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larrymcj commented on 22 Mar 2014
While TinyGrab may be nice, don't bother with it if you need to edit your screenshot before uploading it. For that, Monosnap is the best I've found.
[Version 2.02]

larrymcj commented on 30 Jan 2014
OK, a lot of whining here and berating of Pages, but no viable recommendations that I can see. Everything that is an alternative to Pages (here in MU) also get bad reviews. So, all I can determine is that the vocal few in MU don't have a Word Processor or office suite they like. Does that mean one doesn't exist?

Actually, the biggest problem for me is the way iCloud handles all iWorks apps and makes me create a duplicate folder for each project name I have in each iWorks app. If iWorks was more like Dropbox things would be better, but Apple, in all their wisdom, thinks the file/folder concept should go away. Alas, they've been thinking that way about this subject since 1984...I remember when it began.
[Version 5.1]

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larrymcj replied on 30 Jan 2014
I don't disagree...but I also don't see any other options. I'm over MS Office for Mac and I don't care for the open source alternatives. So far, since Apple first removed the features in iWorks apps for the sake of iOS they've said they would put them back...and they have a good start. So, I'm going to keep plugging along with iWorks and hope they live up to their promise. If not, maybe by then Office for Mac 2014 will be out.

larrymcj replied on 31 Jan 2014
I realize you're probably a power user of iWork apps and truly need the missing features. But I just did a search for "Apple promises to put back features" and it turned up a boatload of articles where Apple quoted to bring back "most" of the missing features over the next six months (and that was in November). Things like Applescript were specifically mentioned. I'm still betting it eventually will be a lot better than it is now.

larrymcj replied on 31 Jan 2014
I went back and looked...and you're correct. But again, even though Apple is very headstrong in what they do, it's hard to believe they aren't listening to the hue and cry of current iWorks users. But, then again it's all about money, and they had to do what they did in order to make the iOS version what it is...and as to keep ahead of Microsoft.

I know Pages isn't adequate for you and others..but for the casual user, and even intermediate user like me who does a lot of writing but without the need for Applescript, I find it perfectly OK. I hope they fix things in the near future for the power users.

larrymcj reviewed on 22 Jan 2014
Most everything good about Airmail has already been said here, but I'd like to just add my five stars to what I think is a really solid contender for best email app available for the Mac.

It's Gmail-centric in that it ties to every component of a Gmail or Google Apps account WRT to email and contacts. In fact, during the past week I've tried the top Mac email apps available and I've been very disappointed in most. The list I tried were Airmail, Inky, Unibox, Postbox, Thunderbird, and the newest version of Mail Pilot.

Some of these don't link to contacts at all, especially Google Contacts, forcing you to export/import to get your contacts into them (deal-breaker for me). And Airmail was the *ONLY* app that allowed me to start typing the name of a contact group in Google Contacts and it pre-filled the address field with that group. I simply couldn't live without that feature as I send email to many different groups.

Airmail is also the only app I tried with a very long list of fonts and font sizes available for both the message composer and signature, allowing me to create useful signatures that people can read, but still be in a font that I like.

I suppose like any app, everyone mileage will vary, but I'm an email/Gmail addict and I love Airmail. (Disclaimer: I don't know the developer and have never interacted with them. These are simply my impressions.) Over all the years I've used a Mac I have relied very heavily on the opinions of users here in MU before buying an hopefully I can pay it forward a little bit with this review.
[Version 1.3.1]

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larrymcj replied on 03 Mar 2014
Since editing reviews is not allowed here, I felt it necessary to add that since I first posted this as simply a very satisfied user of Airmail, I have recently joined the Airmail support staff.

The new version (1.3.2) just released this morning in the MAS and has scores of improvements and bug fixes.
larrymcj commented on 20 Jan 2014
I really want to like this app...but I see very little difference between it and other similar apps that simply open their own inherent browser windows to a Gmail account. It's the same as apps like MailTab Pro, with the exception of having a tab for the Google Calendar. Am I missing something? I'm a Gmail addict and after losing the Gmail Notifier a few days ago, I'm trying to find something else.
[Version 3.1.2]

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larrymcj replied on 21 Jan 2014
Thanks for the reply, Jessica. I am definitely aware of your good support, but in all honesty, MailTab Pro has good support as well...I have a couple of their apps. Please understand I am simply doing due diligence before spending $35 (family license for me and my wife).

