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Leoofborg reviewed on 11 Mar 2014
Okay kids, here's Bad Uncle Leo's capsule review of iBetterCharge: Upshot? Great idea, crippled by NO DOCUMENTATION.

As you've read below, a number of folks have NOT been able to get this to work, or only got it to work via USB.

You MUST enable "Sync this iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch via WiFi" by plugging your device into iTunes, checking the little box and syncing. Otherwise no way.

Now.. did I read this on Softorino's website? NOPE. I had to Google it and found it by reading LIFEHACKER.

That's crappy documentation, folks. Crappy. Bad Dev no cookie.

Okay, that aside: This is a great idea, and the Dev needs to add a FAQ to their site about requiring iTunes WiFi (or network, actually) syncing. As in, if WiFi syncing works great for you, this app will. And if it doesn't... well... you get the idea.

5 stars for a great idea. -1 for NO DOCS. -1 for dicey WiFi sync, dependent on iTunes... but if you're not affected.. give'em a star.
[Version 1.0.2]

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Leoofborg replied on 12 Mar 2014
As a rider to my review, there's deeper functionality going on here:

1/ In your menubar, at-a-glance of all your devices connected via iTunes WiFi, like this:


2/ Your Mac 'chiming' and giving you notification center time stamped logs of WHEN your battery crapped out:


All in all, this is not "lazy" (actually it was LifeHacker commenters dissing this App, my bad) -- it's really nice if you have a number of devices you have to admin in a household.

Thanks, Softorino... I'll give you 4/5 stars. Uncle Leo says "nice."

Leoofborg reviewed on 26 Feb 2014
Of course Apple introduced tabs in the Mavericks Finder, and TotalFinder is now not needed, right??


Mavericks tabs, except for 'drag copying file to tab' come off as a clunky add-on. It's like Apple folks don't understand WHY folks would use a tabbed file manager.

TotalFinder *is* what Apple SHOULD have done to the Finder. The Dev who made this non-trival 'plugin to the Finder' put a lot of thought into this, and you should support him.

What TF has that Mavs does not: list views that can 'grow' when the file name gets too long, but the biggie: "unifying" two tabs (via Cmd-U) so that you can compare contents or drag in a more visual way. The Linux world has had things like this, PathFinder (a whole other Finder type app) has this, and with TF, the Finder has it too.

I own PathFinder. I also own this, because I spend a LOT MORE TIME in the Finder. You should own this too.

Any cons? None really. The Dev also does betas of 'new features'... and they're stable for beta. AND, he is very responsive to bugs.
[Version 1.5.19]


Leoofborg reviewed on 15 Feb 2014
When it comes to downloading REDACTED videos, you have a choice between a number of browser extensions, or Downie. The browser extensions tend to break, about once a month when "big corporation" changes things, and then you have to wait for an update.

With Downie this is not the case, and in addition you have a support of at least 220 other video sites that are not supported by those browser extensions.

On top of all this, the developer is very responsive to new feature requests as well as bug reports.

Here's a useful example: about a week ago I emailed Charlie with a feature request. I wanted him to support the terminal command open so that I can script Downie to download when I was away from my Mac.

He added the feature quite quickly and now I can use Otto's Remote plus Automator: On my iPhone, over 3G, I push a copy of the video URL using Otto, straight to Downie on my Mac at home.

When I get home, I have a 720p video waiting to be watched on the sofa.

For those of you who want to try this, I tweeted be appropriate Automator command. Here it is:


And did I mention that Downie also supports at least 220 other video services? Five stars. Uncle Leo says check it out.
[Version 1.3.3]

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Leoofborg replied on 15 Feb 2014
As an addendum, check out the Browser Extensions, which also work VERY well... You get a nice "D" button in your browser toolbar that will parse ANY of the supported websites.

Downie really wants to become the 1Password of offline video. It deserves to become so.

Leoofborg reviewed on 18 Jan 2014
I don't understand *why* folks are trashing one of the only two Screensavers/Visualizers that I'd even consider paying for (the other is ScreenSleeves by Peacock Media, buy *that* if GF runs your fans too much).

Yeah, year over year I've paid. Why?

1/ Responsive Dev. Most dev teams are REALLY small, or if 'large' then they're offshore. You do NOT want that crap on your Mac.

2/ Small Dev Teams *have* to charge more. They're NOT Apple with a shitton of money in reserve. They're normal folks like you & me.

3/ G-Force is a REALLY speclalized visualizer AND App suite. As I said in the comments below, if you don't need it, or even don't need it *this year" then don't pay for it. I've dropped other subscription apps due to lack of need. G-Force (unlike those other apps) won't just 'expire' or 'stop working' if you stop paying.

4/ And FINALLY: It's been my experience that SS 'discounts' renewing subscriptions. Sure you've been paying $20 or so a year. Was that for GOLD or PLATINUM? Remember, Plat is $30 to newbs.

