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Kohoutek reviewed on 12 Aug 2013
It's a lot of fun to use this player. I'm partial toward any attempt to port FOSS/GNU stuff to Mac. It is stable and easy to install. It looks and feels just like Amarok on KDE, and that gives me nice warm fuzzies inside.

But the problem is that it looks and feels just like Amarok on KDE. Oh, did I mention that it looks and feels just like Amarok on KDE?

Oh well.

I was going to point out that Amarok 2.7 is available through Macports, but with numerous dependency errors that may take hours to sort out.

Clementine will serve excellently in the meantime!
[Version 1.1]


Kohoutek reviewed on 12 Aug 2013
I spent a few hours not long ago comparing Safari and Chrome, basically to reassess which browser would meet my needs. Chrome held out in all my criteria except one. Most of these criteria are focused on the UI:

1. Tabbed browsing - Chrome has a direct tab layout that reads from left to right. Safari's tab layout assumes the user will look toward the center of the browser; but it just left me looking for the tab.

2. Bookmarks - Chrome's bookmark bar is instantly configurable and flexible. Icons are essential for me. Safari's focus on text simply requires unnecessary adjustment for me. Safari will not import Chrome bookmarks (Chrome devs' fault, I know); 3rd party "syncing" solutions for this are just not complete.

3. Syncing - Chrome syncs everywhere, all the time. Safari will not sync with Chrome without additional third-party syncing tools that really barely function, though Chrome will sync with Safari.

4. Page loading - I'm an impatient person, living in an impatient country, so I like to see and read whatever portion of a page has loaded even if the whole never finishes. By default, Safari makes me wait until the whole page has loaded before I can see it. This is one reason, I suspect, for Safari's reputation for being "slow." Makes me tap my fingers on the desk, which in turn makes my cat nervous ;-)

5. UI integration - This is where Chrome falls short. But I'll forgo that as long as Chrome remains the workhorse that it is. I switched from Chromium to Chrome, however, precisely so I could get a bit more of the Graphite look, so Chrome is improving.

Upshot: Chrome is efficient, direct, and still quite fast. It handles the more muscular jobs that we expect in modern browsers -- multiple tabs and intuitive bookmarking, without a single bug or complaint. Safari expects a great deal more adaptation from me than I have time for.
[Version 28.0.1500.95]

Kohoutek rated on 12 Aug 2013
[Version 1.4.3]


Kohoutek reviewed on 15 Jun 2012
One of the half dozen or so FOSS projects that really matter. Up there with Open/LibreOffice, Audacity, Firefox, Thunderbird, and VLC.
[Version 4.1.16]

Kohoutek commented on 10 Jun 2012
Clicking on Visit Developer's Site downloads a .zip file called "poseidon-1.zip" and does not lead to a website.
[Version 0.1.12]


Kohoutek reviewed on 09 Jun 2012
This is getting better. It no longer crashes, since the most recent update, on Lion. It was unusable here before that.

The full-screen coverflow needs to continue to come along, however. Compositing remains slow. It lags by about 3-4 seconds, with application windows blurred until compositing finishes.

The developer should try to get this along at least as far as Compiz in Ubuntu, including not just basic issues like compositing, but more features like semi-transparency.

One thing everyone is happy with is the dev's responsiveness. That's encouraging.

However, it's hard to justify monetizing this app in its current state.
[Version 2.31]

Kohoutek commented on 22 May 2012
None of these Launchpad editors are ever going to work unless they include SQL database editing. That's why they don't actually save settings. The successful one will be able to modify the database in ~/Library/Application Support/Dock.
[Version 2.1]

Kohoutek commented on 17 May 2012
What is the difference between this application and site-specific browsers such as Fluid (http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/26476/fluid) or Raven (http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/40498/raven)?
[Version 2.0]


Kohoutek reviewed on 17 May 2012
I agree with everyone expressing thanks to the developer to bring back Spaces.

I also agree with some users, such as Shock-J, who point out that more features are needed so that this can be ready for prime-time and big-time on the Mac. The effects themselves may seem cosmetic, but the result would be an app that fits well into the user's overall desktop experience.

More integration is needed with Mission Control. Here are some things to aim for:

(1) A default transition into the grid that zooms back from the current desktop, as Mission Control does.

(2) An ability to override MC's default swipe transition between desktops, so that whether the user changes desktops from within the grid overview or MC overview, they can still get the same transition, such as cube.

(3) Along with #2, an ability to assign the same keyboard shortcuts to TS as to MC.
[Version 0.9.10]


Kohoutek reviewed on 14 May 2012
I'm looking for a functioning coverflow switcher like the "shift switcher" in Compiz, but haven't found one yet. In the meantime, this one does its job very well. And, at least while it's in beta, the price is right.
[Version 0.2.32-dev]

Kohoutek had trouble on 17 May 2012
Is anyone having an issue where Lion Designer breaks the "Change Desktop Background" setting?

After I installed this app, that is what happened on my system. The desktop background became Andromeda.jpg -- the default desktop -- and I was no longer able to change the background.

I deleted deleted several different caches and preference files, both using OnyX and by manually, but these tries did not fix the problem.

I finally resorted to deleting the file /System/CoreServices/DefaultDesktop.jpg and replacing it by renaming the background I wanted to use as the "DefaultDesktop.jpg." This worked.

However, still no ability to change the background. The preference command is simply broken.

I'm not sure whether Lion Designer is the culprit, but it was the last app I installed before the breakage, and it was installed just before the breakage, too.
[Version 3.0]

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Kohoutek replied on 23 May 2012
Yes, actually, I saw it yesterday. It's all fixed for now.

Kohoutek had trouble on 20 Dec 2011
If Spike is looking for a new server, he might look into BBC's met service. It's used by many Linux apps.

He could also develop this app in such a way that it doesn't depend on one server.

I wonder why he hasn't implemented a feature in which users may designate a server. Along with this, it would be better if the app didn't freeze up if it can't connect to a server. Meteorologist, for example, just shows the app icon if it can't connect.

Meteorologist, btw, has also had this server problem many times. I switched to Weathervane because, up to now, the weather server there has been reliable.
[Version 2.3.2]

Kohoutek had trouble on 14 Jun 2011
On 10.5.8, tried to install trial version of 1.2, but it won't open. Exception occurs. Here's the error:

Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000002, 0x0000000000000000
Crashed Thread: 0

Dyld Error Message:
unknown required load command 0x80000022

Would like to at least try the software, thanks.
[Version 1.2]

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