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Leo Spill reviewed on 29 Mar 2014
Just came across Mangao, in my continued search for a small app that will 'slideshow' through a bunch of files... 'in the background' Whilst ignoring file dimension changes, in any series of images. This is more tricky to find than it sounds. Most apps want to hog your real-estate - show off and 'go fullscreen' etc. Mangao seemed to be fulfilling the later... Yet unfortunately to the former, Mangao atomically stops any slideshow midstream, once it's not the frontmost app. How annoying is that? And no way to override this 'feature' It's great for the developers of Mangao to release this freely and I'd definitely come back to it... if and when it's updated with a few more features. ( Please add 'continue slideshow' when in the background as an option :) Kamsahamnida!
[Version 13.3.1]

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Leo Spill replied on 29 Mar 2014
'Automatically' :)

Leo Spill replied on 31 Mar 2014
Thank you Mr.Minami - That's incredibly kind of you!
Leo Spill commented on 03 May 2012
Nice app... reminds me of the old freeware PPC application 'CosmicPainter' but it's missing an import and incredibly fun aspect - ie: Motion.
In 'CosmicPainter' you could spin the canvas. Giving a wonderfully psychedelic creative experience. This unfortunately, is really dull in comparison. So for version two Mr.Developer, like a Damien Hirst spin painting... please just let it rotate baby!
[Version 1.5]


Leo Spill reviewed on 07 Nov 2011
A very useful application. Good feature set. An alternative to the 'donationware' Finderpop. Maybe a little too expensive as an impulse purchase. Five to ten would seem a much more seductive opening price. My one concern or caveat, is that the 'four buttons' are just brightly coloured aqua buttons. There should be at least a couple of alternative possibilities within the preference pane. The standard for OS menu items are black and flat. This garish and childlike offering, does let the overall feel of the app down terribly.
Apart from that, it's well worth a try. To see if it enhances your workflow. Grazie e Arrivederci
[Version 3.1]


Leo Spill reviewed on 24 Jun 2011
Good to still see regular updates. Would love for landscape options as well as the standard portrait only ratio sizing. But my personal feature upgrade must be... the ability to move an image within the frame, At the moment, Toycamera just crops to centre. I would like the option to drag the image around a bit. Centre it where the user defines it, that would make this small but useful app near perfect.
[Version 0.6.0]


Leo Spill reviewed on 10 May 2011
The last three reviewers only have one post each, and have been members just for a few days... Please Macupdate, do something about this... these comments must be all from the developer.
[Version 3.1.1]

Leo Spill commented on 07 May 2011
What is the difference between this and Desktop Clock?
Why release two seemingly conflicting apps and not explain the difference? Please Mr.Developer... for a commercial only app, with no try before you buy... much more info, a weighty explanation and a plethora of screen shots please.
[Version 1.3]


Leo Spill reviewed on 08 Apr 2011
Ok, so unlike the Finders 'Quick view' this stays about after you click on something else. That's good. But is that all it does... There are no 'tool tips' on the buttons ? You can't drag and drop a selection of your own choosing onto a 'Viewer' window. You can't press a modifier key and select multiple items from within the open command. No automatic advance feature, press a button and watch a slideshow neatly in the viewer window. Which can more useful than fullscreen slideshows, that stop other work dead in it's tracks.
I could go, but you get the general idea. Not the most well thought out software to ever hit the market place.
Overall, it's OK. Cool for the developer to experiment and learn on the job. But surely this should be free ?
[Version 3.0]


Leo Spill reviewed on 03 Apr 2011
It's great that ToonBoom caters for kids. There is little out there in the Mac developer world, specifically aimed at younger users. But unfortunately, this looks as it were design by a juvenile delinquent with ten minutes to kill. It's ugly and un-mac-like. It doesn't look very intuitive for the beginner and not very useful for the more experienced child animator. For forty dollars, you would hope for a lot more development time thrown at a project like this. And thrown, is definitely the right adjective here.
[Version 5.0]

