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Kev_26 reviewed on 13 Oct 2011
Inspirer, Amazing and Easy to use.

DayOne is made to inspirer you to write your daily thoughts or just your daily to do list using a simple and gorgeous interface. DayOne lets you created reminders that will pop up during the day so you don't forget any of your things to do or just your thoughts. It also allows you to set a password to guard access.

So the true is that I've never been a person who write his daily thoughts on a Journal, nevertheless I decided to give it a try and since the past two weeks that I been using it I start enjoying it a lot. Now I am thinking that writing on a Journal is like making a recording of your days and put it on a "Time Capsule," where you can go back and see what happen that day, month or year in your life. DayOne is made for all kind of people weather you are proactive or just boring. LOL

Looking forward for the next features coming like encryption, Full Screen writing mode and iCloud Sync.

Day One was built exclusively for Mac OS X, and it shows.
[Version 1.2]


Kev_26 reviewed on 21 Sep 2011
Amazing and easy to use!!

It´s your videos or music loud enough? Want more sound power but your Mac just can't give it to you… Well, Boom is what you need !

With Boom app you will be giving your Mac that extra level of volume you always want. Boom boosts the volume of your Mac a 100% more power. From boosting the volume of your music on iTunes, it boom the YouTube videos playing on your web browser and the volume of any application playing sound or video. Additionally, Boom provides an equalizer with custom presets like vocals, music, movies, bass boost, soft, and so on.

Boom not only boost the speakers of you Mac but your audio and video files too. Just drag and drop the file into Boom and set the boost level of volume you want and It´s done. Simple and easy.

Global Delight Technologies has made an amazing job creating this application, not only because it's the first of is kind made for apple, but because it works perfectly and smoothly. You won't regret of buying Boom, I guaranteed you that 100%
[Version 1.2]


Kev_26 reviewed on 17 Sep 2011
You want to have a game that looks great on your MacBook or iMac and in the same time give you a lot of fun? Well, this is the one that you are looking for !

Sudoku Deluxe has a beautiful HD layout and architecture design that make every detail look amazing. It has different grade of difficulties, have a button call "Autoutfill" to help you out when you are stock in the game, it keeps track of the time when you are playing and it has two different themes, one call it "Modern" and "Oldstyle".

If you are looking for the best sudoku app on the AppStore, I recommend you this one 110%.

Good Job !!
[Version 1.0]


Kev_26 reviewed on 17 Sep 2011
With a great layout and architecture this app is the best video conversion tool. The app is base on a drag and drop interface making it so simple and nice to convert a video, you don't have to worry anymore in dealing with applications that are so complicated to achieve the same job.

You may think that because PERMUTE looks so simple is not a powerful tool, but let me tell you IT IS! You can convert your videos to almost any format you want, you even have preset conversion keys to your favorite devices like Xbox, PS3, any Apple device and so on. If you want to you can edit and customize your presets the way you like it. You have six options to choose from and for me the most import ones are Copy Track and Keep Quality. They may look as the same but they are not, as Krystof from the PERMUTE staff told me "Copy track copies the video track data without any decoding/encoding. It is considered (by me) as quite an advanced feature and it doesn't have to work with all the input-preset combinations and makes the conversion super fast. On the other hand, Keep Quality does reencode the video track, while it tries to compute the bitrate information from the input file, so the picture quality is kept". The best part from my point of view and I'm sure for a lot of users is that you can keep the quality (Audio/Video) of your file and transform it to another type like M4V, for example I'm kind of person that doesn't like to transform an HD video MKV file because most of the time it will loose its quality. With PERMUTE you don't have to worry about it any more, because you are able to change video files to any format you want, just by setting up the configuration option to "keep quality" you will end up with a video just like the original MKV file. It is just amazing and so simple to do it with just a few clicks !!!

If you are looking for the best video conversion tool for your Mac ! Well, this is it, I recommend it a 100%.

It really works amazing and smoothly.

Good Job !!!
[Version 1.2]


Kev_26 reviewed on 17 Sep 2011
Amazing and easy to do it!

If you thought that your iPhone couldn't get any better, you were wrong. Because with Ensoul in just seconds, you can transform an ordinary snapshot into a stunning wallpaper and created full-size photos of your address book contacts. The application is amazing and has a friendly user interface that make it easy to work with. You can access your entire photo library from any source (iPhoto, Photo Booth, Aperture or any folder on your Mac), drag and drop images into Ensoul and start customizing your picture by cutting, rotating or modifying the colors and textures of your pictures in a variety of ways… and the best part is that they will look with a "High Resolution" on your retina display iPhone.

