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Kenbotwinick reviewed on 10 Feb 2014
I have been waiting since Dec. 20th for this company to respond to my tech support request. I can't get my serial number to register in a second account on the same machine. Supposedly, I'm supposed to be able to, but it won't work, and they won't get back to me...
[Version 1.7.2]


Kenbotwinick reviewed on 18 Dec 2013
For the love of all that is holy, please provide an update and/or 4.0 soon. Going back to regular scrolling is so jarring. I can't take it...
[Version 3.9.12]


Kenbotwinick reviewed on 13 Nov 2013
When is this going to be updated? You say it has "active development" unlike Candybar, yet the last version of Candybar is actually more recent than the last version of this "actively developed" app... Which is over 1.5 years old...

Also, I just downloaded and tried the trial. I went to the "Icon of the Day" and downloaded it into my empty "My Box". Then I went to My Box to look at it. Nothing there. So then I went to Downloaded and there it was at 16 px, even though the default icon size is set to 128 px. Then I went back to My Box, and lo and behold it was now there... Buggy.

Then I wanted to try and import my CandyBar Collection. I know the trial is limited to 250 (or something like that) and I have more than that in CandyBar. But I figured it would import the first 250. Nope. Didn't do anything. At all. Except tell me how long it was going to take to import. And then immediately returned as if it was done. No icons imported.

I'd like to support this as my CandyBar replacement. But considering it's over 1.5 years since it was updated, and I ran into 2 really noticeable bugs right away, I'm steering clear until the next update...
[Version 2.5.9]

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Kenbotwinick replied on 21 Nov 2013
I really look forward to it and hope it works great. Thanks.

Kenbotwinick replied on 04 Dec 2013
Would love to try 2.6, but it tells me my 15 day trial has expired since I had tried 2.5 so long ago. 2.6 should reset the trial period.
Kenbotwinick commented on 05 Nov 2013
Dear Santa,

I've been a good boy. Depending on who you ask...

Can I PLEASE have GrowlMail for Mavericks for Christmas?
[Version 1.3.8]

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Kenbotwinick replied on 06 Dec 2013
Same here. Have been using it since it was released.

Kenbotwinick reviewed on 10 Oct 2013
I love how in the latest version if you delete something by accident you can get it back by Undo... Oh, wait... You actually can't. Epic fail...

I'm sure they'll fix this in their next update 7 years from now.
[Version 2.2.1]

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Kenbotwinick replied on 24 Oct 2013
Of course the bug is still there...

And by "update", I didn't mean some pissant, meaningless, "2 bullet item release note", "feeding you with an empty spoon", "whole bunch of nothing" "update" like this one...

I meant a substantive, meaningful UPDATE that actually fixes issues that have existed for 6+ months, or adds functionality that has been requested for YEARS. That's an update....

Kenbotwinick replied on 25 Oct 2013
IslandMike, it's actually the case that "delete" is not the problem so much as the lack of a robust "undo" system. If you expand a task, accidentally change/delete the title, and then click out of the task, that title is gone. No undo. No undo for screwing up/deleting tags. No undo for pretty much anything at all... That's the problem.

Kenbotwinick replied on 27 Oct 2013
Yes, but thanks for trying to help... I constantly re-evaluate all of the solutions but come back to Things as the one that best fits my workflow. I require it's Applescript support for extensive customizations. But just because it's currently the best solution for me, doesn't mean I'm going to be complacent about it's defects. The lazy ass developers need to get off their ass and innovate at less than a glacially slow pace.

Kenbotwinick replied on 31 Oct 2013
This is an "update": That company has innovated more in the past 6 months than Things has in 6 years. Let's hope it'll finally be good enough to let me leave Things in the dust.

Kenbotwinick replied on 04 Nov 2013
Actually, what I'm doing is making a comparison to demonstrate the fact that before you buy this developer's product for $50.00 you might like to know that they don't actually "develop". For all intents and purposes this product is the exact same as when I started using it 6 years ago. When 1Password removed local wifi sync, people complained and they put it back. When these people removed local wifi sync, people complained, and they ignored them. When people say they'd really like to be able to "undo" like on, oh, I don't know, EVERY other pieces of software, they ignore them. They ignore all of the customers. They don't improve the product. They charge $50.00 for that. You've been warned. And that IS helpful to prospective buyers.
Kenbotwinick commented on 12 Sep 2013
I wonder if we could start a KickStarter project to buy the source code of QuicKeys and release it into the wild as open source?
[Version 4.0.7 (131)]

Kenbotwinick commented on 29 Jul 2013 is down... Um... I mean,

I wonder if they're gone for good...

I wonder if these guys ever heard of kickstarter for cash. Geez. I'd pay...
[Version 4.0.7 (131)]

Kenbotwinick commented on 20 Mar 2013
I just told Parallels about an issue I'm having when accessing it via VNC. To reproduce the issue:

a) Turn on Screen Sharing in Mac OS X 10.8.3.
b) Connect to that using the free RealVNC client from a Windows machine.
c) See that typing Shift-A into a virtual machine through the remote VNC session actually produces a lower case "a".

I believe this is a totally generic issue that should take less than 15 minutes to test, but they won't lift a finger to test unless I give them a huge detailed report about my machine.

Hence I can't recommend their company since they obviously don't care enough about their customers to take 15 minutes out of their day...
[Version 8.0.18354]

Kenbotwinick commented on 15 Mar 2013
Can anyone confirm how well this works on 10.8.3? I can't afford to upgrade and have tools I depend on break...
[Version 3.3.4]

Kenbotwinick commented on 28 Feb 2013
They should change their name to "Endly" instead of "Startly". because it seems they're done.

Instead of trying to find a programmer, they should try to find a buyer.
[Version 4.0.7 (131)]

Kenbotwinick had trouble on 21 Feb 2010
Does anyone else have trouble with QuicKeys and VNC? When I have QuicKeys running and I connect to a Mac VNC server (either RealVNC or Vine) from a Windows RealVNC client I get weird behavior that doesn't happen otherwise... After a short while of constant use, it seems that modifier keys get "stuck" down through the VNC client. For example, I won't be holding down the Control key, but left clicking on Dock icons brings up the contextual menu as if I was holding down the Control key... I'm not sure why, but pressing shift a bunch of times clears it up for a bit.

I've already ruled out the server since it happens with both RealVNC and Vine. And I know it requires QuicKeys to reproduce since I was using VNC for years before QuicKeys and never had this problem. Anyone else see this before? I just can't take it anymore. It's driving me crazy.

[Version 4.0.7 (131)]

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