Leo Spill commented on 16 Mar 2011
Always on the lookout for a stand alone audio player. Like other comments here, I am a heavy Vox user. Vox unfortunately has a pedestrian development pace. But most annoyingly... is that I find that it crashes far too much when drag n' dropping files onto it.
Which is what I want a stand alone players main functionality to be. Find some music, play it, without any fuss, or unnecessary deleting of playlists or associated files. The Fidelia developers seem to have decided to take on iTunes head on. No drag n' drop at all. Just *fricking playlist hell again. An ugly, antiquated graphic of an audio separate, just kills this off for me immediately... not even easily customisable... The sound from Fidelia is punchy and this app might come in handy at a gathering of friends etc. Crank the interface on 'large' throw on a playlist and it would be at the very least, a conversational starter or two. but for desk bound jockeys, looking for a smart stand alone audio player... no way. But of course, your milage may vary.
[Version 1.0.4]


Leo Spill reviewed on 06 Jan 2011
Not without it's little oddities and idiosyncrasies'
But if you need a virtual musical format can-opener
and converter - look no further.
This will play nearly everything you can throw at it.
Playing your musical files locally without messing
around with iTunes.
Customizable, versatile and unique.
Highly recommended application to have in your
arsenal, by a great developer.
[Version 0.2.8 beta 2]

Leo Spill had trouble on 31 Oct 2011
Won't open - 'The application ViewIt quit unexpectedly.'
Quits repeatedly on double clicking. ( using 10.5.8 )
Previous version on my powerbook is 2.3.7 and works just fine.
[Version 2.41]

Leo Spill had trouble on 10 May 2011
The last three reviewers only have one post each, and have been members just for a few days... Please Macupdate, do something about this... these comments must be all from the developer.
[Version 3.1.1]

Leo Spill had trouble on 27 Apr 2010
'Registration information for WindowShade X version 3.5 and up..'

I paid for all Unsanity's Haxies back in the day,
and while I know they regret it - they said 'all future upgrades would be free'
[Version 5.0.1]

Leo Spill had trouble on 14 Apr 2010
Leech was released as version 1.0 on May the 7th 2008.
Version 1.1.4 was released two months later on June the 4th.
Then no updates till version 2.0 on March 31st 2010.

For the disappearing act - I suggest starting with a clean sheet.
Free updates should be handed out to everyone who
purchased a license - period.
[Version 2.0]

Leo Spill had trouble on 12 Apr 2010
Does not launch, nothing appears. No visible windows,
no icon in the dock, nothing new in the menubar.
( Max OS X 10.5.8)
Why release software that obviously doesn't work for
many users. Please fix and repost.
[Version 1.4]

Leo Spill had trouble on 15 Mar 2010
MPlayer OSX Extended is crashing on starting ( 10.5.8 )
Looks really great - Just hope this 'check for updates'
crash is sorted soon.
[Version rev13]

Leo Spill had trouble on 15 Mar 2010
The Application Vox has unexpectedly quit!

My little theory why RC1 and now RC2 both quit
so regularly - that maybe it has something to do with the album artwork.
How Vox handles the artwork, if embedded in the file itself.

After a restart or two, RC2 seems now to be working fine.
Even if no artwork is displayed. Sometimes only half the artwork
shows and the other half is grayed out.

But this is such a great tool.
The menubar 'play' features are very useful and a great idea.

For the Mac, this is a stand out - well designed wonder.
Fantastic export features, all-in-all this really is a must have...
if you ever need a stand alone player. To quickly play files without
including them in your iTunes library, and the mess that can cause.
This is it. To the developer - thank you.
[Version 0.2.7 RC2]

Leo Spill had trouble on 09 Apr 2009
No updates in ten months ?

No fixes for sites - the app balks at ?

Very disappointing developer interest in this project
for a fee based application.
[Version 1.1.4]

Leo Spill had trouble on 25 Oct 2008
Downloads all now end 'failed' or just unplayable.
( VLC Player or Quicktime )
It started off OK. Last week I was able to download fine.
But today every attempt fails.
Maybe the BBC are not happy with Mac users
being able to download their content ?

Pity as this was great to be able to download
and watch later, kind of a 'one-off' tool.

If anyone else knows a way to cache BBC iPlayer
material I would be grateful for a heads up on it.
[Version 2.2]

Leo Spill had trouble on 31 Jul 2008
Won't accept downloads from :

Just downloads a dlm.html

Please fix these anomalies.
[Version 1.1.4]

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