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Kobalt reviewed on 25 Mar 2014
"Legacy label color painting for OS X 10.9"

Yes! Thanks for that.
[Version 0.19]


Kobalt reviewed on 19 Feb 2014
Just installed this on my late 2013 iMac with Mavericks 10.9.1 installed – no more startup chime.

There is a slight crackle at startup, but nothing that would upset anyone in your favourite coffee shop. Make mine a double-shot mocha.
[Version 1.0.1]


Kobalt reviewed on 04 Feb 2014
Oh sure, I'll be the one to say 'LOVE IT!". My previous comments stand.

Thanks for updating this for CC.
[Version 6.0.0]


Kobalt reviewed on 23 Jan 2014
Apparently "fseventer (as of Oct 2013) does run in osx 10.9 Mavericks. (In earlier developer previews it would not run due to a Apple code signing requirement bug.)".

So that's good news!

[Version 2.7.6]


Kobalt reviewed on 15 Jan 2014
Yes, I use LittleSnitch but feel much better for using TCPBlock at the same time. Excellent app.
[Version 3.0]

Kobalt commented on 02 Jan 2014
Hmm, at the time of writing the 'What's New' notes for v9.1 don't show anything but the generic sales spiel for CC (ie stuff that was 'new' when CC was first released) and the 'complete release notes' link is no better.

So what's new in v9.1?
[Version 9.1]

Kobalt commented on 28 Dec 2013
More 'Hundreds of bug fixes'. Must be one heck of a buggy app.

I'll go with Donmontalvo's suggestion below.
[Version 5.2.3]

Kobalt commented on 28 Nov 2013
Does the job, but what a CPU hog! I watched it for a while with Activity Monitor and it peaked at 97.5% at times, slowing down everything else I do, including typing this msg.

Not sure if it's a feature or a bug, but from my POV it needs to be addresses pretty urgently.
[Version 5.0.0]


Kobalt reviewed on 17 Nov 2013
Just a bit worried about the disclaimer on Jo's website: 'This is a beta version, things may not work as expected.', but I'll give it a go.

My star rating is for the stable v2.1 and may well increase once v3 is out of beta, because it seems to tick all the missing boxes.
[Version 3.0b1]


Kobalt reviewed on 10 Nov 2013
I've said it before but I'll say it again. Great bit of software I'd be happy to pay some money for should that time ever come. No issue with damaged files, no unexpected password requests, no problems installing or running.
[Version 0.18]

Kobalt had trouble on 19 Jan 2014
I was using v4.6.2 and had enabled the "Enable Finder-click (choose a folder by clicking on its Finder window)" option just like I always have it enabled, but it doesn't seem to work, instead selecting the Finder every time I clicked in an open folder window where I want to save a file to.

So I've gone back to v4.6.1 and everything is sweet again.

Anyone else with this little problem?
[Version 4.6.2]

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Kobalt replied on 21 Jan 2014
Just installed v4.6.3 and that solve my problem. Thanks to the devs for sorting this out.
Kobalt had trouble on 27 Sep 2010
v1.0 doesn't seem to play nice with Finderpop anymore. I get windows opening on their own and without tabs when I select a sub folder from the sidebar via Finderpop.

Never had a problem with the pre-v1.0 versions.

You may wonder why I post this here. I simply refuse to jump through Twitter/Facebook/etc hoops to get a 'bug' report to the dev, but that's how the dev's set up the reporting system. Here's hoping my msg will be read anyway.
[Version 1.0]

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Kobalt replied on 28 Sep 2010
Oh, excuse me, Dr Win. I thought that perhaps the 'Support' menu item at your website would be the one to click to report a possible bug.

It takes me to http://support.binaryage.com/ and when I complete a report and follow *all* the prompts and answer all the questions, I end up with this


And the very same happens when I try your suggested 'getsatisfaction.com/binaryage' link.

Kobalt replied on 28 Sep 2010
But having said all that, I do really like your app! :)
Kobalt had trouble on 24 Mar 2010
At the time of writing, the download link address is incorrect - there's a dot missing.

This is the right address


ADMIN, please remove this msg when the link's been fixed.
[Version 2.8.1]

kobalt had trouble on 21 Oct 2007
Okay, problem solved. A restart did the trick. Well, I should have tried that to begin with ... duh!
[Version 1.0.2]

kobalt had trouble on 20 Oct 2007
After installing 'trash' I had no option but to either accept or reject 'immediate deletion'. I have deleted 'trash' again, but I still get this insistent choice when I hit cmd+del. How do I get back to the situation prior to installing 'trash' when I could just move files to the trash folder with that key combo for later 'real' deletion?
[Version 1.0.2]

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kobalt commented on 20 Oct 2007
Thanks for the suggestion, but I seem to not have made myself quite clear. I turned off the annoying warning you're referring to the very moment I installed OSX.
Prior to installing and using 'trash' I could move files to the trash and they'd just sit there until I chose to empty the trash. Now whenever I want to move something to the trash, I am advised that it will be deleted immediately, ie I cannot just have it sit there anymore until I am ready to empty the trash. Clearly this means that if I accidentally move anything to the trash now, I have no way of pulling it out anymore.
I want to go back to the status I had prior to installing/using 'trash'. How do I go about doing that?
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