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Kidclam reviewed on 04 Sep 2012
Bug ridden and simple features that you would expect are not there. Basically very bad user interface. Users, please reply if you find otherwise. I am hoping its just my install is buggy. I don't want to try reinstalling as I have so many comics on the library.

Bug or features missing. (something which shouldn't be a request but its a basic need to make this app work)

1. Doesn't save last saved view in library. Defaults back to list and thumbnail as 50-50 division on every restart. I just want to have cover view only. I have to switch to this by manually dragging the divider every morning. Just makes me want to throw this app away.
2. Can't delete more than one comic at a time. C'mon, this is crazy especially I finish a 35 issue series and have to delete individually and with a prompt to ask me.
3. Can't set a view to enlarge to vertical length based on comic. This way I don't have to scroll every spread to see top and bottom of a page. The Macbook Pro 15" is enough for me to read the comic if it is zoomed to fit vertically. If it fits vertically it will show full horizontally.
4. When dragging new comics into reading lists, it won't drop comics into existing reading lists. So basically it is not customisable so why have reading lists in the first place. If it works for you then my install doesn't which means its a bug? Please let me know from other users.
5. Opening up comic, they should just have a feature to hide the top menu in the window so there's no need to go to fullscreen.
6. I recommend developer to try using iPhone/ipad app called Comic Glass by Japanese developers. It has an amazing function that can take any image in the comic to use as cover, you can also crop the cover. This makes sense especially for Manga covers since the usual scans have the front and back cover. You can crop and then it becomes the cover. Brilliant. Right now for Comicglass, I have to take each comic and screenshot the cover to be placed first by renaming 01.jpg so its the first file. Time waster... :(
[Version 1.5]


Kidclam reviewed on 29 Mar 2012
Amazes me how I could not find this on the Apple site, or Epson when I clicked on the relevant download page. It took me a day to test restart reinstall etc. until I accidently stumbled onto here, and this driver miraculously worked.

What I don't understand since the drivers are updated, why it isn't updated automatically on the Software Update on the Mac?
[Version 2.10]


Kidclam reviewed on 15 Feb 2010
I think the idea of organising PDF magazine and ebooks is quite a good idea. Not sure if this is the software to do it though. You can organize your own PDF through a folder system on your hard drive that is as good as this software. Since it relies on Preview software for reading I don't really see the point in using it.

A better software would be Comicbooklover which has its own reading UI. I can drag these PDF ebooks or comics to it and get more use out of it than this software.

Hopefully the developer will feature more interesting all in one functions and I might convert.
[Version 1.0.27]

kidclam commented on 20 Aug 2009
I am using SnowLeopard and this version doesn't work any more. I guess I have to wait until end of the month?
[Version 1.0.2]


kidclam reviewed on 22 May 2009
Following some user's advice, I reinstalled Synergy as it was not working that well.
And remarkably it worked. Opened on startup, song info with artwork of recent song works well and I am very happy once again.

People should try to reinstall and let us know if it works for you.

I am using a MacBookPro on Leopard with all Apple updates and latest iTunes 8.1.1.

I have given all 5 star reviews except stabillity (3 stars) and hoping that it won't mess up after a few weeks of use. Will update this review otherwise.
[Version 3.2.2]


kidclam reviewed on 15 Aug 2008
Since the update with the artwork now displayable, I am very happy with Synergy.
Now I don't have to go back to iTunes everytime to change the rating, check the item and also look at the album display. I have many singles which don't have album names, so I can basically cut that out from showing on the floater and it's all good. I also can control the colume, mute etc with keyboard commands. This is very useful since I play my itunes though airtunes to my pro hifi. With one click I can switch to mute or lower the volume without changing apps.

Apart from the normal expectated functions, I still think that it should be a seemless intergration and that starting up at login should be essential. It just doesn't seem that hard to do since every other shareware I use is running OK with this function.

So to the Synergy programmers, please fix this to make it a perfect workable shareware that people would gladly pay for. If you want your existing customer base not to jump ship, then do something about it soon! You missed on a 5 for Features.

Not sure if they fixed the problem where Synergy just closes itself without you knowing. I haven't tested this long enough to review so I will rate the Stability to be 3 still. Thanks.
[Version 3.2.1]


kidclam reviewed on 02 Apr 2008
I won't be using Synergy for now (I paid) since it opens up my iTunes way automatically.. faster than my external hard disc. It was a "!" on all my songs since it has lost connection the the library. Yeah I can still play the songs once my external is up, but when I have"shuffle" on my playlist, it doesn't play because it iTunes still thinks the songs are missing... I also use the new keyboard with the function keys for play/pause etc. and can function directly to iTunes on any software I am currently working on. So Synergy is basically not needed anymore. PLEASE FIX THIS OPEN ITUNES ON START UP... AND ALSO PREVIEW PICS OF MY ALBUMS ON THE FLOATER... NOT GOOD ENOUGH!
[Version 3.5a5]

kidclam commented on 01 Apr 2008
I downloaded this latest installer and I am using Leopard. My album art is not showing up at all on the pop up preview window... Can anyone help? I have marked to see the preview from the preference pane.
[Version 3.5a5]

kidclam commented on 19 Mar 2008
I tried to hide this software on restart in the System Pref, but it still appears on my dock, how annoying...
[Version 3.1.2]

kidclam commented on 15 Mar 2008
Hi "The PRint"

How did you manual shut the server off. I don't even see it in the process list in Activity Monitor.

btw, uninstaller is not in the new installer.


Kidclam had trouble on 25 Aug 2011
I was wondering if anyone is having this issue. I am using Lion 10.7.1 and iTunes 10.4.1. Synergy cannot show album art. If the developer see this, please fix as I didn't pay for an upgrade not too long ago. I expected a bug like this would be fixed now given how low Lion was on dev and is now released. Thanks in advance.
[Version 4.5.2]

kidclam had trouble on 24 Jun 2009
I haven't even tried out Saft yet, but on the same minute it was installed it already asked for money. So I trashed the application yet it is still asking me to install Saft upon opening Safari with an annoying Pop up window. Way to go. If you don't pay it becomes a Spam software.

So how do I uninstall?
[Version 11.0b (5530.18)]

kidclam had trouble on 18 Jun 2009
I have contacted the developer and he has updated the version (yet still same number 1.0.2) so that it works with Safari 4. Works as normal, so its all great! Thanks to the developer for a quick turnaround.
[Version 1.0.2]

kidclam had trouble on 18 Mar 2008
Some of you guys might be experiencing the problem I first encountered. For Movies, you have to go into the Movie section, the change the source of the hard disk to read (which you can then select your computer). With this selected you can either use the iTunes folder (where it can only detect MP4) or your Movie folder in your Home folder of your computer. Once you select it, copy some movies you want to watch in this folder and then on your xbox, go back to the main menu and back into the Movie section to refresh.. and presto! The movies on your computer will be listed on your xBox. If you have any problems, please reply here so I can try to help anyone stuck. I haven't worked out how to use my external hard drive for movies, I will try to make alias' in my movie folder and see if it can play off that. Hope this helps.
[Version 3.23]

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