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Kong rated on 13 Oct 2013
[Version 3.0.9]


Kong reviewed on 03 May 2013
It's an easy to use, very versatile app that is very well supported and regularly updated by it's maker. It's localized in umphteen languages and has worked flawlessly for me. And not to forget: it is free software after all!
[Version 4.3.1]

Kong rated on 28 Oct 2012
[Version 2.4.3]

Kong rated on 03 Jan 2012
[Version 2.4.3]


Kong reviewed on 08 Sep 2011
I'm being happier and happier with FontExplorer: Linotype are continuously expanding features, eliminating nuisances (almost none left...) and are having great, responsive, one-to-one support. I am a graphic designer and have used various font management apps in my time. None has proven as stable, handy, agile and useful as FontExplorer. Activation, deactivation, installing, troubleshooting fonts - easy as cake. I can preview and compare texts set in multiple fonts and even can classify my fonts now where I had to set up groups before, making everything much smoother. And it's got a feature for printing type specimens and lets you check ink consumption of different font weights. And now there is even a Windows version of the app: that's what I call confident!
[Version 3.1]


Kong reviewed on 06 Dec 2010
Really helpful app for keeping files and folders in sync. Easy to use and very unobtrusive in my opinion. And I like it that I can choose e.g. between a simple update where previous versions are being kept or a replacement-sync that gives me just the latest version of files with no clutter in the target folder! Regularly updated by the author so give thanks if u appreciate it, too!
[Version 1.7.2]


Kong reviewed on 13 Jun 2010
Installed via software update it does not work on my 2.3GHz Dual G5 PPC mac. No page gets loaded, browser crashes after a while. Re-installing of Safari 4.0.5 not possible anymore. Forced me to a delete all Safari files and use a backup off TimeMachine. I did not like the part where I had to re-install the safari framework manually.

Was it really meant for NON-intel macs? If not, how come it installed anyway???

Very un-apple thing, this. Anybody else with the same behaviour on their mac?
[Version 5.0]


Kong reviewed on 16 Aug 2009
Of course, either Apple or then Adobe should have included this feature eons ago, especially in a high-tuned OS as is OS X 10.5. I don't understand e.g., that although embedded in the document, InDesign won't show me the preview of the document I want to open, when I hit «command + open» from within the application. At least InDesign itself should do that.

Since installing SneakPeek Pro I can see it, yay! Not only the previews in the Finder, which - whatever the quite hefty prize tag - makes it money well spent. Just to finally have that feature at your hands is awesome.
[Version 1.2.1]

Kong commented on 01 Aug 2008
Surprise, surprise: instead of working out QXP's 7.31 longtime standing bugs running under Leopard OS X 10.5 they come up with a newer version of the app, . The german passport version does not allow file names (or the folders they are saved in) to contain "special characters" such as underscores or german language "Umlauts" (ä,ö etc.) The files become corrupted while being auto saved or placed in a auto-created folder with the Umlaut replaced by some other signs. No problem if I create new files but I got a gazillion files that I need to check the names of before I can dare and open them in QXP 7. Customer support says they are is well aware of the problem (have been for months, that is) and will request one - in all earnest - to go back to using QXP 6.5. The guy found it all funny (he repeatedly laughed out while talking about the issue to me) that I didn't like to hear what "support" he had to offer (they might or might not have a solution in the next couple of months)!!! So you shed a bucket of bucks for a faulty application, get no hint of help when you need it and instead of a bugfix you have to pay more money for another upgrade. The app is way clumsier to handle than InDesign and uses forever when saving large files. In addition to that files tend to get bigger and bigger (and I mean huge: a 20 page A5 brochure gets blown up to 600mb) after a couple of savings. "Saving as" can reduce the size but then the game starts all over. Exporting to PDF adds dozens of extra gibberish characters that too often have to be manually removed from the file's name in the finder because the export dialog won't let you do it properly or in reasonable time. Don't worry, be happy: get InDesign!
[Version 8.0]

Kong commented on 24 Jan 2008
After a couple of updates to Apple's OS X DW stopped working. I think some kind of revision 39 was downloadable but it refused to accept my original (!) CD from AlSoft as not being updateable!

Now for about a year and a half I have not been able to start up from the CD to check on my Mac. Okay, I can do this FireWire/target thing, but I don't always have another Mac or a bootable drive at hand when sh*t hits the fan.

So I'm stuck out there, knowing I legally own the most versatile and blah blah disk repair software I paid a good amount of money for and it just refuses to help me.

I'm sure this will happen again in a couple of months with Leopard. And DW 4.x that I should have to pay another whopping 50$ for just the upgrade. Incredible in my opinion!

Should I then buy ANOTHER (more recent version of DW), a version that I actually already own???? They could at least offer registered customers to send them a cheap updated CD version of the software they already own.

THAT I would call support.
[Version 4.1]

Kong had trouble on 07 Dec 2010
The icon doesn't show on my Mac when the app is running in version 1.7.2, it's just an empty space in the dock etc.

iMac Intel 2.16 CoreDuo OS X 10.6.5
[Version 1.7.2]

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