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Khiltdco reviewed on 02 Nov 2010
After years of being frustrated by Entourage's inability to find certificate authorities stored in my keychain, I was looking forward to its transformation back into Outlook. While Outlook will now honor my "always trust" clicks, it is largely unusable otherwise.

First there's the ribbon--a non-configurable tabbed toolbar that consumes an inordinate amount of screen real estate with its gigantic, Windows-y buttons. A minor annoyance at best, but still ample proof that the "Mac Business Unit" has a decidedly anti-Mac agenda.

For quite some time now, I've enjoyed the ability to hit command-F and... Wait for it... Search through my email. Hit command-F in Outlook and you get a "Find" dialog that does absolutely nothing unless there's an open message window. Want to search an entire mailbox? Well then you have to expand the native Mac toolbar you probably hid in order to make room for that big ol' ribbon. How intuitive.

Like re-wrapping text, increasing quoting levels or pasting as a quotation? Too bad; those features are all gone now. In fact, there are absolutely no formatting options for plain-text messages anymore. Progress!

Want to setup an account that isn't checked every single time you hit the Send/Receive All button? Again, too bad. They all run all the time.

Don't like the default font, font size, or text color of your messages list? Stick to Entourage because those options are no longer configurable.

And then there's the fact that it constantly forgets the fact that I don't want my messages grouped into "conversations," and that it crashed and corrupted its entire database multiple times when trying to import my previous Entourage "identity."

Stay classy, Microsoft.
[Version 14.0.0]


Khiltdco reviewed on 14 Aug 2010
I complained about 1.2's failure to notify you when an edited file failed to save, and rather than improve upon this, 1.3 now simply does not save edited files at all. This application is absolutely worthless and I wish I'd filed a chargeback when I had the chance.
[Version 1.3.1]

Khiltdco commented on 25 May 2010
The developer in me knows how many thousands of hours of grueling, thankless work went into getting Transmit 4 into the public's hands, and couldn't be happier that small companies like Panic are out there getting paid for doing what they love to do.

Unfortunately, the end user in me thinks that Transmit 4 is basically just Transmit 3 plus some Core Animation eye candy that doesn't really need to be there (the zoom fades in particular are very visually confusing), and can't think of any good reason to part with another $20 for those 45 new features that somehow seem a little too familiar to really call "new."

If they hadn't made such a point of declaring 4's UI so radically and amazingly different in all the hype leading up to it's release my disappointment might have been mitigated a bit--there's nothing wrong with a good, solid maintenance release--but as it happened I was hoping for something genuinely, amazingly cool, like a terminal drawer, and got an anemic little "Send SSH Command" sheet instead. Talk about underwhelming.

Transmit 4 may be brand new code, and the lozenge-like bevels and gradients might be in brand new places, but it's really the same basic user experience, and I personally have just never really been particularly fond of it. Maybe the transfer benchmarks are zippier, but all I move are Linux config files that aren't big enough to notice any difference whatsoever; I suspect a lot of people are in a similar boat.

If you don't already own 3, then I wouldn't try to talk you out of buying 4 because its best competitors, Forklift and Flow, both suffer from some serious show-stoppers that never seem to get addressed by anyone. If you do already own 3 and just want to mount your SFTP directories on your desktop, there's no shortage of MacFUSE plugins out there that are just as worthy of your consideration.
[Version 4.0.4]


Khiltdco reviewed on 25 Mar 2010
Things is gorgeous, intuitive, and worth every penny. Unfortunately, it also has some serious warts on its back end that have really stung a few people I've recommended it to:

#1 XML data store

"Human readability" sounds great on paper, but absolutely does not scale when you create thousands upon thousands of items. This really needs to be switched over to CoreData or Tokyo Cabinet or some flavor of SQL, because Things just hangs trying to parse all that markup cruft. Adding an XML export feature for people who really want it would be trivial from that point.

#2 Syncing just doesn't work very well

I have never gotten the Desktop version to recognize the existence of the iPod/iPhone version on the same subnet/local link no matter what I've tried. Dunno what their Bonjour code is doing, but it ain't quite right.

Neither of these problems affects me personally, so I still love it. I just wish I could blindly recommend it to everyone.
[Version 1.3.1]


Khiltdco reviewed on 25 Mar 2010
Flow looks great, gets me my directory listings a lot faster than Transmit ever has, and its UI gets out of the way for the most part. Unfortunately, the main thing that I use an SFTP client for is editing config files on web servers, and the current version of Flow has a very serious problem that makes this impossible to do reliably.

A typical workflow for me will look like this:

1. Open a remote file in an external text editor

2. Edit and save.

3. Go do something else for a while.

4. Come back to the file and edit and save some more.

Now let's say that the computer went to sleep or the connection dropped off for some other reason between steps 3 and 4. Will Flow reconnect to the server? Will it display an error message telling me that my changes could not be saved? No. It will not do anything at all. The dirty flag will be cleared on the document window as if it had saved successfully, but nothing is ever actually written out, so my changes are silently lost. If you work on several different remote config files in several different locations throughout the day, Flow will bite you in the fanny pretty quickly.

I'm hoping this gets fixed, as I really do not like Transmit, but for right now, it was $25 wasted.
[Version 1.2.7]

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