There's no guarantee that SS will discount again. I'm just saying.. if you don't enjoy G-Force as much as you did, you can either move on or support the Dev. There *are* shyster devs out there trying to shake $$ out of you.. more towards the "Clean ur Mac" or AV side of things -- this Dev(s) is NOWHERE NEAR THAT. They do good work.
[Version 5.1.4]


Leoofborg reviewed on 20 Nov 2013
There are really only TWO screensavers I pay for: G-Force and this one. I use ScreenSleeves in 2 situations:

1/ When I don't want fans churning.
2/ On 720p or 1080p screens when I want to 'present album covers'

As others have said, the other solutions for doing that are gone.. and Screensleeves does a great job.

PAY for this, folks... this Dev does excellent work.
[Version 3.3]

Leoofborg commented on 14 Nov 2013
Aw, man... Xee 3.3 non-MAS version doesn't seem to be properly codesigned. "The Application is damaged..."

I've had all previous Paddle-bought builds running... just not this one.

Hopefully by the time everyone reads this the issue is resolved.
[Version 3.3]

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Leoofborg replied on 14 Nov 2013
And I *just* got a reply from Dag:


Dag says:
Seems you have to switch your preference to run apps from "Anywhere",
then start it once, then you can change it back, and it'll work.
Trying to find out what is going on with that now...


DId I mention I like responsive developers? Dag is one of the good ones...
Leoofborg commented on 30 Aug 2013
Just as an aside, the links I posted in an earlier review still work, so if you want 'SPlayer for Free'.. you have SPlayerX-1097.zip dated to July 2013... which for OSS (Open Source Software) is pretty good.

I don't see anything 'smarmy' about forking a project & then putting it up in the MAS for a couple bucks. The dev has posted & seems to update the free downloads, which is 'polite' for OSS.

If anything you're just paying for the Dev's license for the year (remember, Apple takes 1/3). Even 'free' devs have to eat. If these guys are students more so.
[Version 1.1.6]


Leoofborg reviewed on 08 Jun 2013
Xee3, one word. WOW.

A few more. Magic Mouse or trackpad scrolling.

A few more. All with the same feature set you loved with Xee.

Support this dev, folks... give up Starbucks for ONE DAY.
[Version 3.0]


Leoofborg reviewed on 08 May 2013
Wow. eCamm really did a UI makeover with PhoneView 2.9. It looks modern, now supports Lion fullscreen, and of course bugfixes.

MUCH better than using iTunes USB sharing, and gives you access to all Apps if you need it.

Highly recommended.
[Version 2.9]


Leoofborg reviewed on 11 Apr 2013
This is THE BEST documentation browser. Period. With the makeover with 1.82 + the new Alfred2 integration the best got better.

Tip: If you thought the 'old HUD was ugly... try it again. Get Dash out of your Dock and into the menubar.. and: Use the Alfred or Terminal integration. It's GREAT.

Things like: (open Alfred) 'dash php:(what you want)'


'dash write' ..(all write command to all languages that you have loaded).

Dash is pretty darned scary. We need more of this, please.
[Version 1.8.2]

Leoofborg had trouble on 09 Feb 2011
Personally I'm staying with the square build.

Oh, as a PSA, in addition to Click2Flash, I also recommend that folks run BashFlash... or as it's now known, FlashFrozen.

You can get it in the Mac App Store... unless you want to complain about THAT.

And yeah, dear Adobe: Release notes, do you know how to write them?

Leoofborg had trouble on 04 Mar 2006
Arg. Two iPhoto6 updates and I'm back in 'compatibility mode'. Uck.
[Version 1.9]

Leoofborg had trouble on 24 May 2005
The developer is definitely on the right track here.. however, a -warning- for those disabling Spotlight with 1.01.

The author added the feature that deletes the /etc/hostconfig file.. if you use this, you -might- have this file deleted from your system without a new one placed in! when you reboot, you may not have any way to mount your hard drive!!

This happened to me, and I had to create my /etc/hostconfig from scratch. I've emailed the author about this.

I recommend you backup your hostconfig file before using 1.01, and be prepared to copy it back in single user mode (this will restore boot function if this happens to you.).

Before everyone overreacts, bear in mind that some of the other utils (like Applejack) had growing pains too. I hope InvaderBlue can debug this..
[Version 1.0.1]

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Leoofborg commented on 24 May 2005
InvaderBlue, please check your email. For everyone else, the /etc hostconfig file is written back with the wrong permissions. This -can- cause problems (and did for me).

If you use Version 1.01, you -might- want to open a terminal and type the following command:

sudo chmod 744 /etc/hostconfig

then all is well. For the technically inclined, after running DTF 1.01, this is what you'd see in /etc:

THORIN:/etc leoofborg$ ls -la | grep host
---x--x--x 1 root wheel 247 May 24 07:50 hostconfig
-rw-r--r-- 1 root wheel 247 May 24 07:49 hostconfig.bak

Note that root and wheel don't have read permission to the file. Ooops. config files are not executed, they are -read- as far as I know.

The point is that the hostconfig should have the same permissions as hostconfig.bak (the copy I made before running DTF 1.01). Running the chmod command should fix this.
Leoofborg had trouble on 09 May 2005
Sorry to write YA-comment. For those having trouble compiling this, you must do it manually from inside the Dict folder using Terminal. Please read the readme inside the aspell-en-6.0 folder... you need to do:

1/ ./configure
2/ make
3/ make install

Then it should work. Kind of.
[Version 2.0.1]

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