I only use my one Google Apps gmail account, so having multiple accounts is not a benefit, but since losing the Google Notifier, having a Google Calendar tab is a plus. Not sure it's worth the extra $33 though when I can simply add the Google Calendar to my Safari Bookmarks Bar.

Both apps work outside the browser, and with all of Gmail recent changes, such as options when right-clicking a message while still in the inbox, most of Mailplanes extra GUI buttons at the top are no longer needed. In fact, I'm still trying to figure out why "New, Reply, Forward, and Trash" (at the top of the Mailplane GUI) are even needed? These actions are very readily accessible in the existing Gmail interface.

Sincerely, if I'm missing something that could make Mailplane more beneficial than MailTab Pro or just using Gmail in Safari, please let me know. Again, I'm just trying to justify spending $35 in an ecosystem where the average price of an app is less than $5. Thanks again for replying.
larrymcj commented on 18 Jan 2014
This would be the perfect notifier to replace the Google Notifier that will die on Jan 31, 2014 except for one problem. If installed for multiple users, the menu bar icon turns red and has the new message count badge for only the first user. When you add a second user, the app functions fine, but the icon doesn't alert the second user to new messages. This problem occurs when the first user logs out and the second user logs in.
[Version 0.8.0]

larrymcj commented on 18 Jan 2014
Does anyone know if this app will also simply take the place of the Google Notifier? I don't want to use Mail Call's GUI (it reminds me too much of the hideous I just want to be notified on my Menu Bar that I have email in my Gmail account and press a button to be taken there. Before anyone recommends other simple apps like Gmail Notifr...I've already tried every one of them available and they each have their problems. Thanks.
[Version 1.7]

larrymcj commented on 17 Jan 2014
Sadly, Google just announced this will be killed.

larrymcj commented on 13 Jan 2014
This app, regardless of its high ratings in the App Store, hasn't been updated since April 2011. Should that concern me if I'm considering to purchase it?
[Version 1.1.2]


larrymcj reviewed on 05 Dec 2013
I’m always impressed when one of the apps I purchase turns out to be an indispensable tool on my Mac, especially one that has to sync with my iOS devices, and Day One is just that. I’ve tried the top five journaling and daily timeline apps for iOS and Mac and IMHO, Day One is the clear winner in all regards. It looks good, it feels good, and it serves every imaginable need of an app in its genre.

But even the best of apps need something that most apps don’t have…support from the developer. I encountered a couple of minor issues I couldn’t figure out about Day One and their support guru promptly responded and professionally solved both issues. He took the time to have an email dialog with me and made me feel like a real customer, which I appreciate immensely. Kudos to Bloom Built, LLC for not only a great app…but equally great support.
[Version 1.8.1]

larrymcj commented on 19 Nov 2013
Back when MacGourmet Deluxe was one of the few games in town, I actually used this...and I bought it. The problem I always had was communications with the developer was difficult, and there was always the blurred line between MacGourmet and MacGourmet Deluxe being owned (apparently) by two different developers (or at least distributors). Sorry, but after Paprika came out I changed and have never looked back. And and now that Paprika 2.0 came out this week for iPad and iPhone I don't understand how there can even be a realistic comparison between the two apps.
[Version 4.0.3]

larrymcj had trouble on 04 Feb 2014
One of the problems that's always plagued me with MUMenu is when I "completely" uninstall an app using an uninstall utility, MUMenu still thinks I have it installed. Good example is Google Chrome, which I fully uninstalled the other day (and have rebooted several times since)...still shows up as a colored icon, indicating it's on my system...but it's not.
[Version 2.1.4]

larrymcj had trouble on 20 Feb 2011
Just tried this for the first time and one of its features is "supposed" to be activating hidden preference panes. I activated the preference pane for the Apple Archiver but it doesn't appear under Preferences/Other. It shows in TinkerTool System as being activated.
[Version 2.6]

larrymcj had trouble on 09 Nov 2009
After working just fine for several weeks, WeatherDock started showing erroneous icons and weather reports (e.g. 52 degrees and rain while outside it was 64 degrees and bright sun)...which was what the Weather Channel also reported. It's getting its info from the Weather Channel so not sure what's happening, but it's consistently wrong, so uninstalled for now. ('s configured for the correct city)
[Version 2.5.1]

larrymcj had trouble on 05 Feb 2009
These scripts are great and easily modified to most anything you want. do you stop them to go back to the way Finder displays normally, before running these scripts?
[Version 2.2]

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larrymcj replied on 06 Feb 2009
Thanks, Frank...I just wanted to make sure I could revert back to the old (screwed up) configuration, if needed :-)
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