If you have more than one iPhone in one computer you can have different libraries for each one of them and synchronize them all via iTunes.

You won't regret of buying this application, I may look simple but it isn't… I guaranteed you that 100%

Ensoul was built exclusively for Mac OS X, and it shows.
[Version 1.1.0]


Kev_26 reviewed on 10 Sep 2011
Powerful, Fast, Easy-to-use!!

As I see it Pixelmator is your best choice for image edition on your Mac for several reasons, First of all when you compare it with Photoshop Pixelmator's interphase is far more friendly to use, it works so smoothly and support over 100 image file formats. It also support Photo Browser offering quick access to your iPhoto or Aperture library, events, albums, and smart albums. Pixelmator works for everybody, from beginners trying to learn how to be creative and to professionals working with huge photographs.

The main attraction and the ones that makes you love this app are. 1) Hand Drawing Freedom, Pixelmator comes with graphics drawing tablet support that allows you to create unique graphics by hand and It has over 20 tools for selection, crop, painting, retouching, typing, measuring and navigation. 2) Painting Tools, the great thing about the painting tools that are included with Pixelmator is your ability to change the brush size, hardness and shape of the tool you are using. Pixelmator even allows you to combine gradients with other painting tools, such as the fill tool and brush, to create one of a kind graphics. 3) Filters and Effects, Pixelmator comes with over 130 filters and special effects that you can apply to your photos. A few of the filters and special effects that are included with Pixelmator are color, distortion, tile generator, transition and blur sharpen and when you apply a filter or effect to an image in Pixelmator, you will see the results in real time. 4) Pixelmator is based on Core Image technology that uses your Mac’s video card for image processing. Core Image utilizes the graphics card for image processing operations, freeing the CPU for other tasks. And if you have a high-performance card with increased video memory (VRAM), you’ll find real-time responsiveness across a wide variety of Pixelmator operations. Pixelmator is blistering-fast on the latest Macs.

You will never regret of buying this product, I guaranteed you that 100%. Pixelmator was built exclusively for Mac OS X, and it shows.
[Version 1.6.7]


Kev_26 reviewed on 30 Aug 2011
With an amazing interface and architecture this app is the best way to scan and see exactly what is on your disks.

After the application scan your Hard Drive, it will present it to you on a map interface where you can navigate through and see how your space is distributed on the disk letting you see all the files and folders, including the hidden ones, see their sizes and letting you delete it from the application or show it to you on the Finder.

But with all the nice interface and design, you may say… it's this application really worth it?… YES, it may looks simple but the application is in fact really functional, specially for those who have their hard drive almost full and looking to get free space. With DaisyDisk you can really find out, as they say, the real space wasters and remove them, "Fast and Easy".
If you are looking for the best scanner disk for your Mac ! Well, this is it, I recommend it a 100%.

It works amazing and smoothly.

Good Job !!!


Kev_26 reviewed on 30 Aug 2011
Good, simple and easy to do it!

The application doesn't let you created any subtitles on your own, what it does is that it let you put SOFT subtitles, meaning that it won't change or alter the original movie and it has a resolution-independent rendering, so your titles will look as good on a 50in plasma HDTV as they would on an iPod touch. The advantage of this subtitles are that you can turn it OFF/ON any time you want and you can see it on any apple device without any problem what so ever. 

Some people complaint about this application, arguing they add a semi-transparent background to the subtitles, on my opinion this background won't bother you at all, it is really nothing, the videos will looks as perfect as it is not there. another plus is that you can add as many subtitles as you want. spanish, french, Italian and have them in a menu to choose from later on. If your movie is on a format that suits your needs there's no reason to re-encode it, just add the subtitles and you are good to go. If on the other hand, your movie is not suited for your device you can batch re-encode it straight from within the application. You can also tag your file with metadata that you can't find on iTunes, like the HD symbol, the directors, rating, etc... 

The way it works is that you search for the subtitles using the webpages the apps recommend without even leaving the application, just look for the subtitle you want on the web and press download, as simple as that, or if you already have it on your computer you can add it too.

Good Job !!!
[Version 2.5.4]

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