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Leesa reviewed on 17 Apr 2014
Thanx again for keeping this browser alive for the few of us luddites that can't afford a new Computer!

I was wondering if it would be possible for Webkit to see pages like this? The News section here won't load at all. I assume its because we old Leopard users don't have a recent enough Flash to go along with our Webkit, but I figured I'd, at least, ask.

[Version 165532]

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Leesa replied on 17 Apr 2014
And either way, thanx!

Leesa replied on 18 Apr 2014
@ (developer)

Doesn't load in Safari either.. but it does load in the Firefox that works in Leopard.

Leesa reviewed on 02 Apr 2014
Oh Perian... Great seer of mkv... Son and Daughter to my avi... Mother and Father to all that is my abandoned interface... interloper to the Stars in my eyes... holder of the Electric Flame my heart needs to burn...

Oh great developer in the sky of hope... Live another Tale on Terra Firma to lightly enlighten the masses as Carl once did and Neil may also... Be alive again in the digital Audio Video Interleaving squalor that is my latest lot in the authoritarian mess that is Mavericks... or cast me down to PC... sigh.
[Version 1.2.3]

Leesa commented on 27 Mar 2014
I might be off here, but I've noticed that most of the time when a New Cache Cleaner is up... there is usually a corresponding OS Update that day. So... New Mavericks Update today? It would be nice if they've fixed all the stuff that's been pissing me off (Dream on, kiddo).
[Version 8.0.5]

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Leesa replied on 28 Mar 2014
Wrong again, Ethel!

Leesa reviewed on 14 Mar 2014
Fantastic client! The developers seem like nice guy who are very responsive. What more does a person need?

I use it mostly to do a pass-thru of mkv files to mp4 so I can play them on my PS3. Yay!

But isn't the pic/preview of the older version?
[Version 4.0.2]

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Leesa replied on 25 Mar 2014
@ Virtualruff

I never know if or not to use question Marks when proposing a rhetorical question. I guess it depends on How rhetorical is.

And I'm just glad my metabolism is still fast enough that I can enjoy eating Cheese Sticks. I'm sure in the future it'll be easier to just apply them directly to my highs.

And if you wanna do the sticks just right... Little Joe has a Tomato Sauce recipe that is yummy. (Search it in Amazon Books).

But all-in-all, and since we're asking - I'd rather have Whirled Peas.
Leesa commented on 09 Mar 2014
Great client... but this newest version Breaks my Windowshade Command: Option Double Click to Open or close All Windows in any given ap.
[Version 165318]

Leesa commented on 01 Mar 2014
What seems odd to me... Is that there is a brand New updated Leopard Webkit for my G5 every few months... but no New Webkit or Safari or even a Security Fix for my Safari in Snow Leopard since 2012.
[Version 164899]

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Leesa replied on 03 Mar 2014
And Just FYI: This Webkit works awesome on my old G5!!!
Leesa commented on 11 Dec 2013
The last few Versions eat up a lot of CPU. If I leave it on, after 30 minutes or so, all my other apps slow down, Even the animation for opening windows become very sluggish.

Just FYI: I'm on an early 2008 Mac Pro in Snow Leopard.
[Version 26.0]

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Leesa replied on 17 Dec 2013
@ jazzyguy

Whenever I install a new Client I run Disk Utility and Cache Cleaner. After I installed this latest Firefox I did that and ran Disk Warrior and rebuilt my Volume Directory from Tech Tool Pro. It still eats up my CPU (w/ 14 Gigs of Ram).
Leesa commented on 31 Oct 2013
Awesome client! Always works perfectly. Never ever had a problem!

But... MacUpdate's little Preview Picture is of Mountain Lion Cache Cleaner, not the Maverick's version. The Mavericks version is more nifty. Its big and chunky and round (in a neato way) and looks like it was designed by Lego or some other Toy Company.
[Version 8.0.1]

Leesa commented on 30 Oct 2013
New Flash out yesterday.
[Version 11.9.900.118]

Leesa commented on 18 Sep 2013
I'm in Snow Leopard and on an Early 2008 Mac Pro and Firefox still really eats up my CPU. All my other apps slow to a crawl whenever I use it.
[Version 24.0]

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