit weird? But believe us, for this kind of program you should support at least the Apple's requirements for the iPod Touch & iPhone. Which are for the Mac "Mac OS X v10.4.10 or later" & "PPC/Intel".

Take care & thanks for developing this great program for OS X!
[Version 1.0.2]

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Leppe replied on 14 Apr 2009
Indeed, Leopard has many new features.
This is not about implementing Leopard features in Tiger.
It's simply about running this app in Tiger on Intel Macs.

I can't notice anything about this program and what it assumed to do in Leopard that can not be handled by Tiger 10.4.10 or 10.4.11!
It's like saying that iTunes 8 is a Leopard only app because of all the new things and speedups in Leopard. iTunes 8 on a Tiger Intel Mac is exactly the same as iTunes 8 on a Leopard Intel Mac. That's called "backward compatible" and it's with a good reason too. Apple knows that Tiger is still in the run. It was the first official OS for the Intel Macs. People are still using Tiger for many good reasons (personal reasons or not). PPC Macs as well as Intel Macs.

I'm convinced of the fact that there are no so called Leopard features which are needed to be implomented in a Tiger version (at any cost of effort and gain).
Just like iTunes 8 or any other "backward compatible" app.

If your code is right, well written and when you use Xcode (Apple's SDK) it's just a mather of build settings and project settings. The developer from this program has a big chance, if he developed this great program with xCode, that a Tiger build is virtual at no extra costs and possible with a min. of effort! It could be done in 1 hour or less! Or maybe in a few houres, if you need to learn working with Xcode's settings. It depends on how much experiance you have with Xcode...

That's why "we" ask to upgrade already ;-). That's a Intel Tiger upgrade first! just that we understand each other ;).

Making the program Universal is a different story and will take some more time and effort. But sometimes it's very easy to do (have you ever seen the keynote on how fast developers made their app Universal?). If you have a Apple Developer account you can take a look in the developer section. There are tons of information on how to deal with this Universal issue. Normally this could be solved in a few days or maybe in a few weeks (the program is not that large, 16,4 Mb) if you have some time. The developer could release beta's for PPC users on "Tiger and Leopard" because you can't only depend on launching/testing the program with Rosetta on a Intel Mac. The developer will need real life PPC feedback on this Universal issue ;).

My 2 cents. My thoughts about this 2 issues and with much respect fot what you are thinking!


Leppe replied on 15 Apr 2009
I don't understand what you mean with: "The source list is Leopard only. That is the blue list on the left in iTunes/iPhoto/Mail etc."?
I guess you mean the sidebars? Remember Mail in 10.4. There was back then in iLife '08, like in iLife '09, also a MediaBrowser. iLife '09 is Leopard only. But iLife '08 has a mediabrowser which is virtual the same one as in iLife '09. iTunes8, the program we all use to sync our iPhones & iPods Touch, is Tiger compatible an works fine with the iLife'08 mediabrowser.

When you talked about the "source list" my first thought was that you had the source files :D [LOL].

I've just downloaded this program on a PPC Mac ;-).
-What do I see when I open the programs Package Contents:
/Contents/Frameworks => The only framework is Sparkle (1.5beta(?) build only for Intel). This free "SoftwareUpdate framework" comes with Universal source code. You can download the framework from http://sparkle.andymatuschak.org/ and besides the source code there is also a precompiled "Sparkle.framework" in there. The precompiled Sparkle.Framework is already Universal.
For the Sparkle framework the developer used definitely Xcode and builded a "current hardware" or "Intel only" version from this great framework. So this source code, if you want to compile it yourself, Universal ready. There is also a precompiled Universal Sparkle.framwork into the download folder.

Contens/Recources/FirmwareBundles => This 9 bundles are the same for Intel and PPC.

Contens/Resources => 2 compatible PPC/Intel audio files in aif format. 5 compiled Nib files. As far I know the program which builds nib files (Interface Builder) makes no difference between Intel or PPC. I believe the developer uses Xcode 3.1.2 (latest release), for Leopard only but backward compatible. Just set "Deployment Target" in Interface Builder at 10.4.x and you are good. Now you can make all the nib files you need for this nice "Cocoa" program. You can create the same program window (NSwindow) as before. You can adjust Document Locking if you wish to build the nib files ready for translations in other languages or not, or you can do nothing, etc.
In the rest from the /Contents/Resources folder there are a lot of .png files (for the UI from the program and recogniced the same on Intel & PPC) and one language folder (English) with 5 compiled nib files (MainMenu.nib, etc.) which you can be created with the right Deployment Target (10.4.x instead of 10.5.x). There is virtual no difference between 10.4x Deployment Target and the used 10.5.x Deployment Target. The Menubar is the same, NSwindow is the same, etc. The artwork (.png files) will work just fine with the 10.4.x Deployment Target. So in the end the Look & Feel from the UI will be the same!

