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Kuphd reviewed on 14 Oct 2009
Forms To Go has to be the best software I've ever purchased. It makes creating email forms super easy. No need to learn coding with this app. Open your HTML form, a few clicks and you're ready to go. And now it's even got CAPTCHA!
[Version 4.2.2]

kuphd commented on 17 Sep 2009
$20 for this? I'll wait for FinderPop. It's free.
[Version 2.5]

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Kuphd replied on 27 Nov 2009
I could say the same thing about you. If you'll notice, what I said was input as a Comment. I didn't rate the software. A Comment is my opinion. If you don't like other people's opinions, maybe your shouldn't read this section. As for my previous Comment...my opinion still stands. $20 is a rip off for what this does. I don't like throwing my money away and I don't believe 99% of other folks do either. Apparently, you're in the 1%.
kuphd commented on 07 Jan 2009
All this "why don't you do drag and drop" complaining is a bunch of bunk. I've owned and used Macs since 1988 and OS X since 10.1, so I know a little something. The fact is, installers are faster and easier and isn't that the whole point of owning a Mac? All you elitists out there who seem to dislike the idea of more people coming to the platform ("switchers") need to get a clue. More "switchers" means more money for Apple. More money for Apple means Apple stays in business. Keeping Apple in business means you get to keep your beloved Mac. How's that for logic?

A lot of people coming to the Mac are from the Windoze arena. Most of those folks can't even find the Applications folder. All they've ever known are installers. Why not keep those people coming in? If they can't find where to drag and drop an app, they aren't going to be happy customers. If they aren't happy customers, they go elsewhere. Bye bye Apple.

And one final note: if Apple didn't want people using an installer, they wouldn't have included one in their Developer Tools.

My only annoyance with the Stuffit installer is that it automatically puts icons on my Dock where I don't want them. I'm not going to gripe about it though, because they're easy to remove.

So all you people out there who seem to think more confusing is better, why don't you try going to a very basic Linux without any installers so you can really have fun installing things?
[Version 13.0.3]

kuphd commented on 23 Dec 2008
still allowed all sorts of ads to come through. i've been using adsubtract which is a css file for a long time. it's never broken with any safari update and removes all ads. also, be careful with this if you uninstall it. it modifies your network proxy settings. you have to manually change those back in order to connect to the internet.
[Version 1.2]

kuphd commented on 14 Apr 2008
why not just use Carbon Copy Cloner? it's free.
[Version 2.0]

kuphd commented on 27 Mar 2008
1.6.6b3 doesn't seem to work at all. I have a Logitech PC keyboard which, without DoubleCommand, has the Option key functioning as the Command key. I've been using DoubleCommand to swap the Option and Command keys. With 1.6.6b3, none of the settings stick. However, going back to 1.6.6b1 makes it work again.
[Version 1.6.6b3]

kuphd commented on 30 Nov 2006
woo hooo...finally the ugly beach ball is history.

thanks Unsanity!
[Version 1.3]

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kuphd replied on 01 Dec 2006
spoke too soon. it's not working. shows up properly in the pref pane, but i still have the same, boring, old beachball in the system.
kuphd commented on 27 Nov 2006
Here's what Deep Freeze does: Every time your computer is rebooted, it reverts back to its original state (set when you set up the app). Everything done after that original setup gets deleted (settings, files, etc.).

So, if you're a home user, you do NOT want this on your computer. If you're working in a lab, you do NOT want this on your computer.

An example of when you DO want this is if you're in a library (or some other place where people walk in off the street to use computers). When they log out, the computer reboots and resets itself...deleting anything they've downloaded, installed or changed. It basically removes the problem of security (i.e., someone who leaves their resume file on the Desktop). No one who uses the computer after them will be able to see their personal information.

In short, this app can be very handy, but in very limited situations.

kuphd commented on 11 Nov 2006
what is going on with Mighty Mouse? Unsanity said on their website on Sept 7th to watch out for an Intel version "in the coming days". still nothing. they shoud've said "the coming months".

come on Unsanity...you've got freeware haxies updated already. we PAID for Mighty Mouse. give it priority.
[Version 1.2.2]

kuphd had trouble on 04 Jan 2008
There has been something I've been wondering for quite a while. When I pull up the contextual menu and browse my OS X System drive, I still see the invisible folders etc, home, net, tmp and var. Those don't show up when I actually open the drive, but they always have in the FolderGlance menu. I've got the "Files to include in menus:" setting set to "Only visible files" and I don't see anything else discussing that.

Can someone tell me what (if anything) I'm missing or is this normal?

Thanks in advance.
[Version 2.1]

kuphd had trouble on 29 Nov 2006
has anyone else noticed this breaking Microsoft Entourage? and if so, do you know how to fix it? all other Office apps open fine after this update. only Entourage seems to be affected. i'm on an Intel Core Duo Mac Mini.

[Version 2006-007]

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kuphd replied on 29 Nov 2006
all office 2004 updates applied. guess i'll have to try to reinstall entourage. it was working fine before the update. now it just bounces a couple times and dies. no "unexpectedly quit" errors or anything. just stops.

kuphd replied on 29 Nov 2006
Bruce & olto,

Thanks for the tips. Unfortunately, neither worked. Bruce, on your first option, couldn't do that one. I can't get Entourage to launch at all, so I can't get to the prefs.

Anyway, I appreciate you taking the time to help me out with this. The only thing I can think of that happened was sometime during the update, it hosed Entourage. Every other apps appears to be fine, but Entourage is toast...even after reinstalling it.

Thanks again.
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