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Knowhowe commented on 30 May 2013
If, like me, you're happy and productive with Snow Leopard, forget this. Requires 10.7. Why????
[Version 1.0.2]

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Knowhowe replied on 04 Jun 2013
"Because Lion and Mountain Lion are better in hundreds of little ways. If you're resistant to changes, I'm not sure you quite "get" this whole computer thing. If you're happy with Snow Leopard, that's fine and good for the time being, but stop looking for improvements and stay where you are. If you're ready to open your mind and move forward, upgrade to ML and enjoy the benefits."

This is merely a 'minimal' email client. I simply enquired why it therefore required 10.7 to run. I didn't require condescending bollox about 'not getting' computing from the likes of you. Grow up and deal with honest enquiries with a little more good grace.
Knowhowe commented on 24 Mar 2013
A simple 'classic' arcade game that needs a minimum of OS X 10.8 to work? You taking the piss?
[Version 1.0]

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Knowhowe replied on 24 Mar 2013
And the link to the dev's site doesn't work :/
Knowhowe commented on 10 Mar 2013
Give SharedSecrets a go. Simple and free. I've been using it happily on SL but, according to a reviewer, it works fine on ML too.
[Version 5.4]

Knowhowe commented on 24 Feb 2013
Thought this was interesting and that I'd give it a spin. Double clicking produces a momentary icon present in the menu bar but then nothing... ??

MBP 10.6.8
[Version 1.0]

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Knowhowe replied on 25 Feb 2013
Yes. As I said, the icon appeared for a slit second in the menubar and then disappeared.

I've just downloaded it again and run it. This time it stayed in the menubar for a full ten seconds or so but the beachball appeared when mousing over it. Then- pop! gone..

Don't experience weirdness like this often on my very reliable MBP so interested to know what's amiss..

Knowhowe replied on 25 Feb 2013
"My mistake. Looks like there is an issue on 10.6. I'll try to get this fixed ASAP."

Cheers. I'll be waiting to try again :)

Knowhowe replied on 26 Feb 2013
Ah. Working now! Thanks.
Will live with this for a while and see how useful it will prove. I'm sure very!

Knowhowe replied on 26 Feb 2013
OK, been playing with this today. Had a tedious job involving a long list of files that had to be edited and put into a second folder. Tuck made the task so much easier- a folder tucked into each side of the screen, only popping out when needed... ace.
I agree with other posters that the tucked window needs to be reduced to a titled tab. This would surely allow more tucked windows into the available space.
I'll be sticking with this nontheless. Good work dev- and thanks also for so promptly dealing with the 10.6 issue! :)
Knowhowe commented on 03 Feb 2013
Unobservant of me- but 10.7 and above needed. Sigh..
[Version 2.0.2]

Knowhowe commented on 03 Feb 2013
Integrity has always done the job for me :)
[Version 8.0.0]


Knowhowe reviewed on 09 Jan 2013
Well, I finally installed iTunes 11. I was holding back as I was unhappy by the loss of iTunes DJ, a feature I use constantly.
I saw the new update working for the first time while visiting my brother and mentioned this. No, he said, it's still there- you just click on the 'crossed arrows' icon to the right of the progress bar, select your playlist and off you go. No problem.
So, I now have it installed, set to 'music' view with the sidebar showing my playlists. The design is pleasing and it's decidedly faster than before. The miniplayer is great too.
What's missing? Nothing I need- perhaps a new visualiser pattern, but there's lots of third party ones. All of mine work faultlessly with iTunes 11 by the way.
All in all, great stuff. And now for iPhoto??
[Version 11.0.1]

Knowhowe commented on 14 Dec 2012
When I click on Cobook's menubar icon, all I can see at first is a slab of plain grey over the listings with just a tiny strip clear down each side. Clicking on this banishes the grey but I am then met by multiple etries for some- not all- of my address book names. Manually deleting these is a waste of time as they just reappear next time.
I wrote to the devs about these issues and they told me they were aware that they affected many users and that they'd be addressed in the next update. Well, here it is and the same old problems persist. Straight into the bin with it- again.
Oh, and no, my Apple address book offers no problems and does not contain multiple entries before you try to suggest it..
[Version 1.2]

Knowhowe commented on 06 Dec 2012
I've long been using a great FREE app called sharedSecrets for all this. Works great under Snow Leopard but no idea if it'll play nice with a later OS..
I'm sure this also is good at its job but is there any reason for me to change to Lockbox given that I don't plan to move to 10.8 and don't have ten dollars to spare either?

Knowhowe commented on 08 Nov 2012
According to this article on MacDailyNews, Pixelmator 2.1.3 DOES offer CMYK support!...
[Version 2.1.3]

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