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Lee Majors reviewed on 19 Apr 2007
Transmission is awesome, I've been using the pre-release 0.7svn for a long time now. It's a real apple like app. Simple, uncluttered and does what it does well.

To me a torrent client should use very little resources and transmit achieves this.

Version 0.7 brings with it a few of the features that I was really missing, now any features missing I can live without.
[Version 0.70]

Lee Majors commented on 10 Apr 2007
Can't connect after applying this firmware... not sure why. I usually never have any problems.
[Version ]

Lee Majors commented on 08 Feb 2007
I didn't miss the guys point... that is half the reason I hate this software. It's such an annoying conflict of actually liking what he is doing and wishing he wouldn't do it in an underhanded way.

If he would only use his skills to benefit the Project everyone would be happy.
[Version 1.0b3v28]


Lee Majors reviewed on 08 Feb 2007
OK, just to clear this thing up. This app, is little more than a gui over an open source project (a pretty good GUI). You are better off using transmit, because it will always be more up to date and less CPU intensive.

This developer has in the past and to the best of my knowledge in this app has violated Open source license agreements, not even crediting the original project. Just trying to sneak the code in there and then charge for the product.

This practice is damaging for not only the project but for Mac OS X as a platform. And besides that it's just poor form.

These developers rape projects for their code contribute nothing back and then try to make money off it.

$15 is too much for something you can have for free. Profiting off an open source project is unethical when you give nothing back.

Do not support this developer.
[Version 1.0b3v28]

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Lee Majors replied on 08 Feb 2007
Good point. Didn't go and check the license. Still think it is unethical...and he has had these sort of claims made against him in the past.

Technical details aside I still don't agree with it, probably a reason I didn't check into it too much.... cause it doesn't change my point of view that much.

But thanks for clearing that up.

Lee Majors reviewed on 05 Feb 2007
This guy has a reputation for using open source projects coding an interface and charging for it. This app is no different, it is basically just Transmission with a skin on it, and he wants $15 for it. I don't think so.
[Version 1.0b2v27]

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Lee Majors replied on 08 Feb 2007
Ok, you have no idea what you are talking about. Open source does not mean "rape it for code". There is a difference in the license that an open source project will be released under. This guy charges money for code that is not his, breaking agreements and violating the license agreements for these projects. Not just for xTorrent, but for most of his other stuff.

People like him undermine the whole point of the open source community, ripping off code and making people pay for it.


Go read up and try to learn. BTW you will probably find that MacOS X is a very different situation, and not really open source for the most of it.

Lee Majors replied on 08 Feb 2007
So what you are saying is I can come to your house steal your car, put some new rims on it and sell it for profit and give you nothing?

Sweet what is your address?

Lee Majors reviewed on 20 Nov 2006
Great, get the beta, it's now again my favorite torrent program.
[Version 0.6.1]


Lee Majors reviewed on 20 Nov 2006
This is a nice wrapper for Transmission, but doesn't seem to work as well as the original. Transmission is definitely the better option.

Would have been better for him to help develop the Transmission interface, but as seems to be the case with a few of his projects he gets open source code wraps it in very good gui and charges for it. If this doesn't stay free then I wouldn't touch.
[Version 1.0b2v18]


Lee Majors reviewed on 31 Aug 2006
Really like the new features and interface. It's a really high quality piece of software. WARNING, this widget makes you want to lick it. Yum.
[Version 3.01]


Lee Majors reviewed on 29 Aug 2006
Much better than the alpha, and beta 1? Don't specifically remember using alpha 1. This is probably getting to the stage where it is almost level with MS Office and seems nicer than the Open Office 2 for the PC, but thats probably because I'm on a Mac. Might wait for the next beta to come out before ditching MS Office for the extra 430MB of space. If you are thinking of buying MS Office don't bother, unless you really need... someone to blame?
[Version 2.0b3]

Lee Majors commented on 11 Jul 2006
Dude. What's your problem Forrestwalter... You are too hard core. Thanks so much.... now I can use version 2.
[Version 2.0.2]

Lee Majors had trouble on 18 Jul 2006
This seems a bit to beta for me, hangs on the loading screen then sucks up all of my remaining CPU power.

Unusual, cause iSlayer is awesome, and all other versions have 'scrolled like butter'.
[Version 3.0b1]

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