So far all the files above, they are Universal ready when followed the instructions. Even the Sparkle framework!
Maybe it's better to pay attention at the files which are needed to be recompiled.

First of all /Contents/MacOS/InstallerApp is Intel only. The developers source code, later compiled into InstallerApp, should be checked if it's possible to compile it in a universal app without changing the source code (which is written by the developer). Go to the MenuBar with the mouse, go to Project, select Edit project settings. In here you can adjust the settings for compiling into a Universal program. For instance: into "General" you need to change the "Base SDK for All Configurations", into Mac OS X 10.4 ;). Then you select "Build" and you start change Architectures into "Standard (32-bit Universal)" or into "32/64-bit Universal". Then you go to "Valid Architectures". Since this program is Intel only the two architectures will be i386 and x86_64 (with a space in between). Now add at least 3 new architectures sepperated with a space: ppc ppc64 ppc970. In the end you will have 5 valid architectures for your program looking like this: "i386 x86_64 ppc ppc64 ppc970".
Now you can close the "Edit Project settings" window where you made the above changes. Via the Menubar, Project, Set active SDK you need to change it into Mac OS X 10.4. Now open the "Edit Project settings" again and select "General" again. Click on "Rebuild Code Sense Index" (big files could take a while...); Now you can close the "Edit Project settings" window again!
Now select in your Xcode sidebar window the target file(here is this of course InstallerApp) and Right click the Target. Select build and try, as a test, to compile/build the source code into a new "InstallerApp" unix file that is Universal. Fingers crossed and hope the file is building correctly without any Faults!

Wow, seems this reply is a bit long :-). Sorry for this :-/
My conclusion is, after seeing the Intel program, that a Universal release or update is realistic. Sparkle is already Universal. The source code from Sparkle builds with Xcode and I think that the "Xcode build settings" where set to "Current Mac OS" and the architecture as "Native Architecture of build machine" (instead of 32/64-bit Universal or 32-bit Universal). Resulting in a Intel only Sparkle Framework... Resulting in a Intel only InstallerApp...
My only conserne is the source code from the Developer. Is the code Universal ready? If so, you can start building and testing ;).
If not, you will have to search on the internet for information and experiances from other developers which had the same issues (which is in fact a reversed Universal program Intel=>PPC instead of PPC=> Intel)...

Leppe commented on 13 Apr 2009
@The Developer:
There is a small bug.

-When you do a Cmd I from the program the version number says 2.1.1?
But when you launch the program and you select "About Picturesque" the version number is 2.1.3?

I believe 2.1.3 is the correct version number ;) but this possible could confuse some people when they browse the Finder searching for the most recent version.

About the program self: 5 stars!
Great price/value, very stable, regular updates with new functions and improvements, etc.

With regards,

One more thing: the Dutch translation is not very "OS X like" and contains also some small typo's.
[Version 2.1.3]

Leppe had trouble on 26 Apr 2009
Ignore my previous comment please.

I've solved the problem.

Here is some feedback (if someone else should have the same issues)
-First of all, I had the latest version for the Elgato Turbo.264. Version 1.3 is the most recent one (today)!
-Since I own this stick for some time I updated the Elgate software via the build in software update function. I was always up to date this way.
-But it seems there is a "small" problem when you used the build in auto update function from Elgato's software regarding RoadMovie.
-The solution is to manual download the most recent version (today version 1.3) from the Elgato Web site.
-Quit & Trash your current version from the Elgato software, even when it's up to date and version 1.3!
-Install the latest version (today version 1.3). That's simply drag & drop from the image into the Programs folder.
-Launch the new downloaded version from the Elgato software (make sure your Elgato USB stick is attach to your Mac).
-Depending your hardware the Elgato software will launch as before. Or you will guided to the process.
-You can Quit the Elgato software now and you will see that the Elgato Turbo.264 will work again with RoadMovie.

It seems that RoadMovie was the only program that did not worked (on my hardware) with the Elgato software (version 1.3) which was updated with Elgato's build in software update!

The solution is plain simple ;). Dowload the most recent version from the Elgato Web site for your hardware (Turbo.264 & Turbo.264 HD)! Trash the Elgato software you use & install the version you just downloaded. That's it ;).

Many thanks to the 'Support Team" from RoadMovie! They are, as written before, great & very helpful!
I give 5 stars "+" now :-D.
[Version 1.8.1]

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