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Leoncahun commented on 09 Sep 2013
Did this stop working on Mountain Lion? It doesn’t work for me after upgrading from Snow Leopard; not at all; doesn’t load.

This is really unfortunate since it used to be such a great collection of handy little tools. An update would be so very welcome.
[Version 2.8]

Leoncahun commented on 05 Feb 2013
This website is the best stand-in for Mediathek I know of:


You can search for any program, and (other than with zdfmediathek.app) high-quality mp4’s (not Flash-files) are offered.

Of course, it can’t hold a candle to Mediathek; however, it gets the job (somewhat) done.
[Version 2.6.4b]

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Leoncahun replied on 03 May 2013
As of now, vavideo.de is up (again).
Leoncahun commented on 22 Jan 2013
via Gruber:

[Version 1.0.1]

Leoncahun commented on 11 Oct 2012
PdfpenPro 5.8.x is 64-bit only (Core 2 Duo, or later). 5.7.2 still runs on 32bit-Macs (Core Duo).

This is also declared on the developer’s site. You may want to add this information to the Requirements section.
[Version 5.8.5]

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Leoncahun replied on 11 Oct 2012
Download links for 5.7.2, as well as the more recent 5.8 and the earlier 4.7, is to be found here:

Leoncahun commented on 24 Aug 2012
There’s an annoying bug introduced with v. 5.3 preventing LB from opening AddressBook entries directly.

This is fixed in a nightly build of 5.3.1 available here:


Works fine, give LB a bit of time to re-index the AddressBook.

Discussed here:

Such a relief: it’s not the same world without (some of) LB (’s features) . . . : )
[Version 5.3]

Leoncahun commented on 15 Jul 2012
Again, is it broken?
[Version 2.6.2]

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Leoncahun replied on 23 Jul 2012
Found the solution for my, probably very specific, problem: Delete all files (cah, .plist, etc) concerning Mediathek among the system files, like:
net.appdrive.Mediathek, net.appdrive.Mediathek.plist, etc.
brings it back to normal.

What a relief.
Leoncahun commented on 08 Jul 2012
Fantastisches Programm.

Aber: Seit über einer Woche erscheinen keinerlei Inhalte mehr. Offenbar kann das Programm keine Verbindung mehr zu den Mediatheks-Servern herstellen.

Beobachten das andere Menschen auch? Kann der Entwickler etwas sagen?
[Version 2.6.2]

Leoncahun commented on 02 Jul 2012
The link above only refers to the 64bit version of VLC; fortunately, there’re also 32/64bit universal and 32bit versions.


Direct link for 32bit-only VLC (for your poor Core Duo brothers and sisters . . .):

[Version 2.0.2]

Leoncahun commented on 19 Nov 2011
Is it true that Movist 1.0.x removes snapshot functionality? Cannot find any menu item, command-I (the snapshot shortcut of Movist 0.6.8’s times of yore . . .) does nothing.

Could this be an outcome of some App Store policy worshipping copyrights and stuff (Apple DVD Player doesn’t do snapshots either; neither ever did Quicktime Player) -- which would be incredibly stupid, wrong, and totally against any sane notion of fair use (but see the DVD Player, Quicktime Player examples).
[Version 0.6.8]

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Leoncahun replied on 09 Jul 2012
As of (at least, maybe earlier) version 1.2.0 snapshot functionality is back (one of two, configurable, shortcuts: I, sans modifier. nice.).

Many other improvements. Nice.

Keep the updates coming. :)
Leoncahun commented on 03 Mar 2011
It's very ironic that a 8-bittish browser requires a 64-bittish cpu. : )

Lovely project; unfortunately, me on my Core "sans 2" Duo MBP gets the "no parking" icon overlay : (
[Version 1.0]

Leoncahun had trouble on 09 May 2006
I was wondering: can I make Textpander fix _any_ two initial capitals of _any_ word (like Word does, or at least Word offers this as an option) into, obviously, only the first letter as capital, the second lowercase?

The point is: I dont want to add a _very_ long list of rules for each word I tend to type with two initial capitals (basically: all words of all languages mankind came up with, ever ;), but I want _one_ rule for any such case.
I just cant see any hint in the documentation.
[Version 1.2.2]

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